OLTL Update Wednesday 12/17/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/17/03

By Christina
Pictures by Juanita

Marcie is starting her new radio show. She introduces the guest and Dr. Rae. The first topic of Marcie's show is "rape". The girl student thinks that the way these girls dress and go to parties and get drunk can help them avoid being raped. The guy student tells her that being under the influence does not give the guy a reason to rape. Rae tells Marcie that she thinks her first broadcast was a smash success. Marcie thanks everyone for coming and that girl is upset. Greg asks Marcie to go with him for coffee and see the Christmas tree lighting at Angel Square. She accepts as Michael looks on. Michael watches as Greg buys Marcie some latte'. He doesn't like it one bit. Marcie and Greg leave and a bummed Michael want to just go for broke and tell Marcie who he really is. Luna tells her that Marcie will never believe him and that he is playing some kind of sick cruel joke. Michael leaves and Luna meets him outside and she tells him that if he tells Marcie he will be yanked back up to heaven for good and he will lose Marcie forever.

Roxy runs in with some gifts and tells Natalie to hide them because she was about to rip them open. She thinks that Natalie bought them but she tells her she didn't. They are from Cristian. Roxy wants Natalie to open the presents that Cris bought for them. Natalie tells her to take them to the other side of the bar and she can open hers. Carlotta opens her gift and it is something that she wanted but would never buy herself so Cris bought it for her. He gave Antonio a CD of all his favorite songs. Roxy sees Natalie and goes to comfort her.

Carlotta is visiting Dorian telling her she went to see Adriana but when she got there she found out she had run away from her school. River is listening at the door and Paul busts him. Ask him what he is up too. Dorian tells Carlotta that they will find Adriana. Carlotta tells her they have to, if anything happens to her she doesn't know what she would do. Dorian reassures her again. Paul asks River what is so interesting in the other room. He tells him he doesn't care if he likes to listen to others people conversations. Paul gets a phone call from Babe telling him they have to meet. Troy comes up to Babe wanting to buy her a drink. Just as River is about to sneak and listen more Dorian and Carlotta come out. Dorian notices him and asks him what he is doing. He tells her he is going upstairs, is that okay. Carlotta stops him and asks him if he knows where Adriana is and if he does he needs to tell them. River tells them he wasn't the one that kidnapped her. And he doesn't know. Dorian tells Carlotta not to worry and if he knows she will find out. David comes in and says "Hey Carlotta." Oh god I just spewed my soda. I love this man. David tells Dorian that Paul rushed out of here and he thinks they need to follow him. Dorian doesn't feel right about plotting against her own kin. As if that would stop you. Dorian is talking to someone in Spanish but When River comes in she hangs up. She asks him if he saw the piano. He tells her his keyboard is fine and she can't buy him off. David comes in and tells Dorian what he found out. That he met a girl named Babe. Dorian wonders what Paul is trying to hide from them. Paul comes in and they shut up. Dorian tries to get some information out of Paul.

Antonio and Evangeline are talking about the murder and Antonio tells her he thinks that this isn't the real killer. Antonio thinks that Nora might be the next victim. Antonio tells Evangeline that he is just letting his mind go wild. She tells him that "No. He has good instincts." Antonio tells her all the clues that come back to Nora. Evangeline says that it could be someone that is close to Nora. RJ comes in and sees these two together and notices how cozy they are. RJ is jealous of Evangeline and Antonio working together. Antonio ask him where Jamie is and he tells Antonio that Hank has her, taking her to see Santa Claus, all the Christmas stuff. Antonio tells RJ that he trust Hank. He leaves leaving RJ and Evangeline alone. RJ asks her if she would like to have a drink. He asks her what her case has to do with the MBK. She tells him she can't talk about it. RJ tells her whatever it is he hopes it helps catch the killer. RJ and Evangeline are talking about Nora, Hank and their daughter Rachel. RJ gets a call from a supplier and he has to leave. When she is by herself Evangeline starts thinking and is like "Oh no. That's it. Nora's daughter."

Antonio comes in and asks Natalie if she has seen John. Tells him that he is not in his office right now. Roy comes up and tells Antonio about the gifts that Cris bought them. He doesn't want to open his just yet. Carlotta comes in and ask them who went shopping. Roxy tells her "Cris did and there is one for her, too." She wants to open her's, she misses Cris so much she just wants to feel him near.

Bo, Nora and John are looking at a brief case and Nora tells them that she has seen a case like this before. Nora tells Bo and John that Troy used to have one just like this. John asks who he is. Bo gets worried but Nora tells him that Troy is locked up in a max. Security cell at Statesville. Troy going into a bar. John asks Bo and Nora if there is any way that Troy could have escaped from Statesville. Bo tells him that if he did then they would have heard something. John goes to check it out. Bo tells Nora that is enough about Troy for now. John tells Bo and Nora that when Troy was sent to Statesville they boxed all his stuff up and put it in storage. Bo says he is going to go check the storage out. Nora keeps telling them that the case is not Troy's. John tells her that they need to be sure. Antonio comes into Bo's office and tells him all the clues that he has and that it has one thing in common. Nora. But she will not believe that it involves her.

Rae comes into the Police Station looking for Bo who left her a message. He shows her to his office, where he wants to talk about Gabrielle and trying to help her.

Babe brushes Troy off, telling him she is meeting someone. Gabrielle comes in and says, "Fancy meeting you here again. Another day passes." Troy tells her, "Something like that." Gabrielle lets Troy buy her a drink. Paul finally arrives.... YES - David followed him. Babe makes sure that Adam hasn't tried to get in touch with Paul. They both admit that they want to forget the one night they had together. Paul leaves and David tries to get some info out of the blonde bimbo. You go David - he at least got her first name. Troy ask Gabrielle if she told anyone that she saw him here before. He hears this song and wants Gabrielle to dance with him. Gabrielle pulls her arm away from Troy and tells him that she doesn't want to dance with him. Troy says he understands he just misses it. He misses a lot of things. He and Nora used to dance a lot but he could never keep up with her. He continues to tell Gabrielle that Nora broke his heart.

Gabrielle listening to music and Michael comes up to her and talks to her making sure she is okay. Gabrielle tells him she is hanging on. He tells her he know Al a little and that he always spoke very highly of her. Gabrielle tells him she has an appointment and leaves.

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