OLTL Update Thursday 12/11/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/11/03

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Bo and Nora discuss Asa’s spoiling of Matthew, and Bo says he’ll talk with his dad. They talk about the Music Box Killer, and Nora notes the pattern means their will be another one by Christmas.

At Rodi’s, Rex cheerily greets Roxy and Natalie. Roxy asks what’s making him so happy, and Natalie guesses he got Jen to go to bed with him.

Jen and Joe have a tense discussion about the latest victim, Madison. Jen snipes that Joe must think she was out partying with her when she got killed. Joe says he just noticed she was out late, and wonders what she was doing. She flashes back to her romp with Rex, and yells that he’s out late all the time with parishioners, and it’s no fun sitting home alone. She leaves.

Kelly (now played by Heather Tom) storms into Kevin’s hotel room and says he hasn’t called or returned any of her calls or Asa’s. He’s surprised Asa knows, but thinks it’s time to go public with their separation. They’ll make a joint statement the next morning. Kelly wants to keep the marriage together, and says all he cares about is Blair. He says it’s much more than that. The phone rings and it’s Blair, and she wants to have dinner in his room, since she doesn’t want to hurt Kelly with any rumors. Kelly leaves and Kevin tells her he just doesn’t want either of them hurt any more than they’ve already been.

Blair wants to be sure Dorian knows what she’s supposed to do. Dorian says she has serious reservations, but Blair wants revenge. Todd calls and offers to join the women for dinner, but Blair says it’s girls night out and hangs up on him. She knows he’ll show up, and he’s in for the surprise of his life. After Blair hangs up, Dorian says she guesses she needs to pay someone a visit. Todd calls Renee and asks to send an expensive bottle of wine to Blair and Dorian when they have dinner, but Renee says they don’t have a reservation.

Natalie can’t believe that Jen would sleep with Rex, and says that she is worried about her brother and that if Jen wanted to be with Rex, she wouldn’t be married to Joe. Roxy says it’s not her place to judge two constricting adults, and tells Rex Jen’s better off with him.

Renee tells Joey that the vestry hasn’t brought his resignation to the vote, but maybe he should make a statement about Jen to the parishioners, but Jen comes back to the table and is indignant that he should have to apologize for her. Andrew calls and asks Joe to give grief counseling to Madison’s parents, and he leaves. Jen calls Rex and says she needs to see him.

River calls around looking for Adriana. Paul walks in and speaks fluent Spanish, so he helps with the call, and he gets a number for her school. River says he’s going to marry Adriana and Paul asks if he’s a little young.

Blair consults Kevin about the divorce. She thinks it’s a bad idea, and that Kelly will fall apart. Kevin says they’ve done everything and the marriage is over.

David enters the bar and buys a drink for Kelly. He needles her about Kevin and Blair. The governor walks in and Kelly asks David to leave, and the governor asks where Kevin is. Renee overhears and says Kevin is upstairs in his suite. Harrison wants to know why Kevin is staying in a hotel.

Dorian drops by the penthouse and wants to talk with Todd about Kevin and Kelly. She asks him not to print any smut about their separation, and Todd wants to know where Blair is. Dorian insists she didn’t spill the beans about his true identity, but Todd flies into a rage, saying something is driving Blair away from him.

Rex and Jen make out in full view of everyone, including Natalie. Nat knows she’s daring her to call Joe, but Roxy tells her not to. Jen jumps on a table and starts dancing, and Natalie kicks her out and tells her to go home to her husband. Jen says she’s leaving with Rex and tells Nat to go ahead and rat her out.

Paul goes to the bar and tells the governor that Kelly and Kevin are having renovations done on their house, and that’s why they’re staying at the Palace.

Todd tells Dorian that he can’t tell Blair the truth about him, and he can’t lose her. He wants to know what she said and what she was wearing when she cancelled dinner plans, and Dorian surmises that he thinks she’s with Kevin. Todd tells her to stop stirring things up for him, and Dorian says the last thing she wants is Blair with Kevin, even though it would be just like Kevin to call Blair up asking for company, and who knows what would happen.

Kevin tells Blair that he worries about Kelly also, and he recalls that it all started out wrong with them with the lies and secrets from Joe. Blair says she’s afraid of what Kelly will do, and Kevin says Walker’s not helping and that he told Kelly that Kevin and Blair slept together at Saranac. Kevin says if he thought he had a chance with her, he’d fight for it. He wishes something would happen between them. Blair says she shouldn’t have come and that she sent the wrong signals, but Kevin says he can’t help the way he feels and neither can she. Blair breaks down and tells Kevin that Walker is Todd, and that she knows he knew the truth.

Joe goes to Rodi’s and Natalie tells him he’s a good person. Roxy steps in and asks if she’s going to tell him about Jen. Natalie can’t bring herself to tell him the truth, and says it’s just that she saw Jen drinking and thought he should know. Meanwhile, Rex and Jen get to his place and they head right to bed. Later, Jen has a guilt attack and says she’s a screw-up, but Rex says she’s just in the wrong situation and it’s not her - she’s amazing. He loves her no matter what.

David tells Dorian that he found a perfect virgin to fight Paul for Aunt Betsy’s millions. Dorian says she’s rethought the plan, and David beefs that Paul is slicker than slick. He vows to find out if Paul is for real or not. Later, David sees that Dorian is upset about Blair and offers a shoulder, saying he’s trying to pretend to be caring.

Kelly thanks Paul for his help and he offers her a ride home. They grow closer.

Kevin tells Blair that he didn’t want to see her get hurt and that’s why he didn’t tell her about Todd. He didn’t want her to hate him for taking away her happiness, either. He also tells her about Todd’s blackmail of Kelly. He says if she wanted to know, she would have known. Blair cries that Todd is the only man she’s ever loved so completely and loved so completely. Kevin says if all she wants is a friend, he’s there for her. He’s a friend for life. He hugs her, and Todd, having bribed a bellhop for a master key, walks in on their embrace.

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