OLTL Update Friday 1/2/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/2/04

By Kate
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Al asks Greg if he can cut in on his dance with Marcie. Greg says no, but Al says it’s Marcie’s decision. Marcie is flattered that two guys want to dance with her, but she came with Greg, so she tells “Michael” he has to find another partner. Jessica notes to Antonio that Natalie seems to be enjoying herself.

Kevin and Blair enter his hotel room kissing. She asks him to make love to her.

Todd sees Kelly at the gallery party and asks if she knows that Blair is with Kevin. Kelly says she does but there’s nothing she can do about it, and tells him to leave her alone. Lindsay excitedly tells David how pleased she is at the turnout. David asks her about the insurance investigator she mentioned; she says he’s caught many people who have committed jewelry fraud. David makes a beeline to Dorian, who is being approached by the investigator. Bo and Gabrielle discuss their wedding plans; he says they’ll announce a Valentine’s Day wedding after the fanfare ends. John calls Bo and tells him that Sarah is covered and he should enjoy his evening.

Troy covers Nora’s mouth and tells her to lock the door and be quiet. She tries to run but he pulls her back; he says she’s going to see who he really is as he lifts a red leotard from his pocket. He says she saw her on TV and that she said he would help her. He found the leotard in his bunk at Statesville; someone is trying to make it look like he’s the killer but he’s not. He says he’s going to let her go and asks if she believes him.

Dorian asks the investigator if she can help him, but he thought she was someone else. Colson arrives and tells Lindsay she looks great. He looks drunk, says Lindsay.

Paul calls Kelly and tells her he saw Kevin checking in to the hotel and going to the fourth floor with Blair. Kelly asks if he can keep it quiet and he assures her he can; he’ll be at the bar if she needs him. Todd asks if that was Kevin. Meanwhile, Blair and Kevin continue to undress at the hotel room.

Troy tells Nora that he was doing so well and can’t believe this is happening to him. She asks how he got out of Statesville and he says that he was given passes by Nurse Craig. He would go to bars, the movies, mingle with people. He insists he being set up, and not by Nurse Craig. Nora tells him she was murdered. Nora says he needs to turn himself in, and Bo is right in the ballroom.

Flash and the band perform at the Ultraviolet party. Suddenly a guy yells from the crowd that he would kill for her and takes something out of his pocket; the cops attack him as Flash has a panic attack, but it’s just a camera. The band insists on not playing any more, and Rex is ticked off. Jen says she wants to call Joe to wish him a happy new year, but Rex reminds her of the time difference. Jen says she can’t do anything right.

Todd wants to know who Kelly was talking to, and she says it was her brother calling to wish her a happy new year. She’s going home, and suggests he does the same. After they have sex, Kevin tells Blair that it was even better than he had hoped, and now they can be together. Blair says it was a mistake and she can’t feel anything for him. All she feels is hurt and hatred for Todd. She says they can never be together again. Kevin says he understands, but now they can take it slow. Blair insists that they cannot make it work, and what they did was wrong and unfair. She says she never wanted to hurt him and leaves. Kelly gets off the elevator and knocks on Kevin’s door, and he opens it saying “Blair”. Kelly says his wife’s name is Kelly.

Nora tells Troy that it does seem like he’s being set up, and they should go see Bo. Officer Aiken knocks on the door and Nora says she’s fine and she’ll meet him in the ballroom. She tells Troy they’ll do this together; they lock eyes

Al pays Rex to get Greg’s date to leave the bar. The revelers ring in 2004 and David plants one on Dorian. Al kisses Marcie, and she slaps him. He says everyone needs someone to kiss on New Year’s, and she did kiss him back, but she denies that and tells him to stay away from her. Rex asks Jen to move in with him, but she says no. John sees a Music Box on a table in Ultraviolet and calls Bo. Bo says he’s got to go and kisses Gabrielle goodbye. Blair returns to the party and Todd asks where she’s been. She says with Kevin and he can’t believe she would be so cruel. Blair says she learned from the master.

Kelly tells Kevin he’s a coward and he disgusts her; they will not be having a friendly divorce. Nora and Todd leave the bathroom and she assures him they’ll talk to Bo together, but Troy says he can’t do it and takes off. Lindsay gets Colson some coffee and he insists he’s fine; he takes off. Al stops by to see Gabrielle; she thanks him for getting her out of her funk and she says she and Bo are getting married and invites him. Greg returns to the bar and apologizes; she says it’s okay. A man offers Jen $500 to sleep with him, and she says forget it. John tells Bo the music box is either a hoax or their being taunted. He says he’s sorry for calling him down there. Blair gets to Dorian’s and Todd follows her; he says she can’t walk out on him and then go sleep with Kevin Buchanan. She tells him to get out and throws her ring at him. He grabs her and she runs upstairs; he chases after her. David and Dorian arrive at the front door and she invites him in for a drink. Upstairs, Todd throws Blair on the bed.

Nora tells Bo about Troy, and he goes into the ladies’ room to see if he’s still there. Bo and another officer hear a music box playing in the bathroom; he opens the stall to see a strangled Gabrielle.


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