OLTL Update Tuesday 12/16/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/16/03

By Christina
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Nora lets Bo into Asa’s house and he asks how the decorating is going. Nora tells him that Asa is changing all of Viki's tasteful touches. She asks him how Jen was. Bo tells her that the killer has changed his schedule and is getting sloppy. Nora tells Bo all the things that he bought Matthew. Nora and Renee talking about all the things that he has gotten for Matthew. He comes in with another package and Nora is like "what" did you get now. Asa shows him the gun that he got for him. Nora is freaking out. Bo tries to convince Asa to stop. Nora thanks Bo for helping her out. Kevin comes in and ask is the party over with. Kelly goes to him and asks him if he wants some cider. She helps him off with his coat and finds lipstick on his collar.... She is like "WHAT is this?" Kevin is like "what?" Kelly grabs his collar and wants to know where the lipstick came from. It's Blair's isn't it? Kelly runs from Kevin, he goes after her telling her it wasn't what it seems. Kelly tells him why is he doing this. She knows he lied to his mother, she knows he was with Blair. She goes to leave and Kevin grabs her arm, Kelly pulls away and tells him to do not touch her. She runs upstairs and Kevin is like Fine, just run away. Asa tells him that he has a gorgeous and smart wife. Why does he want a tramp? Kevin tells Asa to quit pointing fingers until he has heard what really happened. Kevin tells Asa that he never has and never will cheat on his wife, he wouldn't do that to her. That Blair was in trouble and all he was doing was comforting her. He storms out and Asa is like what is wrong with that boy. Bo and Nora try to tell him to stay out of Kevin's life. Matthew comes in hearing them getting upset with Asa and he wants to know if Grandpa done something wrong. Bo tells Matthew that no, Grandpa didn't do anything wrong. Asa takes him back up to bed. Bo gets the phone call from Tonio telling him about the killing. Nora asks Renee where Bo went and she tells her that there was another killing. Asa tells them both that they are going to stay there. A Nora thanks her and he apologize for spoiling Matthew and tell her he understands and won't do it anymore. Asa tells her that Matthew is going to be somebody whether they like it or not.

Toni and Evangeline talking about a case, the MBK comes in and takes down a sign that warns the students about him. Tonio and Evangeline come in talking about the girl they are looking for. Apparently it is a girl who takes dance class. Tonio walks by and notices that someone took the poster down about the MBK. Tonio, Vangie and guard come into a room in one of the basements of the college looking for this girl Emma. Tonio opens up the shelf and out falls this girl. He tries to shield Vangie from seeing it and Tonio tells the guard to call the Police. Bo calls John and tells him to get down there ASAP. He tells Tonio he knows that he would love to get into this but he can't. Tonio and Bo talk about it and think that it is a copycat.

Dorian and Paul drinking wine at the Palace. They are talking about Kelly and how worried they are. David comes in and tells them that he is worried about her too. Paul tells David that he knows he does not like him. Of course not Paul you’re taking his money. David mentions that if he was ever married that he can't get the money. Paul excuses himself and tells them that when he gets back maybe they can talk about helping Kelly. David wants to know if Dorian is going to let him get away with taking her money. Dorian is like "that's your plan". He tells her it will work but Dorian tells her only if Paul agrees to it. She asks him about his other plan, David tells her it didn't work out. And they could get the money and knock out this Dudley does right out tonight if she would go along with the plan. Paul comes back and is like "what did I miss?" David brings out a lie detector machine. Now only David would carry that around. Dorian is going to be the guinea pig so that Paul can see. David ask her "Why is she always jealous of Viki Davidson?" She tells him to ask her another question. He asks her "who her favorite husband was?" She says "Why you, David." LYING, he tells her and acts hurt. She then tells him Mel Hayes and of course it shows she is telling the truth. David tells her that he wants the chance to take the top spot over. They then turn to Paul and tell him it is his turn which he turns down. They got Paul strapped in and are asking him questions...they ask him if he has ever been married. He passed the lie detector test. Dorian believes Paul but David isn't too convinced. Dorian tells him that they have to come up with something else. She tells him that all they have to do is find a girl for Paul. David is like a girl worth $30 million dollars, I would like to meet her myself.

Blair is kissing all over Kevin while Walker/Todd looks on. Kevin asks her what is going on. Todd/Walker leaves and Blair stops her kissing on Kevin. Kevin tells her they need to talk about this. He asks her when she is going to tell Todd/Walker that she knows who he really is. Blair tells him when he has suffered enough. Kevin tells her she is playing with fire. Do you honestly think she is going to listen? He called her on getting down and dirties just like Todd. Blair asks Kevin what she wants her to do. Kevin tells her that he doesn't want her to go about things like this. She is like I am only doing what you want. He tells her not like this. He tries to talk to her but she tells him to leave, he doesn't want to help her. He reluctantly leaves. Blair yells to Todd/Walker it is over. Blair calls Todd and doesn't say anything. He thinks it is Kevin and tells him to stay away from her or he is going to die. Dorian, David and Paul come in and Blair tells them she was just leaving. Dorian excuses herself and wants to know how her plan is working. Blair tells her what happened. Dorian tries to convince her that it is wrong. Blair doesn't care she wants Todd to go to hell and pay for what he has done to her.

Todd/Walker comes walking into the Penthouse saying "she knew I was there. She looked me in the eyes." He picks up her picture and puts the letter opener through it. Tells her, "You know what this means." Todd/Walker saying he should have killed Kevin. Wonders why Blair is doing this to him, wonders what she is up too. Todd is freaking out a tad at the Penthouse trying to figure things out. He just figured out that Blair knows he is Todd. Todd is trying to figure out who told Blair and he thinks it is Kevin. Kelly comes looking for Blair and he tells her that she is with Kevin doing the dirty. Kelly tells him no he is because she just left Asa's and Kevin was there. Todd tells her that Blair knows who he is. Kelly doesn't believe that Kevin told Blair who Walker really is. Todd things that Kevin told her to get back at them. To get back at Kelly for the affair that she had. God I wish he would stop and REALLY think about this. Kelly tells him that she is going to find Blair and settle this once and for all. Todd tells her to not do that. He has something else in mind. Blair comes in and sees Todd/Walker wrapping gifts...kind of throws her off. He ask her to help him and he talks about Starr not believing in Santa Claus and thinks she really does just doesn't want to admit it. He asks Blair what is wrong with her. She tells him she thinks she is coming down with something and is going to sleep in the guest bedroom so he won't catch anything. He tells her that she might need to take a very hot bath to sweat it out. She agrees and starts upstairs. He calls out to her and tells her, he thinks it is going to be a wonderful Christmas. Blair tells him she thinks so too. After she goes upstairs, Todd/Walker says "it will be a Christmas you will never forget."

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