OLTL Update Thursday 1/8/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/8/04

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Lindsay assures Troy that they can convince the authorities that he’s not the killer, and that she believes him, but Troy sees Jessica and Natalie with the note behind their back and demands to know what they’re doing.

Jen shows Marcie the letter Joe sent along with the wedding ring. He says they’re marriage was a mistake and that they both need time to figure out what they really want in life. Jen can’t believe he thinks it was a mistake – he was everything she ever wanted.

Riley and Flash check with Nigel at the hotel. Flash tells Nigel that Asa still doesn’t know about Nigel’s purchase of the hotel, and Riley lets him know that the sink in his room is having issues, so Nigel goes to repair it. Upstairs, John is surprised to hear that Michael is going to move into a suite with Ron Walsh. He wonders if the fact that Ron is Marcie’s brother has any impact on Michael’s decision, but Michael says Marcie won’t even give him the time of day. Michael gazes at the wall of Music Box Killer’s victims and lingers on Gabrielle. He tells John he has to connect with Marcie and John suggests he ease up on the stalking.

Troy trains a gun on the Buchanan girls and Jessica says she’s going to be sick. Troy insists he’s not the killer and starts to freak out. Lindsay implores the girls not to say anything to upset him because he’s very nervous right now, and Troy yells for everyone to shut up. Jess slips the note under the door into the hallway saying that Troy has them captive. He screams that he’s not guilty. Antonio knocks on the door and Troy grabs Natalie.

Marcie says that Jen knows that her marriage wasn’t right, but Jen argues that Marcie thinks it was her fault, just like everyone else. Jen leaves in a huff and Marcie chases after her.

Troy tells Lindsay to get rid of Antonio. She tells him through the door that Natalie and Jessica already left with the paintings. He asks if she’s okay and she says she’s fine; Antonio gets on the elevator and almost leaves without seeing the note, but catches it right before the door closes.

Ron comes to get Michael to help move furniture, and John tells his brother not to be a stranger. Antonio calls on his cell phone and tells him to get down to the gallery; Troy is there with the girls.

Jen visits Rex at Ultraviolet and he tells her he was worried about her. She thinks he just wants to get her into bed, and that she’s missing one of her exams, but no one’s going to care if she flunks out. A guy approaches Rex and asks for Karen, because his brother’s bachelor party entertainment got arrested. Jen tells the guy Karen was killed, and he asks if she’d like to do some sexy dancing for easy money.

Nigel tells Roxy that the hotel needs so much work. She tells him it’s fine the way it is, and asks Ron and Michael what they think of the lobby, and they say it’s great. Nigel isn’t so sure.

McBain and the cops arrive at the gallery. Troy keeps protesting his innocence, and Jess worries that Antonio hasn’t come yet. Antonio knocks again and asks f he can use her phone; McBain sneaks in behind and arrests Troy. He screams that he’s not the killer.

Jen wants to know how much money the guy is willing to offer; she scoffs at his initial offer of $800, and talks him up to $1000. Marcie walks up and is shocked to see the exchange of money.

John asks Rae to get a confession out of Troy, but she’s not sure. She called Dr. Haver, and they bring in Troy. He says he’s being framed and they need to look for the real killer.

Marcie asks Jen what she’s doing and calls the guy a pervert. She wants to know why Rex didn’t try to stop it, and gives the guy his money back. Jen asks how she can even stand to be her friend, and that she does everything wrong. Marcie hugs her.

Roxy wants to rename the hotel the Bachelor Hotel, but Nigel refuses. She is surprised to hear that Nigel is still technically employed by Asa.

Troy says he remembers Haver, but not his name. Dr. Haver says they met while he was interviewing him for his book. Troy gets agitated again and tells Rae she has to get him out of there, and she asks about the passes he got from Statesville and that they coincide with the murders. Troy says that’s proof that he’s being set up.

Jen and Marcie go back to Marcie’s room laughing about Marcie yelling at the bachelor party guy. They hear a noise and open the door to find Michael about to set up a sleeping bag in the hallway to guard over her. She tells him she doesn’t need him, but he settles in anyway.

Troy tells the doctors that Colin would hurt people, but he was the good one. She says he killed Claire Baxter, and left Gabrielle to die. Haver wants to know if he was sick like Colin was sick, but Troy thinks maybe he became Colin for awhile. He tells them to ask Nurse Craig about him getting better, but remembers that she was murdered. He says she gave him the passes because he was better, but Haver probes for more information. Troy says he was just happy to be out. Haver asks for Troy to give details about what he would do when he was out on the passes, but he can’t remember exactly. He liked going to one bar where he saw Gabrielle a few times. Rae wonders if he can remember what he was doing the whole time he was out on passes, and Troy’s not sure. He would wander around and lose track of time. There were a couple of times that he found himself places and he wasn’t sure how he got there. Rae wonders if it’s possible that Colin took over and killed the women.

The Buchanan sisters tell Antonio how bizarre it is that Lindsay believes that Troy isn’t the killer, and he asks her why. She says she can’t give him a reason, but she just believes him.

Rae tells McBain that Troy is talking pretty freely, and that there’s a good chance he might confess. She’s just glad he’s off the streets.

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