OLTL Update Wednesday 1/7/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/7/04

By Christina
Pictures by Juanita

Troy tells Lindsay that he is not the killer here, he is being framed. She knows him better than anyone else; all he needs is a place to hide. Lindsay agrees to help him. She just pulled a gun on him. She tells him, "You think I'm crazy or something." Troy pleads with Lindsay. Tells her that of all the people she knows him, she knows he is not a killer. You go girl, don't let your guard down. He moves toward her and she tells him to stop and to not come any closer. Troy tells her to go ahead a shoot him and when another girl is killed she will know then he was not the killer. Lindsay tells Troy that she isn't going to killer him, she wants him to suffer on death row. Troy yells that he is being set up. Lindsay goes to call the police and Troy grabs her and she drops the gun. Troy pleads more with Lindsay who does believe him. Natalie and Jessica knock on the gallery door. Troy doesn't want Lindsay to say anything but she tells them she will be just a minute. She lets them in and tells Natalie that she has Cris's smaller canvases all ready to go but ask if she can come back later for the larger ones. Natalie doesn't want to and goes to get them and runs right into Troy, he points the gun at her and tells them that next time they should listen.

John tells Nora that they are missing something. Back at John’s apartment. John is looking over all the evidence he has hung on his walls in his room. Natalie comes with some paint that was leftover from Cristian and thinks it will be a good idea to paint his room. John and Natalie talk about Troy and Gabrielle. Natalie ask him if he wants to shoot some pool and he tells her no, he want to paint. He goes to open the paint and it splashes all over him, which makes Natalie laugh. She tells him that she can get the paint out and he is like I am not giving you my favorite shirt. She convinces him and he starts to take his shirt off She notices a wound and ask him what happened. He tells her he got shot trying to save someone. She asks him if he did. He tells her no, he lost her. Natalie tells him that when he told her he knew how she felt he really meant it. Riley comes and tells him that he thinks Flash is getting ready to bail. Flash tries to play the keyboard and gets frustrated and tells the cop to go in the foyer. He tells her no. Asa comes in and tells her he has the solution. Blaize Island. She refuses, she isn't going to run. Natalie tells John and Riley she has to go and get some paintings of Cristian's and she will go talk to Flash. John tells Riley that he thinks the killer was after Gabrielle the whole time and Flash was just a pawn. Riley ask if the cop can be taken off of Flash and John tells him no, not until Troy has been caught.

Kevin comes into Asa's house, Asa is watching Kelly's press conference about her and Kevin going to be parents and that they are very happy and very much in love. Asa congratulates Kevin and he tells him she is not pregnant. Kevin tells Asa that she is not pregnant and he can‘t believe they are pulling this. Kelly comes in and takes Kevin in her arms and tells him how happy she is. Kevin tells Asa he needs to talk to Kelly alone. Kevin can't believe that Kelly sunk so low as to admit to being pregnant when there is no way she can be. It would put her life in harms way. Kelly tells him that when the baby is born they are going to be so happy. Kevin tells her that he is still going to go ahead and Kevin tells him he won't, he goes to say something else but she tells him she is feeling tired and runs off.

Todd comes into the room and tells Viki that Starr is asleep. He asks her what she has heard. Viki tells him that she heard he kidnapped Starr. Viki ask Todd that Kevin alluded that something happened between him and Blair on NYE. Todd tells her that they had sex. Viki tells him how sorry she is. Todd tells her they had a fight but they made up, sort of. Todd asks for Viki's help and she tells him that the first thing he has to do is call Blair and tell her that Starr is fine. Todd is so distraught. He takes Viki's hands and brings them to his chest. His eyes pleading, he strokes his head and tells him to call Blair. With shaking hands he dials and no one answers. He tells her WHAT could be so important than Starr could. He slams the phone down. Todd tells Viki what happened (there are two different versions) Jessica comes in and tells Viki that she just heard that Todd kidnapped Starr and ask her what is going on. Jess is like so what are you saying. "I'm Todd. That's what I'm saying." He tells her that Mitch's goons beat him up and the only option he had was surgery or surgery. Jess looks at Viki and Todd says, "Aren't you glad I'm alive." Jess gets up and goes to him, taking his hand and hugs him and tells him she just missed him. He tells her he missed her too. Jess tells him that he can't ever go away again because her and mom need him. She just wants him to be happy. Natalie comes into the living room; she actually remembered where Llanfair was. Tells Jess that they need to go get those paintings Viki tells Natalie she is sorry she has to go through this and Nat tells her she is just glad she has the family she does around her. Jess and Nat leave and Jess tell her that she just got some strange family news. She tells Nat she will tell her in the car. Viki tells Todd that he has to call Blair and tell her Starr is okay. He wants to know first that she believes him. She tells him no, Blair thinks he kidnapper her daughter and she need to know that Starr is okay, she is going through hell. Viki hands him the phone but he wants to use his phone instead. Blair ask where Starr is, he tells her she is fine, she is here and if he apologizes and ask her to call off the cops and he will bring Starr home. Blair tells him that Starr will never want to see him again after she finds out what he did to her. Todd asks her what. She tells him she just filed rape charges against her.

Blair and Dorian come into the police station and Blair tells her she can't do this. Todd has Starr and if he knew she was down here she would never see her daughter again. Dorian tells her that this is the only way to get Starr back, is to them the police that Todd raped her. They will arrest him and get Starr back to her. Nora comes out and ask what she can do for them. Blair tells her that Todd raped her (she tells Nora her version). Nora tells Blair that she has to tell her what happened and whatever she says she has to stick to it. Nora tells Blair that she has to stick to what she is saying because it is going to be hard to prove rape. Dorian goes to show Nora the marks and Nora tells them that it could be seen as consensual sex, which makes Blair mad. Dorian tells Nora that with his priors Todd could be arrested. Nora tells her yes for the warrant he could be. Nora goes to get the paperwork started. Dorian calls Kelly and tells her that Blair pressed charges on Todd for rape. Kevin asks her what is wrong and she tells him that Todd found out what he did and raped Blair.

David asks Aunt Betsy to come in and he can fix things for her. David tells Aunt Betsy that Dorian had a daughter, she isn’t buying and wants to know what David wants and what is he up too. David tells Aunt Betsy that Dorian is taking out her hatred for her daughter’s father because he broke her heart. And that she is away in a nun school. She tells him that she will put her will on hold until she can meet this Adriana. David calls Carlotta and tells her that Dorian needs to know he name of Adriana's boarding room. Paul overhears this and when David leaves he Calls River down and tells him a friend of his got this information on Adriana and gives him the name of the school. Paul doesn't understand Why River isn't pumped to find out where Adriana is. He tells him that he is very happy but he doesn't have the money. Paul tells him he has something better, his uniform.

John comes into Bo's office and starts asking question about Troy of Nora. She tells him that she just got another case and it is bringing back some bad memories. He ask her if she is okay, she tells him yes and before she leaves she turns to him and tells him that when she is finished with this case she will tell him about almost marrying Troy.

Riley comes to Asa's and she ask him what John said about them moving in together. Asa comes out and tells her over his dead body.


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