OLTL Update Friday 1/9/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/9/04

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Jess and Viki talk about Walker being Todd. Blair enters and announces that Todd raped her.

Todd goes to Rodi’s incognito and calls Kelly, who’s at Dorian’s. He tells her he needs to see her immediately. Kelly says she’ll be right over, but David enters and expresses concern over her “pregnancy”. Kelly thanks him but leaves; Dorian comes downstairs and David tells her that Adriana is MIA from the convent school.

At the hotel, Babe tells Paul she needs his help. Meanwhile, Roxy, John and Natalie discuss the serial killer. Natalie fears that nothing will make Bo happy again after the death of Gabrielle.

Nora brings Bo an autopsy photograph of Gabrielle. Apparently the killer etched something into the skin of her hairline – John thinks it’s the number four.

Kelly gets to Rodi’s and Todd asks her if she heard what Blair told the cops. She says yes, and he swears he didn’t rape Blair. Kelly says she saw Blair leaving Kevin’s room at the Palace on New Year’s, and the bed was all messed up in his room. He says Kevin wants him in Statesville so that he can have Blair for himself.

Jess pleads with Blair to drop the charges; she knows how badly Todd felt after he raped Marty, and he would never do that again. Blair just looks at her coldly as Jess leaves her alone with Viki. Blair asks where Starr is, but Viki wants to talk with her before she gets Starr. Blair says she’s sure Todd has convinced her he’s the innocent victim, but Viki says she’s not sure what happened. Whether she believes her or not, Todd raped her. Viki agrees that it was horrible that Todd duped Blair into marriage, but lying isn’t the same as rape. Starr comes in and says she’s not going anywhere with Blair.

Babe tells Paul she’ll make it worth his while if she changes her paternity test results. He can’t believe she thinks he can even pull it off, but she says he has the job at the hospital, and it won’t be good if he doesn’t help her.

Bo wants to see Troy, and Nora says he’s on his way. The police escort Troy into the office and Bo calls him a bastard and says he’s going to kill him.

Dorian tells David they have to find Adriana, she could have been kidnapped. David doesn’t think that’s likely because she left a note saying she was leaving. Dorian wonders where she Adriana could have gone so suddenly and thinks River and Paul are involved. At least Aunt Betsy has put the will on hold – she’s not going to let Paul get a hold of the millions.

Babe tells Paul that Adam Chandler will tell Dorian the truth about their marriage. She tells him their in it together and rubs his back; Roxy comes up and tells Babe that if she wants to turn tricks, she’ll have to do it somewhere else. Paul tells Roxy she’s not a hooker and he lives there. Paul tells Babe he’s in line to inherit a lot of money but not if someone finds out he’s married; Babe says this means he’ll help her for sure.

Jess tells Antonio that Blair is accusing Todd of rape. He says he’s innocent till proven guilty, but people don’t change. Jess says he changed from Angel Square gang leader, and that proves that people can change.

Starr yells that she hates Blair and isn’t going with her. Viki tells her to never speak to her mother that way, but Starr is adamant.

Todd wants Kelly to find out if Kevin put Blair up to the rape charge, and says he won’t let Kevin fool around with his wife while he rots in prison. Kelly says she could kill both of them, but Todd jumps to Blair’s defense. Kelly reminds him that she cheated on him with Kevin, but Todd just wants her to tell Kevin to stay out of his life.

Natalie asks Kelly if that was Todd storming out of the bar, because she heard an APB for him. Kelly says she didn’t see anyone. Nat offers her congratulations on the baby.

Dorian laments her nieces’ situations as David pours drinks. David tells her she’s the strongest person he’s ever met – she’s tough as nails and all woman. Kelly calls David and says she needs to see him and for him not to tell Dorian.

McBain asks Bo how long Troy’s been being questioned by Haver and Rae. Bo says he could have killed him with his bare hands, and he’s turned in his weapon for now. Nora checks to see if Bo is okay and says the rape kit results are in on Blair Cramer.

Blair tells Viki Todd’s turned her own daughter against her. Starr thinks life is fun when Todd’s around and Blair’s just some mean old nag that makes her do her homework and brush her teeth. She doesn’t know how she became the bad guy here – Todd’s the one who’s been lying. She insists to Viki that Todd raped her as Todd enters.

Jess can’t believe that Blair would lie about Todd raping her, but Antonio says she might not be lying. It’s a bad situation either way. Jess says she’s lucky to have him.

Blair wants to know why Todd wants to completely destroy her. Todd wants to know why she’s accusing him of rape, and Blair says there’s a warrant out for his arrest and picks up the phone. She leaves and says she’ll be back with the police. Viki says this can’t continue and he has to turn himself in.

McBain interrupts the interrogation of Troy; he dismisses Haver and Rae. He tells Troy he confessed to Claire Baxter’s death, but Troy says he didn’t kill the latest victims. He insists he’s being set up. John wants to know where he got the heart tattoo – it looks a lot like what the killer paints on his victims. He notes that all of the victims were dancers, and Nora and his college girlfriend were also dancers and they humiliated him. Troy said he was sick at the time, and he didn’t mean to hurt Nora. John says they have tons of evidence against him, but Troy swears he didn’t do it. John says they’ve got him and he’ll feel so much better when he admits what he did. Troy says this is wrong, but John continues to push Troy to confess. He leaves and sends the doctors back in. Forensics finds more numbers inscribed in the skin of the other victims, and it seems like he’s counting down. There are three victims to go.

David arrives at Rodi’s and Kelly tells him tonight is the night for them. He thinks she’s on the rebound, and that she’s not really pregnant. David says if this is her plan to hold onto Kevin, he can’t help her. She figures he won’t be with her because he’s in love with Dorian.

Viki implores Todd to turn himself in, and that he can’t keep running. He says he’s innocent, but Viki says she might be more inclined to believe him if he turned himself in.

Blair goes to Dorian’s and tells her that Starr hates her. Dorian can’t believe that Viki is harboring a fugitive; Nora comes by with the results of Blair’s test. She reports that it showed that she had had sex recently, but there was a complication – there was sperm from 2 different men. Dorian pulls aside Blair and incredulously asks her if she slept with Kevin that night; even so, it doesn’t mean that Todd didn’t rape Blair. Nora isn’t passing judgment, but she wants Blair to know that a trial will get ugly.

Todd asks Viki to take care of Starr for him; he says he’s leaving. As he opens the door, the police arrive and place him under arrest for the rape of Blair Cramer as Starr looks on.

Dorian thanks David for his support and friendship, and says she’s feeling very vulnerable and she knows what he’s capable of; he says he knows what she’s capable of.

McBain screams at Troy to confess, and Troy says he did it. He killed all those women.


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