OLTL Update Friday 12/12/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/12/03

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Jess and Antonio go through some stored Christmas decorations and find Cristian’s stocking. Antonio says the holidays bring up the good things and the bad. He hates that he’s not a cop anymore and can’t help with the Music Box Killer investigation. He makes her promise that she’ll always be careful.

John stops by Rodi’s and Natalie asks if he’s supposed to be looking for the serial killer; John tells her that’s just what he’s doing. He helps her decorate the bar and says he thinks better when he’s doing something else.

Rex tells Jen that she was his wife first and they should still be married, but Jen feels cheap and says she has to be at the church for an Advent event. Rex says what she’s doing with him is much more heavenly. At the church, Viki thanks Kelly for assisting her with the decorations. Marcie comes in and asks after Joe; she knows he’s been going through a lot. She goes to chat with the Rev, and Kelly asks if Viki is worried about Kevin also, since he moved out of Asa’s and wants a divorce.

At Kevin’s room, Todd barges in and catches Blair in Kevin’s arms. He accuses them of being up to no good, and Kevin says Blair’s their because she’s upset since she found out that he’s really…but Blair interrupts and says she and “Walker” have such a happy marriage and she feels badly that Kevin and Kelly are going through such a bad time. Todd tells Kevin he’s a liar and Blair that she’s a tramp; Kevin grabs Todd.

Starr informs Dorian that she wants Walker to adopt her and Jack, even if Dorian doesn’t like him. She threatens to move in with Aunt Viki, but Dorian says she will do no such thing. Starr says Llanfair is much easier to pronounce than La Buffet, and then complains about Dorian’s taste in music.

Viki commiserates with Kelly about her marriage problems, and tells her they’ve been through a lot of pressure. Kelly insists they’ll get through it, and Viki wonders if there are residual problems from the way their relationship started. Kelly says she’ll always feel badly about that, but back then, Kevin dazzled her. The only reason he would be pressing for a divorce is if he slept with Blair in Saranac.

Blair breaks up Kevin and Todd and tells Kevin to give her a few minutes alone with her husband. Todd says Dorian warned him about her and Kevin and their history, and Blair is shocked that he believes Dorian for the first time ever. Todd accuses Blair of trying to make a fool of him, but Blair says it’s the opposite.

Marcie brings John a thank you gift to give to his brother for saving Ron. He tells her that Ron’s still on the watch list, but he doesn’t consider him a real suspect. Roxy tells Natalie to stick close to John to keep safe.

Viki doesn’t think Blair and Kevin had an affair, and that relationships are based on trust. Kelly asks her to try and convince Kevin not to rush into a divorce, but Viki is clearly concerned.

Todd wants to know how he’s making a fool of Blair, and she says he makes her look like an idiot for staying with him every time he blows a fuse. He yells that he walked in on her holding Kevin, but Blair says she wouldn’t cheat on him or lie to him unless he drives her to it. He asks if he’s done that to her. Kevin comes back and asks if everything is okay, and Blair says she’s fine. She tells Kevin she’s sorry about his problems with Kelly, and kisses him on the cheek. The “Laurences” leave together.

Jen thanks Rex for the wedding ring, but she’s gotten her real ring back. She says she has to try and fix her marriage, but Rex tells her he’s sick of being available and that he’s the only one who really knows her. He kicks her out.

John tells Natalie the bar is so close to the police station, that it’s a good place for her to be working right now. Roxy asks Natalie if she has a pink vinyl Christmas tree she could borrow, since hers had a run-in with a hair dryer. John guesses Santa was a real class act for Natalie growing up; they bond over their childhood memories. Jen bellies up to the bar and asks for a drink, not a hard time.

River finishes up his classical recital and Dorian says he plays wonderfully, while Starr bashes her cousin. Dorian offers to find her real piano, but River tells her some dumb piano isn’t going to make him forget Adriana. He’s not going to get over her and he’s not going to stop trying to find her. Blair and Todd come to pick up the kids, and he goes to get the kids; Blair tells Dorian her plan worked like a charm. A rattled Kelly comes in and tells Blair that she knows she slept with her husband, but she’ll be damned if she’s going to take him away from her.

Jen tells John that she doesn’t fit the profile of the killer’s victims, since she’s married. He tells her she shouldn’t drive and offers to walk her to her cab. Roxy wants to know what’d going on with Natalie and John.

Blair says that she didn’t sleep with Kevin, but Kelly is beside herself. Dorian sends Kelly to the kitchen, and tells Blair to make it clear to her cousin that she’s not interested in Kevin, but Blair says the plan has just started up and she’s not risking Kelly going to Todd and telling him that Blair knows the truth. Todd interrupts and tells Blair they’re leaving.

At the church, the crabby vestry lady asks Viki where her daughter-in-law Jennifer is. Joe starts the service and Marcie sings a carol. Jen drunkenly storms into the service and yells at Mrs. Brigham. She tells Joe that she’s no good and he shouldn’t be stuck with her for the rest of his life. She removes her ring and leaves Joe in front of everyone. Joe runs after her but Kevin holds him back.

Jess has an article up for an award in DC but doesn’t want to leave Antonio and Jamie, but he encourages her to go. He’ll miss her, but this is a big deal. He gives her an angel pendant so that she’s always protected.

Jen returns to Rex crying and says she left Joe. She wants to forget about Joe and starts kissing him, but he gets her to lie down on the couch. At the bar, John talks to Colson on his phone and says he has to keep a tail on Jennifer since he blabbed to the press that there was a witness to Karen’s murder. Roxy invites John for a Christmas party.

Kelly tells Dorian that she thinks Viki might be right about trusting Kevin; Dorian just wants her niece to be happy, even if that means fighting for Kevin. Dorian says she wishes she weren’t always so supportive of the girls.

At the penthouse, Blair apologizes to Todd for not calling her when Dorian backed out. He is skeptical but she insists nothing happened between her and Kevin. He just made a big deal out of it. He says he loves her, but she doesn’t respond. Blair says she was thinking about holiday stuff, and Todd laughs and says he’s going to bed. Blair says she’ll be right up, but she leaves and mutters that he can wait until hell freezes over.

Rex tells a semi-alert Jen that he has to go to work; as he leaves, someone watches her from the windows. At St. James, Kevin advises Joe to give his wife some space, and Marcie defends Jen to Mrs. Brigham. Renee asks Viki if there’s anything she can do for Joey, but Viki says there’s nothing. Three of her children are in so much pain, and it’s Christmas; she’s glad Jess is happy.

Jen comes to and asks for Rex; someone starts strangling her with a red scarf.

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