OLTL Update Tuesday 1/6/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/6/04

By Christina
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Kevin tells Kelly that he is calling a press conference to announce they are getting a divorce. Kevin tells Kelly that he thinks the Governor will understand why he is doing this. He then tells her that he is doing this for her. Kelly isn't buying it. Kevin tells her if the Governor doesn't understand he will re-sign. He tells Kelly that he just can't stay in a love-less marriage anymore. He hopes that someday she can admit this is the best thing for both of them. Kevin leaves and Kelly says he isn't taking this away from her, without a fight. Kevin tells Asa that he is not going to lie, he is not going to compromise his personal life. Here is Viki and she overhears everything. The Gov. is so busted. She tells Asa and Harrison that she is very proud of her son and respect what he is doing. Harrison tells Viki not to take this personally and she tells him it is personal. She tells him that she won’t be having dinner with him tonight or ever. Harrison turns to Asa and tells him he didn’t think she would react like that. Asa tells him that he doesn’t have time to worry about a dinner date. He calls Kelly in there and tells them that he has a plan. What are Kelly and Asa up too? She comes down all decked out and Asa ask her if she is ready. She tells him she is and that Kevin is going to be shocked to hear her announcement before he can even do his press conference. Kevin comes in and tells Viki he is sorry she had to overhear that, he knows she likes Harrison. Viki is like "Liked". She tells him how proud she is of him. Kevin wonders why, since he is giving up his career. Viki tells him that he is standing up for what he believes in and that is what he should do.

Harrison and Viki come home for their date. Just when they get in the door the phone rings. It’s a call telling Viki about Gabrielle. Well happy for a second...at least I got that...

Bo comes out of the room and tells Nora that Gabrielle died from a broken neck. Marcie can't believe she is gone. Bo is back at the police station wanting every piece of information on Troy McIver they can get their hands on. He goes into his office, Nora comes in and he wants a list of all the places she thinks he would go. She gives him a list of all the places they went to. Nora goes to say something and Bo bites her head off. She tells him he needs to get some rest, Bo tells her not to tell him how to do his job. Bo is heading back to The Palace and doesn't listen to Nora when she tells him to go home. Bo is on the phone trying to get information about Troy, Nora comes in and asks how his night was. He goes to leave and Viki comes in and tells him how sorry she is about Gabrielle and if there is anything she can do to help him, just ask. Bo tells her that the only way she could help is to tell him she knows where Troy is. Viki and Nora are left standing looking after Bo. Bo comes back frustrated that he is trying to catch a killer and he had to go out and try to catch vandals. Nora tells him he needs to calm down. Bo tells Nora the she needs to take Matthew and get out of town until they catch Troy. She refuses and is going to work right alone with him.

Al tells Luna that she has to bring his mom back. She tells him she can't. Al demands that she then trade places with her. Luna tells her she can't do that. Luna takes Al back to heaven to talk with his daughter who helps him understand. He goes to find Marcie now, to help her. MichAl tells her that the best part is that she can keep the ones she loves close to her. She doesn't know if she can do that. Marcie thanks MichAl for talking to her and helping her. He asks her if she would like to go to dinner tonight. She tells him she can't, she already has plans. MichAl asks her if she would, possibly change her mind. Marcie hesitates, and he sees it. Ron comes in and Marcie thinks they are bringing him in for questioning but he tells her they aren't, he just wanted to check on her. He asks her to wait on him when she gets off work but she tells him that she has a date with Greg. Ron tells her he is really going to look at a new place, he tells her about Roxy always hanging around, even though Roxy is living with Natalie she is always around, she even walked on him in the shower the other night. MichAl overhears Ron telling Marcie about the new place he is going to look at and that he will need a roommate. MichAl tries to convince Ron to let him be his roommate and Marcie is like "have you lost your mind."

Starr tells Todd that all they have to do is keep running and no one will find them. She then asks him what he did to make Blair so mad. Todd tries to tell Starr what happened. Starr is like "so you messed up." Basically yeah, he tells her. He tells her he tried to show her and he messed up with that too. He tells Starr that sometimes things don't come out the way they are supposing to. Starr tells him that he loves mom and she knows that. Starr talks about going someplace with a carnival. Todd tells her to get some sleep and let him think. She lies down and tries to tell him she isn't sleepy. Todd thinks and then asks her if she would miss Jack. She tells him she would but when he is older he can come on the run with them. Todd then asks if she would miss her mother but Starr is out. He doesn't want to run. Todd tells a sleeping Starr that she is out of luck, they aren't going to run they are going home.

Dorian tries to convince Blair to call the police. Dorian and Blair arrive at the hospital and Dorian tells the doctor that Blair has been raped. Dr. Perez comes in to see Blair. Dorian tells the doctor that they need a police officer because Blair has been raped. Dr. Perez tells her she has to hear it from her, herself. She asks Dorian to leave and the doctors tell Blair that she knows this is hard but she can she tells her what happened. Dr. Perez comes out and tells Dorian that she gave Blair a sedative and that she would like to keep her over night for observation. Dorian ask her if she is going to call the police, Dr. Perez tells her she can't because she didn't admit to being raped. Dorian tells her she was raped and they know who did it and they have to report it. Dr. Perez tells her she can't do that. Blair is having a dream/nightmare of Todd; she is calling out his name. Dorian comes back to get Blair, who is dressed and ready to go. Dr. Perez says that she is able to go home. Dorian asks if Blair told her what happened. Blair just wants to go home. The doctor tells Dorian that she put on the report about it looked like she had vigorous sex. Blair comes in and asks Dorian if she is ready to leave. Dorian tells her that she can't believe she is going to let Todd get away with this. Dorian tells Blair that she can't believe Todd did this to her. Blair is crying and looking at a picture of them, telling her how happy they were. She throws the picture and cries she can't believe he did this to her. Blair calls someone and tells him or her she needs to report a rape...

Lindsay is reading the paper about Troy, Ron comes in looking for Jen and she tells him that she left for NY to visit friends. Ron tells her she didn't say anything last night about going. Lindsay tells him that she ask her to leave town until they can catch Troy. Lindsay is talking to Jen and Nora comes in to see how she is doing. Nora asks her if she is leaving town. She asks Nora if she is leaving and she tells her no. Lindsay comes out of her room with a suitcase, she looks around at her gallery and goes to leave There is Troy standing there. She ask him what he is doing here and he tells her he has no where else to go.

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