OLTL Update Friday 12/26/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/26/03

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Jess tells Viki that Antonio is stuck in Atlanta and it looks like he won’t make it back. Jen comes over with a gift for Joe and he tells her he’s leaving for London today.

Bo, John and Nora discuss the Music Box case. They’re not sure what the killer is trying to tell them with his pattern.

Marcie talks with Rae about a topic for her radio show, if men understand women. She tells Rae that Al knew her better than she knew herself. She’s doing okay, keeping busy, but sometimes it’s hard without Al, but sometimes it seems like he’s still alive.

At Rodi’s, an addled Gabrielle asks Natalie for change for the meter, but Natalie says parking is free. Gabrielle laughs and says she forgot, and then starts to waver on her feet. Al, as Michael, helps her to a table and she thanks him for helping her. She says there’s probably nothing he can do for her, unless he has something for a broken heart, and Al says he just might.

Dorian listens to River play piano; she tells David it’s the only thing that keeps his mind of Adriana. They talk about getting Aunt Betsy to switch her will from Paul to their “long-lost” Cramer girl; David trots in a young girl who looks nothing like Dorian. He assures Dorian that it will work. Paul asks River if he found Adriana; River says no and mopes off. Dorian invites Paul for a beverage; she introduces Michelle to Paul. They toast to good fortune.

Jen asks Joe if he was even going to say goodbye. He says he was. She gives him a scarf and cries that she tried to be a good minister’s wife, but obviously she’s just no good. He says he’s not leaving because of her, and she asks him to stay.

Al says he’s been dead inside, but a good friend taught him how to look inside and be caring and happy. He says Al wanted her to be happy, and Gabrielle says she told her son she was going to marry Bo, and Al was happy. She thanks him and excuses herself.

Nora tells Bo he is silent and brooding, and Bo snaps back that Nora’s at her best when she’s tired and grouchy. John says he’s glad they’re both at their best so they can really concentrate on anything they may have missed; Nora says there is something. The carpet fibers from some of the victims match and it’s likely commercial grade. She remembers the carpet at the prison looks a lot like the fibers.

Nigel tells Natalie and Roxy that he put a deposit on the old hotel in Angel Square, and he’s nervous. Roxy says she’ll help him redecorate, and Nigel takes off to recover his deposit; Roxy follows. A burglar robs Natalie of the cash in the register and tells her to hand over her jewelry, including her wedding ring; she says he’s not getting that ring.

Marcie and Rae start the radio show and there’s going to be a panel of men who have known Marcie less than three months and she has no idea who they are. Rae brings in Greg, Connor and Michael.

Dorian exhorts Paul to drink up and he says he doesn’t really drink anymore. Michelle flirts with him and he says maybe it couldn’t hurt. David says it’s a Moroccan drink and you have to down in all in one shot. Paul passes out.

Joe tells Jen that he always wanted to fix things for her, and they were just using each other to fill their own needs, and that never works. He has to figure some things out about himself. She cries that she never meant to hurt him, and they say goodbye.

River goes to see Jess and asks if Antonio went to see Adriana. He says that they took away the woman he loves and asks for her help.

David and Dorian take pictures of an unconscious Paul and Michelle, who are both changed into wedding finery. Aunt Betsy will get the photos in the mail from an anonymous source, and they’re going to meet the justice of the peace at a motel. Dorian wants to know what kind of justice of the peace would perform such a ceremony; David says the kind that works for him.

Nora still doesn’t think Troy could have committed the murders, even though the evidence seems to suggest it’s him. At Crossroads, Gabrielle sits at the bar alone and Troy enters, saying it’s good to see her again.

Al gets every question right on Rae’s quiz. Marcie is surprised.

Natalie throws a drink at the robber and takes off. He almost catches her but John comes in and pulls on a gun on the guy.

Viki tells River that Carlotta must have her reasons for keeping Adriana away; Viki is surprised to hear that Dorian wants to keep them apart also. Jess says she’ll tell Antonio to speak with River once he gets back.

Paul groggily returns to Dorian’s and want to know what they did to him.

Natalie thanks John for helping her. Roxy tells Nigel that he’s got a chance to live out his dreams. She suggests an indoor jungle theme décor, and he starts to warm to the thought of owning the hotel. Natalie gives John some coffee and he tells her it looks like she took pretty good care of herself. Someone calls his cell and he says he has to go.

Nora tells Bo it was good to see Gabrielle at Christmas. He worries about her being out alone at night. At the bar, Gabrielle tells Troy it seems odd that he’s getting these passes. He asks if she’s told everyone that she saw him, and she says no and she doesn’t intend to. She is going to stop being alone at bars, and it’s time to find a more positive way to cope with Al’s death. He asks after Nora and she says she thinks she’s doing well. Gabrielle says goodbye and he wishes her the best of luck and touches her hand. She leaves, glaring at him.

Paul tells Dorian that he woke up in a cab with that girl, and she was in a wedding dress and said they were going to get married. He doesn’t drink for that reason, especially after what happened the last time. He thinks that’s what someone wanted to happen, and Dorian says she did tell Michelle about the huge fortune and maybe she set him up. Paul says he’s going to go lie down and David rails over the fact that the plan didn’t work and he’s going to find out what Paul meant by the last time he got drunk.

Marcie bids farewell to her guests and asks Michael how he knew the answers. He says he’s been telling her they have a connection, but she says she’s not sure about that. Marcie leaves for work, and Rae asks Michael if he was surprised that he knew all the answers. He starts to tell her the truth, but hears Marcie laughing with Greg and tells Rae to forget it. Greg asks Marcie out for New Year’s Eve, and she accepts.

Jen and Natalie bicker at Rodi’s and Jen says she’s looking for Rex. Natalie asks her to leave Rex alone.

Joey says goodbye to Viki and promises he’ll be back. She just wants him to be happy.

Gabrielle comes home to Bo and says he’s been wonderful since Al died, and that Michael made her realize that she’s still here and that she needs to really live her life and honor Al’s memory. It was as if Al was talking to her himself. Nora asks if the wedding is on, and Gabs says yes. John stops by and tells Nora that the carpet fibers all match the mental ward at Statesville, where Troy is incarcerated.

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