OLTL Update Tuesday 1/13/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/13/04

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Roxy and Natalie are having dinner together. Roxy tries to get Natalie to understand that since John rescued her, she will be famous. Natalie threatens to put Roxy in an old folks home if she doesn't stop bringing John's name up.

Reporters ambush Kevin and start throwing questions at him about being involved with Blair Manning, who has charged her husband with rape. They ask about his wife and their unborn child.

Kelly is looking for Dorian at Dorian's house when David lets himself in with his key. Kelly asks him why he has his own key, how close is he getting to her aunt? David asks her if that is a problem. Kelly loves Dorian and doesn't want to see her hurt. David doesn't want to see her hurt either. Kelly asks him if that is true, why is he thinking about sleeping with her, she asks as she starts to come on to him.

Dorian and Blair show up at Bo's office sure that Todd has kidnapped Starr again since she is missing. Bo assures them that Todd has been transferred to county lockup. Blair explains that Starr is missing. Bo tells them that Matthew is missing also. John comes in to ask if Bo has notified Nora yet. Bo tells him that he didn't want to scare Nora yet. John tells them that he overheard that Starr is missing too and asks if it is just a coincidence that they are both missing at the same time.

Nora enters the courtroom to find Evangeline going over Todd's prior convictions. Evangeline tells her that she is not intimidated, she knew Todd had priors. Nora comments that she wasn't intimidated by Todd either, and it almost cost her her life. Evangeline asks what Nora wants. Nora wants to offer Evangeline a way out of this. Evangeline tells her that she will take her chances.

Troy and Todd are traveling together in the back of the police van. Starr has Matthew laying on the ground in the middle of the street and jumping up and down yelling for the van to stop. The officers stop and jump out to see what is wrong with the little boy. In the back of the van, Todd wonders why they stopped and why Troy is just sitting there looking like a zombie. Starr convinces the officers that Matthew needs a doctor. When one of the officers goes back and pulls Troy out of the van to help Matthew, Star sneaks away and runs to the back of the van and yells at a stunned Todd to run.

Back in the courtroom, Nora and Evangeline continue to banter back and forth about Todd. Nora trying to convince Evangeline what a monster Todd Manning is, and Evangeline being strong in her decision to defend Todd to the best of her ability. She believes that Todd as the husband and father he is today is a very different person than he was as a frat boy football hero with a chip on his shoulder. Nora asks if Evangeline is also willing to ignore what he did to Nora, as his defense attorney?

Back at the station, Blair is trying to tell Bo exactly what happened tonight that led up to them finding Starr gone. Dorian keeps butting in and making snide remarks which frustrates Blair a little bit. Bo gets a call from one of the officers in the police van. The officer tells them that they are just west of the Llantano Bridge, and they have stopped because a little girl around 9 or 10 years old has a sick little boy that is around 8 with her before he loses signal. Bo informs John what is going on.

Starr is trying to get a still stunned Todd to hurry up and run. One of the officers grabs Starr, who fights with him. When Troy sees that the little boy is Matthew, he asks what is going on. Matthew overhears that the ambulance is on the way, and no longer wants to play sick. By the time the officers figure out what is going on and all the scuffling is over, Troy has Matthew and a gun.

Kevin is trying to fend off the reporters questions when Harrison thankfully comes to his rescue, shooing the reporters away.

Kelly is still trying to seduce David in Dorian's foyer. David is reluctant because he knows Kelly could die if she tries to carry a baby full term. Kelly lies and tells him that she saw a second doctor and that the first doctor was wrong. She doesn't think that sleeping with her will have to hurt his relationship with Dorian. They can make a baby and no one will ever have to know. All she needs from him is a 'little donation'.

Bo continues to try to get back in touch with the officer at the van while John calls and orders all the personnel he thinks they might need. John heads out to go to the site. Bo tells him he is right behind him, but then first gets stopped by Dorian and Blair demanding to know what is going on. When Blair hears that Starr might be involved, she wants to go with him, but Bo refuses. Then Asa comes in and delays Bo long enough to tell him that he is sorry about Gabrielle and tells him that there are still some of her things at the mansion. Bo thanks him, but tells him that he has to go before he loses someone else that he loves.

Troy is keeping the officers at bay with the gun, and refuses to let Matthew go. Even Todd tries to tell him to let the boy go. Todd assures the officers that he isn't going to try to get away, much to Starr's disappointment.

Roxy is trying to get Natalie to spend more time with John. At first Natalie is totally against the idea, but then she starts to agree that John is a nice guy and he makes her feel good. Roxy tells her to plump up her kisser and go and give John a proper thank you for saving her life. Natalie answers 'no!'

Nora and Evangeline continue to argue in the courtroom. Each bringing up good points and bad points about their clients. Nora is determined to put Todd away. Evangeline is determined to beat the charges for her client.

Blair and Dorian are anxiously waiting at the station for news from Bo. Blair starts to think that all of this is her fault. If she hadn't brought charges against Todd, Starr wouldn't be in danger. Dorian corrects her and tells her to stop thinking like that. This is all Todd's fault.

Matthew is starting to get a little scared, and Starr is confused that Todd won't run. The officers and Todd try to talk Troy into letting Matthew go. Troy talks to Matthew and tries to keep him calm. He tells the officers to put their guns in the back of the van, indicating that he will hurt Matthew if they don't. They obey him and lay on the ground as he jumps in the van with Matthew and takes off. Starr is confused, hurt and angry that things didn't work like they were supposed to. Troy took Matthew, and Todd didn't run when he had the chance.

Harrison tells Kevin that if the rumors are true, and he had sex with Blair the same night her husband raped her, these reporters are just the tip of the ice-burg. Kevin thinks he can handle it. Kevin asks if Harrison wants him to resign. Harrison tells him he wants him to take care of this whole mess. It would be a shame to put all he has done in office in such a short time to waste.

Roxy is still on Natalie's case to go to the station and thank John. They banter back and forth for a bit longer until Natalie finally gives in and agrees and leaves to go to the station.

David doesn't understand it himself, but he can't sleep with Kelly. He can't stand to see her miserable, and chasing after a man that doesn't even love her. Kelly tries her hardest to change his mind, but David just can't do it because he cares way to much for her whole 'fam-damnly'.

John and Bo arrive at the crime scene. While they try to get the whole story from the officers, Todd tries to explain to Starr why he didn't run away. He tells her that what she did tonight was way too dangerous, and asks her to promise to obey her mother from now on. Starr won't promise. Todd tries to explain to her how things are, and how he thinks things will work out. Bo asks Starr if she talked Matthew into helping her. She says she didn't know things would turn out like they did, and reminds Bo that Todd run even when he had the chance. When Bo tells Todd that nothing has changed, and John goes to take Todd away, Starr gets very upset. Todd tries to tell her that things are going to be okay, but that doesn't calm her down.

Reporters show up at Dorian's and try to get Kelly to talk to them and tell them a due date. After she swiftly gets rid of the reporters, she calls to make an appointment to see a doctor about artificial insemination, under the name of Laura Jones.

Harrison and Kevin see Asa come into the restaurant and invite him to join them. Asa tells them that he is worried about Bo, and lets it be known that he is disappointed with Kevin and declines their offer to join them. Asa tells Harrison to do whatever he wants with Kevin, he already tried. After Asa walks away, Kevin asks Harrison exactly what he wants him to do. Harrison tells him to talk Blair into dropping the rape charges against her husband.

Nora and Evangeline continue to discuss the case against Todd. Nora offers Evangeline a deal that she refuses to listen to at first, but finally decides she owes it to her client to hear Nora out. Nora offers to only go after Todd for sexual assault. He'll do five to ten years. That is only a second-degree felony. Evangeline counters with 'aggravated indecent assault, maximum sentence five years. Nora says there is no way she will settle for a first-degree misdemeanor for a rape charge.

Bo brings Starr back to the station where Blair is delighted to see her. Bo tries to get a hold of Nora, but admits to John that she isn't picking up her cell. Star tells Blair to get away from her. Dorian tells her not to talk to her mother like that or act that way in public. Starr wants Blair to tell the truth and quit saying that Todd raped her. Blair tries to calm her down and explain that it is between herself and Todd. Blair looks up to see John bringing Todd back into the station. An officer tells them that it looks like Troy slipped through the roadblock somehow. Natalie comes in to thank John for saving her and for just accepting her for who she is. He allows her to just be her, without expecting her to be a hero, or a widow, or a basket case. She tells him that he got through to her, and thanks him.

Asa joins Roxy at the restaurant. Roxy tells him that Nigel wanted to be like her, an 'entremanure' and bought a motel in Angel Square. Asa doesn't care, as long as it doesn't interfere with his work. After making sure that Asa isn't armed, she tells him that Nigel is quitting him.

As Kevin tries to tell Harrison that he can't ask Blair to drop the charges, she was 'raped', a man serves him with a subpoena for a D.N.A. sample.

David tries to talk some sense into Kelly. If Kevin is so in love with Blair, she should just let him go. Kelly continues to argue that they really are meant for each other and refuses to give up. She thinks it is really sad that David has never loved anyone so much that he would do anything to keep a hold on them.

At the police station, Blair and Todd get a moment to talk privately. Todd tells Blair all that went on that night, and tells Blair that it really scared him. Starr could have been taken too. Blair admits that it really scared her too. He asks her to please end all of this, for their daughters sake.

Evangeline tells Nora she will try to talk to Todd, for the kids sake. Bo finally finds Nora at the court house and informs her that Matthew has been kidnapped by Troy. He promises they are going to get him back.

Troy and Matthew are at a cabin or something. Troy explains to Matthew that they are just hanging out. He tells Matthew that he misses him. He explains that just because Nora and him are not still together, doesn't mean the two of them can't hang out sometimes. When Matthew asks to call his mom to let her know he is okay, Troy freaks a little and tells a confused Matthew that he just needs to think.

Todd pleads with a confused Blair to drop the charges for Starr's sake. Blair reminds him that he raped her, but Todd doesn't believe that. Blair tells him that he really hurt her. She grabs Starr to leave the station.

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