OLTL Update Tuesday 12/23/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/23/03

By Christina
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Midnight Logic singing a Christmas Carol.

Marcie dragging Ron into the clinic because he lost his medication and she is not going to lose him too. Michael comes in and tells them not to crowd up the clinic; it is for sick people. Al just doesn't know how he is going to make Michael do his third good deed. Michael is ignoring Marcie and Ron. Al talks to him about them and how he needs to help them. Al gets frustrated because Michael is forgetting about Marcie and Ron. He tells Kelly and Kevin that the little boy needs emergency surgery but Luna tells Al that he really doesn't and he has to do something to stop it. Michael listens to Al and gets another doctor to look at the child and reluctantly he does. Finds out the boy just have a tummy ache from eating too much candy. Kelly and Kevin are happy that is it just that. Luna sends Al back to Heaven where he meets his future daughter and finds out that if he doesn't succeed she will never be. Luna asks Al if he is ready to take back over Michael's body. Al tells her he is and that this time he is going to do everything right, he has to or his little girl won't be born. Ron comes in showing Marcie he got his new medicine and asks her if she wants to go someplace. She tells him that she was actually invited to a party at Llanfair and she asks him if he would like to join her. He tells her sure, he would love to see how the other half-lives. Michael/Al comes out and wonders how he is going to be able to get into a party at Llanfair. Then he spots Ben's medical file on the cart.

Asa spoiling Matthew some more. Bo drags Asa away, taking him somewhere that he thinks he will love.

Ultra Violet again...someone drops a tray of glasses and freaks Flash out. Rex goes outside and calls Jen to see where she is. In come Asa and Bo and Flash gets back up on the stage and tells the crowd that this is a very special song for a special person. She tells Asa she wrote this song. Asa thanks Flash for the song. Bo tells them they need to get back home.

Jen hiding that she was talking to Rex from Joey.

There's Dorian at Viki's house. David brought Viki a fruitcake and she is like "Oooh how fitting." Viki tells Dorian that Kelly has a surprise. Natalie makes a snide remark to Jen and Joey pulls her aside and tells her to cool it. Jess then tells Jen that what she is doing is wrong...leading Joey on when it will just hurt him more. Kelly tells Dorian that she thinks that it was meant for her to find the little boy. Kelly rushes back into the boy leaving Dorian out in the foyer. Viki comes out frantic because she lost her wedding band. Dorian tries to help her to find it. Todd takes Blair outside and is getting ready to tell her the truth when Kevin comes out because the little boy is sick and they can't find Dorian or Viki. Kelly wants to take the little boy to the hospital but Kevin doesn't think it is needed. But she doesn't want to hear it. Viki and Roxy come into the kitchen looking for Viki's ring. Roxy says, "It's thirteen-caret gold, right." Then she suggests to Viki to retreat her steps. Natalie tells Viki that she tried to take Cris's ring off but she couldn't. That she would be frantic if she lost her ring...Viki is. Viki tells Natalie that Roxy told her what happened the other night and she was sorry. Nataliet old her she ran to Asa's cabin and worked things through and that Roxy sent John to find her. Viki ask her if she liked being found...Don't know if Dorian is looking around for Viki's ring or snooping, but she realizes that it is River on the radio. Viki and Jess come from the kitchen and Jess ask her if she could have taken her ring off while wrapping gifts. Viki doesn't think so; they go into the library. Jen comes out and turns the radio down and listens in on their conversation. Jess finds a present that Joey bought for Jen. Jess doesn't like the idea that he is still trying to work things out with Jen. Viki tells her that it is Christmas and that yes what Jen did to Joey the other night at Church was awful but Jen is hurting and doesn't know what to do. Jess is pissed that Joey is going to London and its all Jen's fault. Jen runs out of Llanfair. Viki got Roxy this great little camera and she is taking a picture of Viki with a black boa around her neck. Roxy ask her if she found her ring and Viki tells her no and goes to look upstairs again. Roxy is trying to take a family pic of Todd, Blair, Starr and Jack and she can't get T/B to get close. She keeps egging them on to kiss.... They finally do and they won't come up for air. Roxy tells them to get a room. Starr says, "Lady you are a genius." Natalie and John wish each other a Merry Christmas and John tells her that Michael wants to go see their mother for Christmas, which he tells her, is a miracle.

Viki opens the door to Michael. He tells her that he is from the hospital, the first thing she thinks is something is wrong with Ben. He tells her that he is still the same but when he was checking on him he found this (her ring) on the nightstand. She can't remember taking it off while she was visiting him but thanks MichAl so much for finding it for her. He gives him one big ole hug to which Marcie witnesses.

John and Natalie then come into the foyer and Roxy makes them get together so she can take a picture of them. David tells Dorian that he knows for a fact that this house is filled with mistletoe, they go to kiss but Dorian stops and listens to River on the radio talking about a little baby that was found in a manger.

Blair is watching Jack sleep and hopes it all works out for her children.

Starr tells Todd that she didn't hear any yelling and he tells her that Kevin interrupted them before he could tell Blair.

This girl is trying to pick up Rex but he isn't into it. He would rather it be Jen sitting there. Jen arrives at Ultra Violet and sees Rex with this other girl and leaves.

Riley tries to calm Flash down. Oh look here Bo brought Asa to Ultra Violet. Awww she wrote a song for him and is singing it to Asa.

Gabrielle arrives at Asa's and Matthew whisks her off to show her what he got. Gabrielle watches Matthew open his gift and then she sees Al instead of Matthew but comes back when he talks to her. She takes him in her arms and hugs him. Asa and Bo come into the room and Asa says "who the hell is that" and he goes Jesus. Matthew is opening up yet another gift but instead gives the gift to Jesus. What a proud papa Bo is now.

Lindsay comforting RJ, telling him she doesn’t know what she would do without her daughter. RJ tells her that he tried so hard to help Keri but nothing he did helped and she just felt she had to leave. Lindsay tells RJ that whoever the gift is for; she is one lucky lady. She sees RJ out and tells him that she wisher her daughter would let her help her. Evangeline opens her gift, which she loves. Rex watches and is jealous that he has no one. Jen arrives at Lindsay's and ask her if she can stay the night with her. She doesn't feel like a night of getting drunk or partying. Lindsay tells her she has been waiting for her to COM home. They wish each other Merry Christmas.

River is finishing up his story about the baby found in the manger and Dorian walks in. River says that even though the baby gets made at his parents sometimes and he grandmother, he still loves them and needs them. Aww they hug, Dorian is about to cry.

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