OLTL Update Friday 12/19/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/19/03

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Todd and Viki exchange Christmas presents at Llanfair. She asks if they’re still calling him Walker, and is surprised that he hasn’t told Blair yet. He confides that he thinks she knows, that she’s been acting weird and it’s driving him crazy. Viki stresses that if he loses control of his emotions, he could lose everything.

At the penthouse, Dorian and Blair discuss the Todd situation. Blair knows she’s driving him insane with jealousy, but he’s not reacting. Dorian thinks he’s figured out that she knows the truth, but Blair won’t show her hand; she won’t let him win. She knows he still loves her, but she feels nothing but contempt for him. Dorian thinks he’s going to destroy one of them.

Roxy prods Nat to open her present from Cristian so she won’t cry on Christmas, and Nat relents, but runs from Rodi’s after reading the heartfelt card.

Kelly meets with Rae at Asa’s and tells her that he’s agreed to go to counseling, and they want to begin right away.

David speaks with a reporter at the Palace about Kevin and Kelly’s marital situation; he wants to know how much the information would be worth. Asa interrupts and threatens the reporter, and David tells Asa that Kelly tells him everything but he would never sell anything to the tabloids. Kevin overhears and tells Vickers to stay out of their lives.

McBain and Bo eat at review evidence. If the murder at Asa’s estate takes place, he’s still connecting to Nora through Bo. At Statesville, Troy tells Nora he’s glad she came and he has something important to tell her.

Dorian can’t believe that Kevin went along with Blair’s plan, but Blair says that Kevin said he wasn’t going to be any part of her scheme. Dorian wonders why she can’t just divorce the maniac. Meanwhile, Viki refuses to take sides between Todd and Blair. It’s not a game and he’s given her plenty to be angry about. She insists that he asks for her forgiveness, and maybe she’ll give it. She’s mostly concerned about the children, and says they are the ones who ultimately have to “win” in the battle between their parents.

Bo says Flash and Nora are close. He thinks there could be something at the Front Street apartment, but Rex lives there now and these are way too sophisticated for Balsom. They try to connect Nora to the fact that the killer only attacks college girls. At the prison, Troy tells Nora he’s been thinking about her for months. He apologizes for the things he put her through and he wants her to know that losing her was the worst thing that ever happened to him. Nora accepts his apology and asks him some questions about where he was on the dates of the murders, and says she got some threatening phone calls. Troy says he would never hurt her. He tells her he’s been following her through the papers, and asks if Flash is still living with her. She wonders why he’s asking about Flash, and he reminds her that he was her doctor.

Flash bristles under the watchful eyes of her police protection and calls Bo to complain, but Bo says he wants her to be safe. Bo tells McBain that Dr. Haver is going to help on the case, and he’s just interviewed Troy.

Blair says there is no way she could just divorce Todd and walk away, and that he could take her kids and she would never see them again. Blair shows Dorian the custody papers that she’s going to trick Todd into signing.

Todd says goodbye to Viki, and she wonders if anything she said registered. He says yes, and that he hates when she’s right. He knows he has to come clean before Christmas. Viki tells him to trust in the love they share.

Opal Cortland stops at the bar after shopping, and David introduces himself after overhearing that she’s from Pine Valley, but she deduces that he’s trying to get information on someone. He butters her up and asks about Babe, and she tells him she’s married.

Starr tells Blair she has a progress report and a permission slip for her to sign and Blair says she’s going to let Walker practice his parenting skills by signing them. Starr leaves but watches Blair suspiciously from the stairs.

Kevin moves back to Asa, much to Asa and Kelly’s delight. Asa says he can’t stand Gretel, but if she can patch things up between them, good for her. Kelly tries to seduce Kevin. She thinks deep down he still loves her, but he goes to a spare room. She begs him not to push her away. At the penthouse, Todd tells Starr he has to tell Blair something before he loses his nerve, and goes to the bedroom, where Blair is pretending to nap. He starts to confess the truth, but Blair mutters “Oh Kevin” and Todd leaves. Kevin tells Kelly that they’re not getting back together, and he says goodnight.

Opal tells David that Babe is married to Adam Chandler Jr. Dorian interrupts and greets Opal; David kisses her passionately. She tells him she’s heard from Aunt Betsy and they’re going to lose the $30 million.

Dr. Haver and Rae meet with Bo and McBain. Haver says that a woman rejected Troy in college and she was a dancer and a law student, and that the killer is killing the same woman over and over again. Nora returns and says that Troy seemed calm and rational, and it made her wonder if he could be involved. At the prison, Troy stares at a photo of Nora.

Flash returns from the mall and Asa asks who the cop is. Bo comes in and tells Asa that the killer may have his eye on Flash. Asa is furious that he was kept in the dark and says Flash is to stay in the house and he wants the house surrounded by cops.

Roxy leaves Natalie a message to call her. John enters and asks where Natalie is; Roxy tells him about the gifts and that Nat reacted badly. Roxy says she’s worried about her being out there with the killer on the loose, and John says he’ll go look for her.

Dorian asks after Palmer and says she has to spend quality time with her ex. David tells Dorian about Babe and says he doesn’t know why Babe was meeting with Paul. Dorian says Aunt Betsy has been given only a few weeks to live and they have to find an unmarried girl to hoodwink her before she dies.

Todd comes downstairs and Starr wants to know how it went. He says she was asleep. Starr says she’s worried about Blair, and tells him about the other papers she slipped into the permission slips. He starts to sign the papers and then notices that the papers are for Blair to gain full custody of the children. Upstairs, Blair angrily says Todd is going to pay. Todd tells Starr that Blair knows the truth, and shows her the custody papers. He tells her he won’t let that happen, and says they’re going to leave for good.

Bo assures Asa that they’re going to catch the killer, and Flash’s phone rings. No one answers, but the sound of a music box comes through.

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