OLTL Update Monday 1/12/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/12/04

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Kevin is calling to check on Blair. Kelly comes in and tells Kevin that maybe she blames him for what happened to her. Jessica comes in and congratulates her on her pregnancy. Kevin again tells her she is not pregnant. Kevin tells Kelly he has decided to not announce their divorce. Dawes tells Kevin that he can keep his name out of the press with all that is going on with Blair if he wants. Kevin tells him to basically stick it and leaves. Dawes tells Asa that Kevin is going to pay for that.

Marcie tells Jess that she wants her to be her next guest on her radio talk show because of her columns on the Sexual Harassment on campus. Marcie and Jess are talking about what happened with Troy and Jess tells her to contact one of the students about the sexual harassment

Bo and Nora are talking about Todd and Troy and he tells her he is going to make sure that Troy spends the rest of his life in prison. Nora gives Rae a list of questions they need her to ask Troy. Rae offers her a girl’s night but Nora tells her she has to be with Matthew. Rae is trying to get Bo to talk about Gabrielle and all that he is trying to do to keep from grieving. He tells her that Gabrielle made him so happy.

Antonio asks Bo why he wants him back on the force. Antonio tells him that he honestly isn't sure he can detach himself. Bo tells him he needs someone who cares because they can't have Troy slip through the cracks. Bo tells him to talk it over with Jess and tell him what he decides. He is asking as a friend. Antonio tells Jess that Troy confessed to the killings and that it is over with now. She ask him how he knows this and he tells her that Bo ask him to rejoin the force. She is happy for him but sees he isn't. Antonio tells her he has to think about Jamie and her before he makes a decision. He is afraid that his temper might flare up and he won't be able to control it if he rejoins. Jess tells him she doesn't think it will happen.

Todd tells Evangeline that he didn't rape Blair and that he needs to see his children. Nora tells him there is no chance for that. Evangeline tells Nora that she is Todd's counsel. Nora tells her to look at his past criminal past before she decides. Evangeline is reading Blair's rape kit results and sees that she slept with two different men that night. She asks Todd does he know who it was and he tells her Kevin Buchanan. Nora ask the judge to not post bail because Todd is a flight risk and has past criminal crimes in this nature and if she would note he just kidnapped his daughter a few days ago. . Todd jumps in and tells her that he brought her back. The judge asks Evangeline if she has anything to add. She tells the judge that he took his daughter upon her insistence but he brought her back also. And that there has been no proof that he raped his wife and until they go to court she thinks that bail be set at a reasonable rate. The judge tells them that she has looked over all the files and is remanding bail and that he be sent to county jail until the trail. Nora asks that he be sent tonight with Troy McIver. She agrees. Todd jumps up and yells she can't do that. Kevin comes in and tells Evangeline he can't believe she is Todd's lawyer. She informs him that he is just the person she needs to talk to. She asks him what happened on NYE. He tells her he is not going to put Blair through anymore. She tells him that both Todd and him are on the same side - they both want to protect Blair. Dawes brings Evangeline an envelope and he tells her this might help her in her case with Mr. Manning. She opens it and holds the photos that were taken with Kevin and Blair in the stables.

Starr ask Blair what rape is. Blair tells Starr that rape is when someone pushes sex on a woman and she doesn't want it. Starr asks her mother if her dad is going to jail. She tells her that it is up to the judge. Blair tells her that what he did to her, he did before to someone else. She tells her if she wants to talk to her dad about it than that is fine. Starr asks her how long he will be in jail. Blair tells her for a very long time. Starr gets mad and tells her that she doesn't want to lose her daddy and that she is doing this. Blair tells her she isn't, if she did have to do this, she wouldn't. Blair is comforting Starr, telling her she knows she doesn't understand and that she loves her daddy but it is wrong to hurt people. She asks her if she understands. Blair tells her they will get through this together. Starr asks if she can just go upstairs. Blair tells her she loves her and her little brother more than anything in the whole wide world does and always will.

Dorian arrives back home and ask Blair how she is doing. She asks if Starr understands what is going on. Blair tells her she tried and she seems to. Nora calls and tells Blair that Todd's bail hearing is getting ready to start and she wants to ask for no bail for him. Blair agrees and tells her she doesn't want him to be out so he can get to the kids. Blair tells her that Starr needs the time to get over her father. . Starr gets her coat and leaves the house without Blair or Dorian knowing. Nora calls Blair to let her know that Todd is on his way to country jail. Blair is taking some cookies and milk up to Starr. Dorian tells her that Starr will be okay after a while, Blair is worried. She also tells Blair that Starr didn't see her that night, she did. She had never seen her so broken and hurt. Blair tells her she hopes she will never have to see her like that again.

Dorian comes to talk to Viki about what is going on. Viki tells Dorian that she things something had to have happened to make Todd mad. Dorian can't believe that Viki believes Todd over Blair. Viki tells her she just wants to get to the bottom of it. Dorian tells her if she is looking for someone to blame to look at her son Kevin. Viki tells Dorian that she is not going to stand by and let her blame everything that happened to Blair on her son Kevin. She tells Viki that Kevin lured Blair, seduced her to his room and they had sex. Okay so Blair had nothing to do with this, Viki ask her. Dorian tells her that she isn't going to believe her so ask her precious son. Viki tells Kevin she just heard that Kelly's pregnant and that she is worried about her in this condition. He tells her not to worry because she really isn't pregnant. Kevin proceeds to tell his mother that he might be called to the stand in this rape trial. Before he can tell her he slept with Blair, Viki tells her she already knows. She tells him not only from Todd but Dorian told her too. She tells him she is worried because this will destroy his political career. He tells her it might but he will get through this, he is tough. He is worried about Blair. Blair comes running down the stairs calling for Starr. Dorian comes in and she tells her she ran away again. Dorian tells her than they will just have to find her.

Starr is listening in on what is going on in the courtroom. Matthew comes up and ask her what she is doing. Starr tells Matthew that she is trying to find out what is going in in the room with her dad. He tells her that he is getting a badge tonight and it has to do with reading maps and using compasses. Starr gets this idea and ask Matthew to help her with it. He doesn’t want to but she tells him he has to, she has to see her dad. She tells him that they are going to write a note to Maryann from Nora and then a note to Nora from Maryann telling each one he is with the other. Matthew and Starr are out in the woods somewhere. Matthew wants to go home but Starr tells him he can't leave her out here by herself. This might be the last chance she gets to see her father. Starr is making Matthew lay down in the road when she sees the police van coming down the road. The two policemen get out wanting to know what is going on. Starr tells them that she thinks her friend is dying and that they have to help him. In the meantime, Todd is trying to get Troy to talk. He eggs him on with but doesn't get a response out of Troy. That dude is so under a trance.

Two policemen bring in Troy and he goes straight for Nora telling her that he didn't do it. He is innocent. Dr. Haver tells him to calm down, remember me. Oh man, it's like Troy is under some kind of trance when this man speaks. He calms down and Nora thanks Dr. Haver. Rae tells Bo that she is there for him anytime he needs her. Nora comes in and tells him that Matthews’s ceremony was cancelled and that she is going to the Palace Bar with Dr. Haver for a drink. Bo tells her he might stop by later to see Matthew and she tells him Matthew would love that.

Bo congratulates Antonio on being back on the force. Antonio tells him it is because of Jessica and that he hopes he will make him proud and not mess up again. Bo hands him his badge back but Antonio tells him that he can't take that until he talks to Evangeline. Bo understands and Jess and him leave. Bo calls to tell Maryann that he is on his way over to see Matthew and he finds out that Matthew isn't there.

Nora and Dr. Haver have a drink at the Palace Bar. She is telling him about Troy. He tells her that Serial Killers are very smooth and it will always be someone you least expect. He is so up to his neck in these killings. . He asks Nora out to dinner.

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