OLTL Update Monday 1/5/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/5/04

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Antonio's Apartment
Jessica and Antonio spend the evening discussing her moving in with him. They banter back and forth about decorating. Jessica has never been happier.


Ultra Violet
John attempts to interview a hostile Rex, and gets no where with that. Marcie, Greg, and Ron discuss what a jerk that Michael McBain is. They move from the bar to a table. Rex chases after Jen, who again tells him that she wants nothing to do with him. When Ron notices that Rex is harassing Jen, he goes to her rescue and tells Rex to leave her alone. Jen joins Marcie, Craig, and Ron at the table, and makes an obvious play for Ron. Ron tells her that he wants no part of her games, and goes back to the bar. Craig offers to get another round of drinks and joins Ron at the bar. When Jen surmises that Ron hates her too, Marcie tells her that Ron is just a real straight shooter, like Joey. Jen starts to eyeball Ron. (I'm guessing she doesn't know Ron is gay.) When Ron and Craig come back to the table, Jen announces she is going home. Ron insists on making sure she gets home safely. There is a lunatic on the lose these days after all. Craig and Marcie decide to stay on at Ultra Violet for a while. They talk a little bit about Michael. Marcie admits that sometimes Michael can be a very nice, sensitive guy. Then he goes back to being that same ol' jerk.

The Palace
Al/Michael is talking to Luna [who isn't there] and wondering why Marcie still doesn't know who he is. Nora alerts the officers to be on the look out for Troy, and runs into a pretty drunk Daniel who is having dinner with Lindsay. Nora tells Lindsay to get Daniel some coffee to sober him up and goes in search of Bo.

Nora finds him on the bathroom floor trying to revive Gabrielle. Bo thrusts his phone at Nora and tells her to call McBain while he continues CPR on the woman he loves. Nora calls McBain at Ultra Violet and tells him to get over there. She tells him that Troy has been there, but nothing else. She then goes to look for a doctor and finds Al/Michael. When Al sees who the patient is, he is devastated, but does his best to bring Gabrielle back. John arrives while Al is trying to bring Gabrielle back, and quickly takes charge telling the officers that he wants the building shut down. Al finally announces that it is too late, Gabrielle is gone.

Al goes out to the hallway and breaks down, telling God to take him and let his mother live. Bo holds Gabrielle and rocks her. He is having a hard time accepting that she is gone. John goes to the dinning room and announces to everyone that he is with the FBI, and they are looking for someone that is wanted for questioning in the music box murders. A drunken Daniel interrupts him and starts making snide remarks about the commissioner leaving with his girlfriend. John informs him that 'the commissioner's girlfriend' was the latest victim. Daniel sobers up a little bit as John announces that the person they are looking for is Troy McIver. Lindsay is clearly shaken by the information. Rae and Stephen offer their help to Daniel, who is still too drunk to deal with the information. They go in search of Bo. Back at the restroom, Nora finally convinces Bo to let Gabrielle go, and let his people do their job. Bo reluctantly lays Gabrielle back on the floor and goes to look for Troy himself. John comments to Al/Michael that he thought doctors got used to this kind of thing. Al tells him only 'some' doctors do.

Kevin shows up at Llanfair as Viki is waiting on Harrelson to pick her up for dinner. They go into the living room and discuss Kevin's failed marriage. Kevin tells Viki that he served divorce papers to Kelly tonight, who didn't take it well. They discuss Kevin's feelings for Blair. Kevin says that he is in love with Blair. Viki points out that Kevin is always falling for women he can't have. First Andrews wife, then his brother's wife, now his wife's cousin. Then once he gets what he thought he couldn't have, he loses interest. Kevin defends himself a little bit. He points out that Kelly was the first to have an affair, which Viki is a little surprised at. He also reminds her that when he first came back to Llanview, Blair wasn't with anyone. At first they just had fun competing against each other for the papers they both ran. Then it turned into a friendship, and then developed into love. Viki is worried about Kevin and cautions him not to get involved with Blair too quickly. Blair is a complicated woman. Kevin says that he knows that Blair isn't ready to be done with Todd, he just hope she is done with him before he destroys her.

There is a knock at the door, which Viki thinks is probably Harrelson. Kevin prepares to leave as Viki opens the door, to Kelly. Kelly tries to talk to Kevin, who tells her they have said all they need to say to each other. He says good-bye to Viki and leaves. Kelly assumes that Viki is on Kevin's side since she didn't try to get him to stay and talk things through with Kelly. Viki explains that she is not on either 'side'. She loves Kelly too. She tells Kelly that she knows about the affair she had in Houston. Kelly just doesn't want to believe it is all over. She thinks it is all Blair's fault. If it wasn't for Blair her and Kevin would still be happy. Viki tries to explain to Kelly that if their marriage had been strong, no one could come between them. She urges Kelly to not try to hold onto something that is not there.

Dorian's house
Blair comes screaming down the stairs running from Todd. She is barefoot, torn dress, small cut on her forehead, and lips look really smudged. She runs into Dorian's arms telling Todd to stay away from her. Todd follows her down the stairs. He looks as though he knows he messed up, but really wants to fix it. He begs Blair to come home with him. David comes in and sees the state that Blair is in. He shoves Todd out the front door and locks it. Star comes downstairs and demands to know what is going on. When she hears Todd banging on the front door, she tries to get to the door to open it. David is still blocking the door and Blair is yelling at Todd to go away. David wants to know why Blair keeps calling him Todd. He thought Todd Manning was dead. Dorian tells David that Walker is Todd. Todd finally gives up after Dorian tells him she is calling the cops. David comments that if that really is Todd Manning, he hasn't given up, he is just looking for another way in. When Dorian goes for her cell phone, Starr yanks it away from her and screams that she will not let them put Todd in Jail. She thinks this is all Blair's fault. Dorian tries to tell Starr what Todd did, but Blair won't let her. She doesn't want her daughter thinking that her father is a rapist. Dorian goes to use the phone in the front room as Blair finally convinces Starr to go upstairs. As Starr heads upstairs, they hear glass break in the front room and Dorian screams. Todd has broken the glass on the back door and is trying to reach through to open the door. Dorian finds a little dagger as David rushes into the room.

David takes the gun from Dorian and tells Todd that if he doesn't go away now, he will shoot him. Todd doesn't think David has it in him. David tells him that he dreamt about it the whole time he was in that hell hole of a jail that Todd had him thrown in. When Todd realizes that David knows he is Todd, he goes away. David tells Dorian he is going to check the grounds. Dorian goes back to the foyer where Starr and Blair are still arguing. Starr yells that she hates Blair and storms upstairs. Dorian takes Blair back to the front room and tries to convince her that she needs to call the police. Blair won't hear of it. While Dorian and Blair are in the front room, Starr sneaks back down the stairs and opens the front door looking for Todd. Todd comes down the stairs behind Starr and thanks her for leaving her window open for him. Starr convinces Todd that Blair is calling the police as they speak, and that she and him should run. They leave together. Blair and Dorian continue to argue about calling the police when David comes back in and reports that he didn't see Todd anywhere. Blair goes upstairs to check on Starr, and comes back down in a panic that Starr is not in her room. They all go in search of Starr. David looks outside, Blair and Dorian search the house. Starr calls on the phone and informs Blair that if she does call the police, Starr will run away with Todd and they will never see each other again. Todd takes the phone away from Starr and confirms what Starr has said. When Blair realizes that Todd has Starr, she becomes a little hysterical. Dorian tries to convince Blair that calling the police and having Todd arrested and convicted for rape is the only way now. Then she will get her daughter back and she will be safe with Todd locked up.

Asa's house
Kelly returns to Asa's to find Kevin waiting there for her. She asks him what he is doing there. He said he wanted to tell her that he is calling a press conference in the morning to announce their separation. Kelly tells him that he is committing political suicide. Is that what he really wants?

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