OLTL Update Wednesday 1/14/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/14/04

By Christina
Pictures by Juanita

RJ runs into Evangeline at the courthouse. They talk about the trust fund that Keri started for Jamie.

Jessica comes into the Palace Bar with Jamie asleep in her arms...IN A BAR; She brings a child in a bar. Asa is being sued. He tells her he is worried about Matthew. Asa tells Jess she looks like nothing more than a nanny does. She tells him that she loves Antonio and she wants to help with Jamie, she lost her mother and grandmother. Asa apologizes to her and tells her that he just had a bad day, Nigel quit on him, and Kevin is a mess. RJ comes and sees Asa and Jess with Jamie. He tells Jess that all she is, is a babysitter and nothing more. She will never be her mother.

Viki comes into see Todd and of course he is like "Took you long enough." She tells him it was good that he didn't run when he had the chance. He tells her that he is worried about Starr. What will happen the next time she pulls a stunt like that? Viki tells Todd that she was ordered to go to court about Starr. He wants Viki to tell Starr he loves her. He tells her that she can't let them take her away from her family. Viki promises she will do what she can. Todd tells Viki he already told her what happened on NYE night, she wants to know about the gray areas. He tells her he promises he didn't rape Blair. Viki knows he is sorry for what happened to Marty and he tells her he cannot change his past, he is a rapist and Victor Lord's son, he can only change his future. Evangeline comes and tells Viki she needs to talk to her client. Viki tells him she will do everything she can to help Starr. Evangeline tells him that there might be a chance to end this.

Evangeline tells Todd that if he pleads to sexual assault he would be looking at maybe 5 to 10 years in prison. He asks her if she is saying she can't win the case, she tells him no but it isn't looking good. Todd tells her he did not rape Blair; she was a willing partner. It was rough and she wanted it that way. Evangeline can't believe what she is hearing. She tells him he better get his anger under control because the lawyer is going to tear him apart on the stand. Todd tells Evangeline he wants his day in court. Todd reads a note that Starr sent him, she has another plan.

Starr comes downstairs and hears Dorian and Blair talking. Blair is having seconds thoughts about pressing charges against Todd. Dorian tells her over her dead body will she drop the charges. Starr is so busted. Blair tells her that she doesn't have to go to school, she has to appear in court for what she did. Starr tells Blair she wants her day in court; maybe the judge will see her side and release her dad. Blair tells her that if she decided to drop the charges it will because she wants to no because she (Starr) tells her too. Blair goes to change clothes and Dorian tells her she is staying to keep an eye on Starr. Starr is reading something and she sits down. She is having one of her fantasies. "In Starr we trust" this is classic Starr...the judge is crying listening to her. Dorian speaks up and the judge puts a gag on her. Starr's happy ending. One big happy family.

Starr tells Blair that she is really sorry for what happened to Matthew and after the judge hears her she will understand why she did it. Viki arrives and Dorian wants to know why she is here. She tells Dorian that she was ordered to be here and she doesn't know why. Viki tells Starr that she was just down seeing her dad, and that he is all right but is very upset for what she did with Matthew. Starr tells her he understands why he did it. Viki ask to talk to Blair, Dorian doesn't want her too, Starr tells Dorian she has to go to the bathroom and Viki ask Blair is she 100% sure that Todd knew she didn't want to have sex with her that night. Viki tells Blair that Todd loves her very much and wouldn't hurt her and force her to do anything she didn't want to do and that she needs to be sure that she told him no. Dorian comes back and they go into the courtroom. Dorian tells Blair to not let Viki make her second guess herself. They go in and the judge calls it to order. This judge isn’t playing. She tells Starr that she can go to a juvenile facility if she doesn't straighten up. Starr apologizes for what she did and the judge accepts it but gives her fifty hours community service. . The Judge calls for Viki... she tells her that since she has had legal custody of Starr before she wants her to overlook her community service. Dorian is like "I object". Blair stops her. Viki follows the judge to go over the paperwork. Starr goes to apologize to Nora and Bo. Asa comes and threatens Blair if she doesn't drop the charges.

Starr apologizes to Nora. Dorian makes Blair tell Nora about Asa threatening her. Blair wonders if all this is worth it. Nora tells her she has to; she has to show Starr.

Matthew wakes up and ask Troy if he slept any. Matthew asks him if he can call his mom. Troy won't let him and Matthew tells him that maybe he is bad. John is trying to track down Matthew's call, he tells Nora to keep him talking. Nora asks Matthew some questions, and Troy gets mad and yells at him for giving away some road signs. Troy hangs up the phone. Nora is worried that Troy is going to snap. Bo tells her that Matthew is a brave little boy, he will be fine. Troy asks her why he told his mother about the signs. He tells her he can't lie. Your not suppose to lie. Troy tells him he used to think that but people are lying about him, he didn't kill those women. Matthew asks him why he said he did. He tells him he doesn't know. Troy tells Matthew he has to help him. John tells Bo that the phone Matthew used was one of the police officers and it is being tracked.

Dr. Haver is trying to comfort Nora, telling her that he doesn't think Troy would hurt Matthew. Troy calls Nora and tells her that Matthew is just fine. She tells him that she wants to see him, help him. He gives her the address where they are at and she hands it to John.

Nigel and Roxy walk into the courthouse. Roxy tells him that he now owns the hotel. Asa comes in and Nigel apologizes for not telling him. Roxy tells Nigel he took it well. Nigel tells her that it doesn't look good, when Asa gets quiet all hell is going to break loose

Blair and Starr arrive back home and Blair asks her if she wants some lunch. Starr informs her that unless she gets her dad out of jail she won't eat ever again. Blair tells her that she can't change what happened and she can't let Todd hurt anyone else again. She tells her mother that she would rather go to a reform school than live with her.

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