OLTL Update Monday 12/29/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/29/03

By Boo

David joins Dorian in her living room and rubs it in her face that she is all alone with all this food. Dorian explains that River spent the night at his fathers and Paul went to see Aunt Betsy. She tells David that Paul is onto them and that he said something about finding his own place. They discuss how each of them have no one else to spend the day with, and agree to spend it together.

Starr pushes Blair and Walker/Todd to exchange gifts. Todd bought himself a present and made it look like Blair bought it for him. Blair is not amused and tells Starr to take Jack upstairs. She lays into Walker/Todd about buying himself a present and engraving it with her eternal love. Todd tries to justify what he did but Blair won't hear of it. Todd brings out the 'custody papers' that were supposed to be his 'Christmas present'.

Kelly is basking in her luck in finding Jesus, thinking that the child is going to save her marriage. Just as Rene brings the child's mother into the room. Rene explains that Mrs. Ramirez had a medical problem and didn't want Jesus to see her sick. She put Jesus in the church to keep him safe, and then she passed out. Someone found her and took her to Center City Hospital. Since she didn't have any I.D. on her, no one knew that she had a missing son until she woke up this morning. Mrs. Ramirez assures them that the doctors gave her some medication to keep it from happening again. They gather Jesus' stuff and leave after everyone says good-bye to the little guy.

John and Bo have found another clue left right on the steps of the police station. They decode it together. It spells 'Sarah'. Flash is going crazy having a body guard all the time, but Bo insists she keep him. Flash isn't happy about it, but agrees. She leaves with Eric in tow. John and Bo don't understand why the killer is now telling them who his next victim is. It isn't his normal M.O. Either he is getting more cocky, or he is trying to divert their attention so they will miss who he is really going after.

Gabrielle tells Bo that she is going to fix him an awesome meal, and they can relax and not think about the killer. Bo informs her that the profile they have worked up sounds a lot like Troy. He tries to reassure her that it can't be because Troy is locked up. Gabrielle then tells Bo that she has seen Troy a couple of times in the last couple of weeks.

Back at Asa's, Kelly is upset that she lost the little boy so soon. Kevin tells her that is why he told her not to get too attached. Kelly thinks having the little boy there made everything perfect. It was like they were a family. She wants Kevin to admit that he felt the same way. Kevin didn't feel that way at all. He was happy they were able to help the little boy, but he feels that Kelly is trying to hold onto something that hasn't been there for a long time. He tells her that bringing a baby into an already messed up marriage is a mistake. When Kelly turns to Rae for support, Rae informs her that she agrees with Kevin.

Blair and Todd continue to argue. Blair points out that 'Walker' has no hold on her children. Walker feigns disappointment that Blair would think he would hurt her children. Finally, Blair has had enough and yells at Todd to stop the act. She knows he is Todd.

David is giving Dorian a foot rub as Paul comes in to give Dorian a late Christmas present. It is a picture album with pictures of French estates since she is wanting to remodel. Dorian loves it. Paul announces that he is moving out and goes to pack his stuff. Carlotta drops by to tell Dorian that Antonio found Adriana. Dorian and Carlotta hug to celebrate the good news and Carlotta leaves. David asks who Adriana is and Dorian explains that she is Carlotta's very pretty, 16 year old god daughter that River is in love with. Dorian tells David to get back to rubbing her feet.

Gabrielle tells Bo that she saw Troy a couple of times at this bar on route 42 called Bend an Elbow. She feels really bad that she was in such bad shape herself that she didn't think to tell Bo about this before. Bo tells her not to worry, but he needs her to tell him everything that her and Troy talked about. Gabrielle of course agrees. Bo calls the warden at Statesville.

Kelly turns on Rae. She thought Rae was on her side. Rae explains that she isn't on either 'side'. She wants to help them both. Rae tries to get Kelly to 'listen' to what Kevin is saying, but Kelly thinks she already knows what he is going to say. She also knows why their marriage isn't working. It's because Kevin is in love with Blair.

Blair and Todd really go at each other for a little bit. Todd tries to justify what he did because he knew Blair would never let him get close to her if he had come back as 'Todd'. Blair is furious. She tells Todd he will never see his kids again. Todd tells her that the kids will hate her. Maybe they will, she agrees, but they will get over it and they might just learn to love Kevin. Todd calls her a bitch. Blair taunts Todd by telling him that Kevin is a much better man than he will ever be. Kevin makes love to her with the lights on. She tells him that the next time he thinks of her, she will be lying in Kevin's arms laughing at him. Todd storms out the door. Star comes downstairs and demands to know what happened. Starr pretty much figures out what is going on when Blair tells her to pack a bag for the night. She lashes out at Blair telling her that her problem is that she never stays married. Blair insists she isn't going to talk about it with her right now and to go get Jack together.

Rae asks Kevin if what Kelly said is true, is he in love with Blair. Kevin admits that he has feelings for Blair, but only after his and Kelly's marriage started falling apart. Kelly thinks they should have stayed in Texas. Kevin reminds her again of the affair she had in Texas. They argue back and forth for a little bit, until Kevin finally says he wants a divorce and is not going to change his mind. Their marriage just doesn't work. Rae tells them that maybe they can get a 'no-fault' divorce. Kelly thought Rae was her friend, she gets upset and storms out.

River shows up at Dorian's worried that he is late for dinner. Paul assures him that he isn't and tells him of the conversation he overheard between Carlotta and Dorian. Paul tells River where Adriana is, but makes River promise not to let on where he found out. River thanks him and goes upstairs. Dorian comes out and asks Paul to escort her to a very intriguing invitation she just had for New Years. Paul agrees to take her. (This is the set up for them both to cross over to AMC to visit Adam Chandler.) Blair and the kids show up and Dorian asks Paul to take the kids to the kitchen for a snack. Blair tells Dorian that she finally confronted Todd, and he finally admitted to everything.

Todd shows up at the bar and demands that Rene give him a bottle of scotch and leave him alone. Rene does just that. Kevin comes in and thanks Rene for her help with Jesus, and asks if he can have his room back indefinitely. Rene promises to take care of everything. Todd overhears and congratulates Kevin for getting what he wanted. He tells Kevin that he and Blair split and that Kevin can have 'the slut'. He stumbles out of the bar very drunk. Kevin calls the police to report a drunk driver.

Flash shows up at Asa's and introduces Eric 'her shadow' to Kelly. She explains to Kelly why Bo thinks she is a target and why she has Eric following her around. She tells Kelly that the code the killer used was really pretty cool and shows Kelly exactly how the code was used. She then announces to Eric that she is going upstairs. Kelly looks at the keyboard thinking.

Kevin shows up at Dorian's to tell her that Kelly is upset, and that he thinks she really needs some help. Dorian is really upset that Kevin has broken another of 'her girls' hearts and leaves her to pick up the pieces. She tells David that they have to go check up on Kelly to make sure she is okay. Blair comes downstairs before they leave and sees Kevin. After Blair and David leave, Kevin tells her that he just saw Todd at the Palace and that he was really drunk.

Kelly is surprised to see Dorian. Dorian tries to get Kelly to come back to the house with her. She tells her that Blair has left Todd and is also at the house with the kids. Kelly thinks that leaves Blair all the time in the world to go after Kevin. Dorian tells her that Blair doesn't want Kevin. Kelly replies that is good, because there is no way in hell she is letting Kevin go.

We see the cops throwing Todd in a jail cell, telling him that he has been arrested for drunk driving.

Kevin tells Blair that he called the cops on Todd. Blair is just glad Todd didn't hurt anyone else. She tells him that Todd is dead to her. Kevin is happy to hear that. Now that his marriage to Kelly is over, and her marriage to Todd is over, there is nothing standing in there way. They can be together now.

Dorian rejoins David who has been waiting outside Asa's for her. She tells David that Kelly is fine, but still holding onto Kevin. David tells Dorian that he has been thinking. They could try to pull off that Adrianna is really Dorian's daughter. Dorian agrees that it just might work. Back inside, we see Kelly sit down at the keyboard and figure out how to spell 'Kelly' in the code the music box killer is using.

Gabrielle has told Bo and John all she knows about Troy. She is still very upset with herself that she didn't think to tell him all this before. Bo comforts her and tells her all will be okay. He and John start to go over and compare notes between evidence and the information Gabrielle gave them when Bo's call to the warden finally goes through. The warden informs them that Troy has been missing since last night.


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