OLTL Update Monday 12/22/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/22/03

By Christina
Pictures & Proofreading by Suzanne

Viki, Kevin and Jess are at Llanfair. Jess comes across a stocking and holds it up--it's Ben's. Jess says that she thinks they should put it up. The door bell rings and Viki tells them she is going to get that. As she walks away, she wipes a tear away. It's Dorian, bearing gifts. Dorian gives Viki a book called, "The Survivor's Handbook". Viki tries to see if Blair knows about Todd. Dorian tells her in a roundabout way that she does. Viki shows Dorian some goblets that her father loved during the Christmas time. They talk about past Christmases with Victor, how much he loved that time of year, and how happy he was then. Dorian tells Viki that even though her memories are mostly tainted where her father is concerned, she at least has one perfect Christmas memory. Viki ask Dorian to wait just a moment and she goes and gets her present. Dorian tells her she didn't have to do that but is glad she did. Viki invites Dorian back over later tonight for the party she is having.

David kicks around the gifts at Dorian's place, trying to find the right spot for his gift. In comes Blair, whom he calls Mrs. Scrooge. He tells her he hopes the rumor he heard about her and Walker not making it until New Year's Eve is not true.

Todd wants Starr to go pack her and Jack's things, but she refuses and tells him that they have to think of another plan. Todd tells Starr that he should have listened to her Aunt Viki and just told Blair last night, but he couldn't. He was too afraid. Starr tells Todd that this is the worst Christmas ever. Todd tells Starr about his worst Christmas. He says, when Blair showed up, it turned out to be okay, and he tells her that it will turn out okay this time, too. Starr tells him that it was a great story. Blair walks in and says, "It must have been. Want to share?" Blair tells Todd and Starr about the Christmas that Todd lied to her yet again, but this time it was about her son, Jack. She tells them it is time to get ready to go to Viki's. After Blair goes upstairs, Starr turns to Todd and tells him that was so weird.

Michael comes barrelling into Rodi's; Al tells Luna that there is no way he can get him to do three selfless acts in twenty-four hours. The guy wouldn't know a good deed if it bit him in the face. Michael demands that Roxy fix him a drink. After talking to Marcie, Ron wants to go kick his butt for being so mean and rude, but Marcie talks him out of it. Al clues Luna in on Michael's past with his mother. Roxy tells Michael about how bad of a mother she was and that she tried so hard to give her daughter a nice Christmas one year, but it didn't work out.

Natalie remembers some good times with Cris. Ooh, she is at Asa's cabin, where they first made love. Now who would know she is there? John finds her. Natalie asks John how he found her. He tells her that is his job. She offers him some macaroni and cheese. John tells Natalie about Michael and past Christmases. Natalie tells John the same story that Roxy was telling Michael. Natalie cannot get over Roxy leaving her alone on Christmas and asks how he could do that. John catches her slip and asks her about it. Natalie wonders how Cris could have done that; they were just married. She tells John that he should not have left her alone on Christmas. John tells her that it is okay to feel whatever she is feeling and that it is okay for her to forgive him. Natalie breaks down, and John comforts her. He tells her it is time to get her back home and that no one should be alone for Christmas. Roxy tells Natalie that she was so worried about her. Natalie apologizes for worrying her. Roxy asks her forgiveness about that Christmas that she left her all alone. They agree to forgive each other, and Roxy asks her if she is ready to go over to Viki's and party. John goes to leave, but Al whispers something in his ear. John goes over to Michael and wishes him a very merry Christmas. Michael asks John how the case is going. Al whispers something into Michael's ear and then he suggests he drive him and John home to AC to see their mother on Christmas. John agrees with the plan.

Kelly goes to see Joey at St. James and he tells her he thinks it is best if he goes to London, not only for himself, but also for everyone. Kelly starts to tell Joey what happened to bring her and Kevin to where they are. Kevin, in the meantime, is telling Jessica about their last Christmas together. Kelly tells Joey that Christmas was the day that Kevin found out about her affair, and she wished he didn't have to find out that way. She will never forget the look on his face. Kevin tells Jessica that it is over with. Kelly asks Joey if they could think about anything else but what they were talking about. There is this cute little boy that just wanders into the church. Joey goes to see if he can find his mother, while Kelly watches him. Kevin tells Jess that maybe a baby would be what they need. Jess tells him that she thinks they need a stable marriage first. Joey comes in and tells Kelly that he can't find his mother, and he couldn't get in touch with Child Services, but the police said they would keep him comfortable. Kelly won't have it ; she insists on feeding and caring for him until they find his mother. Jen comes in and Kelly leaves. Joey tells her he just wants to get back to when they were happy. Jen asks if they were happy.  He asks her to come and be with him and his family for Christmas and that he is leaving after that.

Back at Llanfair, Viki offers the little boy a cookie. Kelly tells them all that until they find his mother, she promised she would take care of him. Viki takes him in to see the Christmas tree and tells him that there is probably something under that for him. Jess gets a phone call from Antonio. They talk; Viki comes back and asks her how he is doing. Jess tells her he is so strong and that she doesn't know how they are doing it with Cris not here this year. Viki asks her if she knows if Carlotta needs anything, but Jess says she doesn't. Viki then asks Jessica if she has heard from Natalie because she is really worried about her. Natalie and Roxy arrive at Llanfair and Natalie apologizes for worrying Viki. Viki tells her that it is okay, she is just glad that she is okay. Natalie and Jess go to put Cris's gift under the tree. In come Joey and Jen, who surprise Viki. She cannot believe that Jen is there. Then Starr, Jack, Blair and Todd arrive. They all go in to look at the tree, but Todd hangs back. Viki asks him if he told Blair yet. He tells her that they have agreed on a truce for now. Viki and Todd walk into the library, where he notices Kevin sitting there. Kelly watches Kevin watching Blair. The doorbell rings and Viki goes to answer it; it is carolers. Viki invites them in and she stays in the foyer, remembering her father at Christmas time. "Merry Christmas, Victoria." she remembers her father saying.

Dorian comes home all smiles. David comes out and startles her. Dorian wonders if she has to put bells on him to hear him. She asks him what he is doing; he tells her he brought her a Christmas present. David tries to get away before she opens it; he doesn't want to be around when she does. He is actually blushing. Dorian tells him that he has to be here when she opens it, and besides, she has a gift for him, too. David and Dorian rip their gifts open at the same time. David got Dorian a key chain that has a "D" on it, and Dorian got David a business card holder with a "D" on it. They both think that the gifts are recycled. Then David grabs her face and kisses her, and she kisses him back.  Dorian breaks the kiss, saying, "Not that I didn't like it, but what was that all about?" David tells her "mistletoe", which is nowhere to be found. Dorian says all she sees is cobwebs on the ceiling. David apologizes for kissing her under false pretenses. Dorian tells him just to make sure it doesn't happen again. So then he lays another kiss on her.

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