OLTL Update Thursday 12/18/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/11/03

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Starr reminds Todd that he’s taking her to Angel Square for the tree lighting, but wonders why they’re going without Blair. She asks if her parents got in a fight.

Blair wistfully watches a happy family going about their holiday business at Angel Square when Kevin sees her and asks to speak with her for five minutes. Reluctantly, she agrees. Marcie arrives at the lighting with her date; Al follows behind, intending on telling her who he really is, but Luna advises him not to. Matthew and Nora admire the tree and Matthew says how lucky he is to have both Hanukkah and Christmas to celebrate, but Nora is clearly thinking about the killings.

An officer brings Bo an envelope that was sent for him which seems to have blood splatter on it. Bo opens it and removes a sketch of a music box with lettering along the side. He sends it to forensics to be analyzed and calls John, who has been reviewing evidence.

Starr deduces that Blair knows the truth about Todd and berates him for letting it happen. He asks for her help in finding out what Blair knows and what she’s planning to do, but to pretend that nothing’s wrong.

Kevin and Blair take shelter in a seedy motel lobby and he advises her to quit her vendetta against Todd and get a divorce lawyer. Blair says as soon as she’s sure she’s not going to lose her kids, Evangeline will file the papers. Kevin wants to know if she’s going to be with him after she splits with Todd; he thinks that’s what they both want.

Roxy takes Natalie to the tree lighting and tries to get her to have a nice time. Al watches Marcie singing and then asks if he can talk to her for a minute, but she says she doesn’t want to, she’s having a good time. Her date almost gets in a fight with Al, but Marcie relents.

Bo drops by John’s hotel room and comments on the sparse décor. He brings a copy of the sketch and says the Jacobs murder was a copycat killing. They try to figure out the numbers and letters on the sketch, and they notice the geographic pattern is making a box – and the next murder is probably going to take place on Asa’s estate. McBain asks Bo if there’s any young woman living there, and Bo thinks of Flash, who shows up at the festivities at Angel Square.

Kevin tells Blair he doesn’t want to push her, but they’re both going to be available. He notes that she still loves Todd and refuses to be part of some game so she can win Todd back. He starts to leave but she says she’s not thinking clearly and needs a little more time. He agrees and tells her not to let her anger drive her or she’ll lose everything.

Todd arrives at Angel Square just as Kevin and Blair emerge from the hotel, and comments that that’s slumming even for Kevin.

Al tries to tell Marcie the truth, but Luna prods Marcie’s date into picking a fight. He punches Al and Marcie asks if he’s okay. He asks her to look into his eyes and see that it’s him, Al, inside Michael’s body, and then passes out.

Nora and Colson argue about Troy being the killer, and Nora says there’s no way it’s Troy. Colson understands why she’s skittish, since someone’s running around killing people because of her. Flash and Riley stop by and Bo asks to speak to Flash in private; Riley sees the sketch and looks at it with interest. Bo tells Flash that she could be in danger from the killer. Riley tells McBain that the message seems to be related to music and John has him decode it.

A crowd gathers around Michael and he gets up, but Al is out of his body and next to Luna. She says she warned him and that he’s fading fast. He refuses to leave Marcie but she doesn’t know what to do. Michael gets up and behaves in his usual boorish self, and Marcie screams at him for saying he was Al.

Todd is overly pleasant with Blair and Kevin and Blair asks what he’s up to. Starr happily greets her mother and says they’re together and it’s the best Christmas ever.

Bo tells Flash she’s going to have round the clock protection from now on. McBain calls Bo to see what Riley’s doing with the code; Riley says it would help if he had a piano. John takes him to the hotel he’s staying at, which has a piano in the lobby.

Nora asks Flash if she’s scared, but Flash laughs it off and says she’ll stay away from Matthew. Nora assures her she’ll be fine, but once Flash leaves, she looks concerned.

Al watches Marcie bid good night to her date at the police station, and then she remembers what Al said right before he left Michael’s body. Al’s ghost laments his error and starts to fade in and out.

Nigel runs into Roxy and Natalie and tells them his dream of buying and renovating the Angel Square hotel. Inside the hotel, Riley continues to decode the sketch. At the station, Nora calls to set up a meeting with Troy. Riley says the code is FRONT. Bo tells Flash’s guard not to take his eyes off his niece and everyone leaves. Nat runs into McBain and he invites her to dinner sometime. She tells him there’s a Front Street down by the docks.

Luna tells Al there’s someone who wants to see him. He closes his eyes and there is a little girl who says he broke the rules, and wants to know why he thinks he should have a second chance. She tells him he has to find Michael’s soul and find out what’s missing in his life. He has to help Michael do three good deeds, and make him smile. Then he’ll get another chance. The girl says her name is Gabrielle. He returns and tells Luna he knows exactly what he has to do.

McBain tells Bo he thinks the code is an address on Front Street. Meanwhile, Flash tells Riley about the cops’ theory, and Riley says she should move in with him. He’s not letting anything happen to her. Bo discovers that 445 Front Street is Troy Maciver’s old loft. At the prison, Nora meets with Troy.

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