OLTL Update Monday 12/15/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/15/03

By Christina
Pictures by Juanita

The family is gathered at Asa’s house, decorating the tree. Viki excuses herself when she sees Joey in the foyer. She asks him if he got a hold of Jen. Joey tells her that she won’t pick up her phone and that she was just drunk she didn’t mean she wanted a divorce. Viki tells him “you know darling when one person wants out of a marriage that much I don‘t see any point in trying to save it.” Kelly comes in and overhears this and tells Viki, “I thought you were on my side.” Viki lets her know that she was not talking about her and Kevin. Kevin comes in and Kelly is so happy to see him. She hugs him and tells him she is so glad that he came home. Kevin looks at his mother and Joey sadly. Viki hugs Kevin and thanks him for coming over, she thanks them all for being there and tells them it wouldn’t be Christmas without them there. Her and Joey go back into the room leaving Kevin and Kelly alone. Viki goes to Joey and ask him if he was able to get a hold of Jen. He tells her that she isn’t answering her phone. Viki tells him he can leave if he wants too but he tells her that it helps to be around family.

Kelly tells Kevin that this is all she wanted for Christmas and tries to get him to go in and decorate the tree. Kevin tells her that he thinks they need to announce their decision. Kelly is upset and thought they were going to go to counseling. Asa comes out and tells them that “it is real good to see them back together.” Kelly tells him they aren’t. Asa berates Kevin telling him he is out of his mind. He is going to ruin everything they have worked so hard for. Asa threatens to cut him off of his money and Kevin tells him he doesn’t care about his money. Asa tells him no, he doesn’t care about his money, his wife, his family. He only cares about that witch Blair. Asa tells Kevin that he isn’t even listening to him. Kevin tells him he doesn’t want to hear it. Viki comes out and tells them that this is the season to be jolly not quarreling. Kevin leaves and Kelly follows him into the library. Asa tells Viki that her or Clint needs to talk some sense into their son. She tells him that the more he pushes Kevin the more he pushes him from Kelly. Asa tells Viki that Blair has already done that and that she is going to ruin his life. Joey hangs up from talking to Clint and he tells Viki that he didn’t tell her this but earlier tonight at St. James that Andrew got the vestry to let him keep his job but he has to take a leave of absence. She tells him that she knows how hard this is on him. Joey tells him he feels like he is just throwing in the towel not just on the church but on Jen too. His phone rings and it’s Marcie telling him about Jen. He leaves and Viki tells him to call her.

Todd/Walker is sitting in by the fireplace when Blair walks in he ask her where has she been. Blair tells Todd/Walker that she totally forgot but she was supposed to go shopping with Kelly at Logan’s. T/W is upset that she just skipped out without telling him. Blair plays up the concern and tells him she hopes he didn’t worry about her. He ask her where all the stuff is at if she went shopping. Blair tells T/W that it is all in the car and hands him the keys goading him. They tell each other that they do not want to fight with each other. Walker/Todd makes the suggestion that they just go up to bed. Blair stops before they can go upstairs and tells him that she thinks she is coming down with something. Todd/Walker tells her she was fine when she got home. It just hit her, Blair tells him. He knows that she doesn’t want to go to bed with him. He goes to find her some aspirin. He instead calls Kelly to ask her if she went shopping with Kelly. She tells him she did not go shopping with Blair. Kevin overhears the conversation. Kevin calls Blair wanting to know if she has told Walker yet that she knows he is really Todd. She plays it so that Todd/Walker can hear her and think that she is meeting Kevin for a night with each other. Blair hangs up and asks T/W where the aspirin is; he tells her he couldn’t find them. She goes to get them and comes back and tells him that she is just going to sit down here and he can go ahead upstairs. He goes to rub her shoulders and puts his hands around her neck and tells her that she is not going to lie to him anymore. She has lied to him three times already tonight and she will never lie to him ever again. Todd numbers off the lies that Blair has told him tonight. She won’t answer him. Blair tells him that yes she was with Kevin that is what he wants to hear. She tells him he is a jerk for not believing her. She gets her things and he tells her she is not leaving. Blair tells him, “You just watch me.” Blair comes running up to Dorian’s and sees Kevin waiting there for her. She lets them in and Kevin wants to know when she is going to tell Walker that she knows who he is. He wants to know what kind of game she is playing. She tells him “One that I am going to win.” She then sees Walker/Todd standing outside the window and plants a kiss on Kevin.

Marcie is visiting Ron in the hospital and tells him that they are going to clear him of being a suspect for the killings. Michael comes in and Marcie thanks him for being so great with Ron. Marcie excuses herself and Ron asks him when he is going to get out of here. Michael is listening to Ron’s heartbeat and hears Al’s voice telling him to get on Ron’s side because that will clench it with Marcie. Michael asks Ron what his chances are of hooking up with his sister. Ron tells Michael that Marcie isn’t ready to see anyone right now. He tells him that she was so in love with Al. Michael tells him that he doesn’t have a lot of time. Ron tells Michael to take it slow, to ask her out for a cup of coffee. Marcie comes in to make sure everything is all right and Ron ask them to leave so he can get some rest. Michael is like “Okay. Let’s go.” Marcie tells him that she is would at least like to say goodbye to her brother. Michael waits for her outside the room and when she comes out he ask her to dinner. Marcie wants to know if he wants to talk about her brother and when he tells her no. She tells him that he can forget it. Michael asks Marcie for an explanation on why she turned him down. She tells him it is because he used to date Madison. As they sit there talking about Madison, the paramedics bring Jen in right in front of them. Marcie goes after her. Michael comes out and tells Marcie that Jen is all right. He tells her about what happened. He tells her too that it means that Ron is off the hook for being the killer, which makes Marcie happy. She asks if she can see Jen now. Michael tells her to go ahead. Bo and John are asking Rex some questions. John tells him that he is going down to the station with him. Marcie comes in to be with her, telling her that he was very worried about her. Joey comes into the hospital asking Bo if Jen is all right. Rex rubs it in that Jen was with him. Joey blames him for putting her in this situation. Joey goes after Rex. Bo pulls him off. Marcie tells Jen that she left messages for Lindsay letting her knows. Joey comes in and Marcie leaves them alone. Joey tells Jen he doesn’t know what he would do if anything happened to her. Jen doesn’t want him to do this. He tells her he doesn’t care whom she was hanging out with, he loves her, and he wants their marriage to work. Please give our marriage another chance. Jen tells him that it is over. She confesses to sleeping with Rex.

Bo, John and Rex are down by the docks looking around. Bo finds a case with the MBK’s stuff in it.

Roxy brings down some decorations for their Christmas tree but Natalie tells her she has to go over Asa’s for a tree-decorating thing they do every year. Roxy wants to know what about her. She makes Natalie feel bad about abandoning her and going to her new family after all the trouble she did to get her a real tree. Natalie makes sure Roxy knows that it was very nice of her but she has to go and she will be back later. She opens the door and finds John there with a bag of eggnog and rum. John tells Natalie that Roxy told him to bring, but before he can get it out Roxy drags him in and tells her she can go now since they have company. Roxy makes an excuse to leave John and Natalie alone. John notices that Natalie didn’t know that he was coming and if she has somewhere to go he tells her to go ahead. Natalie changes her mind and stays home. John puts on the Elvis topper to the tree and Natalie lights the tree up. Roxy is happy that it looks so good. She tells Natalie and John that they have a lot in common and that they should talk about it while she goes to get the beverages. John is helping Natalie put their old decorations on the tree and talking about Rex, Michael and their families. Roxy comes in with their drinks but John gets a phone call from Bo and he tells them he has to leave. Roxy wants to know if that is about the MBK. Natalie goes to leave to go to Asa and Roxy tells her she is not going out there. She decides to stay. Roxy tells Natalie that before someone snatches John she betters make a move. Natalie tells her she is not interested in him and she won’t be for a while so she might as well forget about that.

Jen is being strangled by the MBK; she calls out for help and gets away. She runs for the door but the killer pulls her back inside and slams her up against the wall causing her to pass out. He gets his leotard and puts it around her neck and starts to strangle her. The killer hears someone coming in the apartment and runs out. Rex tries to wake her, she comes too and he calls the police. Rex gets some guy from outside to watch Jen while he goes chasing after the killer. Rex follows the killer down to the docks but loses him when he jumps into the water. John as the guy what he saw and he can’t tell him anything. Rex just asks him to watch the lady while he went out the window. Bo questions Jen. She tells him what happened. She wants to know if it was the MBK. The paramedic tells Bo that they need to head to the hospital. Bo asks her if it was Rex. She tells him that it wasn’t Rex, he would never hurt her.

Bo is helping Matthew put his decoration on the tree and tells him that from now on that is his. Matthew ask Renee if he can call her “Grandma” she tells him if her and Asa get married again he can. Renee, Bo and Renee talk about family and their addition. Flash tells Joey that she is sorry what Jen did to him and she never thought she was good enough for him anyway. Nora is asking Bo if Gabrielle is coming over. Bo tells her that it is tough for her since it is the first Christmas without Al. Nora tells Bo she is glad they came. She catches Asa giving Matthew more cookies and she busts them both. Matthew tells his mom that he is hungry. She tells him she will go make him something healthy. Renee comes up behind Asa and tells him she saw what he did. That he always spoils his grandchildren. Bo gets a phone call and tells Asa that he has to go. Tells Matthew bye. Viki follows him out into the foyer wanting to know if something was wrong. If it is about the serial killer. Bo tells her that when he finds out he will call and let her know. Asa tells Matthew about the room he had fixed up for him. Kevin grabs his coat and Viki ask him where he is going. He tells her he has to do something and leaves. Kelly wants to know if he told Viki where he was going. She tells him no but she knows where. Nora comes downstairs to get onto Asa for buying Matthew all those things and thanks to him he is fast asleep and she doesn’t know how she is going to get him home. Asa tells her to let him stay the night. Viki tells Kelly that Joey went to be with Jen at the hospital. Kelly wonders if Kevin would do that for her. Viki is like “Of course he would. How can you even doubt that?” Kelly tells her “She can’t it. She would go through whatever Jen is going through to help save her marriage.”

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