OLTL Update Thursday 1/15/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/15/04

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Paul arrives at Dorian’s to meet with Aunt Betsy and is surprised to find David there. He says he’s working as Dorian’s proxy while she’s occupied with a family crisis. Kelly frantically enters and tells Paul she needs to speak privately with David; once alone, she collapses in tears in David’s arms.

RJ approaches Evangeline at the Palace and she tells him that she has a meeting but will be able to spend time with him afterwards; RJ is peeved to discover the meeting is with Antonio.

Haver tells his students he’s postponing the class project. Marcie tells him he’s everyone’s favorite professor and that she’ll see him when he appears on her radio show. Jess interviews Haver about the serial killer. He tells her there’s no way to find how a seemingly normal person can become a killer. She says she’s doing articles about the Music Box Killer; Haver invites her for coffee to delve further into the subject.

Bo returns to the police station without Nora, who frantically thinks Matthew will be lost forever. At the cabin, Troy bemoans Nora sending cops to their meeting place, and tells Matthew how tired he is. Matthew suggests he sleep, and Troy agrees.

Kelly tells David that if she doesn’t start showing soon everyone’s going to know she’s not pregnant, including Kevin. Aunt Betsy arrives and asks Paul to explain the photo of him with Michelle in the wedding dress.

Antonio tells Vangie that he’s been asked to rejoin the force. She congratulates him and says she’s thrilled for him, but devastated to lose his services.

Bo and McBain arrange for Matthew’s photo to appear on TV. Meanwhile, Rae assures Nora that Troy always liked Matthew, and he never harmed children. Nora doesn’t understand why he won’t let her son go. Nora tells Bo she can’t stand around and wait, but he says they have to be available there in case Troy or Matthew tries to get a hold of them. At the cabin, Troy tells Matthew he needs him to stay with him and reaffirms his innocence in the serial killer case. Someone is making him think he did it, but he didn’t. He thinks it’s someone who has been spying on him and knows all about him. Matthew says he’s a doctor, and doctors don’t hurt people. Troy says that’s it – but then says that no one will believe him. Matthew encourages him to go to sleep and says he won’t run away, because he’ll get lost. Troy dozes off and Matthew takes off with his map and compass.

Paul tries to convince Aunt Betsy that the photo was set up by David. He says Vickers has some ulterior motive that isn’t clear yet, and that he was drugged. She can disinherit him if she wants, but he only cares about her opinion of him – not her money. She admits that Paul has become dear to her, and he encourages her not to let Vickers spoil their relationship. Kelly tells David that she went to see a doctor about getting artificially inseminated but the doctor asked a lot of question and there were too many forms to fill out. David can’t understand why Kelly is so fixated on Kevin, who doesn’t seem to care about her, but Kelly insists that her husband loves her.

RJ tells Antonio that Jessica isn’t Jamie’s mother, and Antonio says no one is saying she is. He leaves, and Vangie tells RJ that Antonio is going back to the police force.

Haver compliments Jessica on her writing. She arranges to drop off her work on the Music Box Killer and leaves. Rae phones Haver and asks if he could speak with Nora, and he says he’s on his way. Troy awakens to find Matthew gone.

Paul tells Aunt Betsy that he was drugged the night the photo was taken. He is sure Vickers is behind it. Meanwhile, David tells Kelly she’s sounding obsessed with Kevin. She suddenly says Joey will help her get the Buchanan baby she needs.

Haver checks with Nora at the station; he tells her it’s not likely Troy will hurt Matthew. The longer it goes on, though, the more desperate Troy will become. They need to find Matthew as soon as they can. Matthew runs into the station and hugs his parents. He says Troy was scary sometimes but didn’t hurt him. He says that Troy said he didn’t kill the women and that someone was trying to make him look bad. Haver says that’s classic paranoia. Ron tells them he found Matthew near a construction site and picked him up, and shows him the site on a map. Antonio arrives at the station ready to help.

RJ tells Vangie that Vega can do whatever he wants and he still gets back on the force. Because of him, Jamie will never know her mother. They make amends for New Year’s and Vangie says she would like to get together but is swamped with the Manning case. He thinks she should do what Nora did and throw the case, but Vangie says Todd deserves a trial.

Paul tells Aunt Betsy that he’ll find the woman in the photo so she can vouch for him, but she doesn’t know what David has to gain from all this. He recalls overhearing David telling Betsy about Dorian’s illegitimate daughter, and wonders aloud if David said there was a long-lost Cramer to get the inheritance. Betsy says she has the right to know about any heirs, but Paul hopes it isn’t a friend of David’s posing as a relative.

David tells Kelly he’s worried about her and that he’ll help her figure a way out. David and Betsy meet alone and she demands to be told more about this daughter of Dorian’s. David says that Dorian will be furious if she finds out that he told her about Adriana. He has nothing to gain from any of this, but Betsy says Paul believes that David is lying. David insists that Adriana fits all of Betsy’s criteria for an heiress.

Jess comes home and cuddles Jamie. RJ arrives and says he’s come for the baby. Jess says she didn’t know he was coming, and he tells her again that she’s not Jamie’s mother.

Bo welcomes Antonio back to the force. Matthew says he can tell them where Troy is, but Bo doesn’t want the kid out there with them. Matthew convinces him he can help. He takes them to the cabin and asks them not to hurt Troy; he’s his friend.

Paul goes to the Palace bar and calls David. He accuses him of making up this daughter; David says Adriana is for real, but Paul catches him and asks if that’s River’s girlfriend Adriana. David wants to know why any of this is his business, and quickly hangs up when Paul wonders what all the noise is around him. David boards a flight for Puerto Rico. Kelly is at the bar having a martini and confesses that she’s not really pregnant. Paul says she should go away for a few months, come back with a baby, and no one would be the wiser.

The SWAT team storms the cabin and finds a calm Troy. He swears he didn’t do it, but he’ll tell them who did.


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