OLTL Update Wednesday 12/10/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/10/03

By Christina
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and John are at the Student Union and Marcie is like I know I had bad feelings toward Madison but I didn't wish this on her. Bo and Daniel talk about the tear drops on the music box and connect the dots that there are six of them for the number of victims so far. John tells Bo that there was a witness that saw Madison arguing with someone. Bo ask him if the witness knew who it was. Marcie tells him she knows and tells John that it was his brother Michael. A police officer brings in a very mad Michael. Bo and John question him about when the last time he saw Madison. He tells them that he once dated her but they were not friends. That she was the reason all that stuff happened to Marcie and because of it Al died. Bo ask him if he was a friend of Al's. He tells them no but he is a friend of Marcie's. Uh oh Marcie comes in a tells them he is no friend of hers. T hey go into Bo's office and Bo makes a phone call to Gabrielle, checking up on her. John talking to Michael wanting to know where he was all night. Michael tells him he did not do this. Marcie is talking to Bo and a cop brings in Ron. He demands to know what is going on. Daniel questions him wanting to know where he was because the cop they put on him he lost Ron. Ron tells him he thought the guy was going to rob him. Daniel tells him he thinks that he lost the cop to murder again. Ron is arguing that he did not kill any of those girls and all of a sudden he clutches at his chest. John ask him if he is alright. Marcie runs to him and he collapses. John calls out to Michael. Michael starts checking out Ron trying to figure out what is wrong. He ask what he was doing right before he collasped. Was he eating anything? John tells him he didn't think so but he came in with this bag, he hands it to Michael. Michael checks it out and see's shrimp and shellfish and realizes that he is alergic to shellfish and gives him a shot. He screams at him to wake up, breathe for him. John thanks Michael for saving Ron and that he did good. Bo tells Daniel that they sure were lucky that Michael was here when Ron had his attack and is glad that he is going to be alright. Daniel tells Bo that he is glad too because he wants him healthy when he charges him with murder. Bo tells him that he doesn't think Ron killed the girls that he only got rid of the tail because he thought he was going to mug him. Of course Daniel doesn't buy it. Michael is signing off on his statment and John ask if he still wants that ride home. Marcie comes up and he ask how Ron is doing. Michael tells her that he needs to get a full checkup. Marcie tells him that she will always be grateful for saving her brothers life.

Ron is at Rodi's looking like he has done something wrong. He eyes this strange man at the door of Rodi's. Man Ron is acting so suspcious. He watches this dude and is relieved when he goes to sit down at a table with others. Jess comes in and says "Hi" and eyes Natalie wondering what is up with Ron. Neither know. Jess tells her that she just finished putting an article for the night in The Banner and it took longer than she expected. She looks around and see's Professor Haver and tells Natalie who he is. Tonio gets a phone call telling him of the recent Music Box killing. He goes into Rodi's and see's Jess sitting with Prof. Haver. He goes to the bar and talks to Natalie, who tells him that today was six weeks since Cris was killed. He ask her how she is doing and she tells him she is doing okay. Tonio then ask who Jess is talking to and Natalie tells him. He goes over and Jess introduces them to each other. Jess ask him if everything is alright. A student comes in and tells Jess about Madison being killed. Tonio goes to get an upset Jessica a glass of water and she tells Professor Haver, she doesn't know how to feel about Madison. He tells her he had her in one of his classes and thought she got expelled. Jessica tell him she did but her family give a lot of money to LU so they reinstated her. Jessica wonders how someone could do this. Professor Haver tells Jess, Natalie and Tonio that he is writing a book on serial killers and sexual prediators and he has been talking to a guy at Statesville prison and he is going to figure out what makes him tick. He proceeds to tell them a case he just worked on with forty nine killings and tells them that the FBI contacts him every once in a while. Professor Haver thinks he has an outline of the MBK and tells Jessica, Tonio and Natalie. Tonio tells Jess that they are going home and going to try and not think about the MBK anymore. John comes in and just wanted to check to see if Natalie had heard and he tells her that she needs to be careful because they don't know when he will strick again. She tells him she is always careful.

Blair goes to see Kevin at the Palace. She tells him that she just found out that Walker was Todd. She says "You already knew. Didn't you?" He tells her he just wanted her to be happy. She tells him she understands and ask him to make love to her. Tells him that she has loved him for so long. He tries to tell her it isn't right. The phone rings and Kevin is like they will call back...LOL it was another one of his dreams. Kelly calls to see if he is alone. Kevin tells Kelly that she needs to quit fighting him and the best thing for them is to get a divorce. She tells him that she will fight him. Walker is paying off a bell boy at the Palace. He goes banging on Kevin's door. He answer and is like "What the hell do you want?" Walker looks around trying to see if Blair is there. Walker yells out for Blair and Kevin tells him that she is not here and she never was. Walker tells him that he will never get his wife. He will do anything to keep Blair. Kevin tells him he won't have to because when she finds out that he is really Todd, that is all it will take.

Todd banging on the door telling her to let him in. He loves her, why is she doing this. Dorian comes down the stairs to see what the noise is and finds Blair at the door holding a gun. Dorian tells Walker that she doesn't know what the message Starr left for him was about but Blair isn't there. He leaves. Dorian tells Blair to calm down and put the gun away that she just saved her from going to jail for killing Walker. Blair points the gun at Dorian and says to her, "You knew. Didn't you?" Dorian tells Blair that was the reason she was trying so hard to get to Saranac, was to tell her about Walker. She even went so far as to stow away on a plane. Blair ask her if it just slipped her mind when they got back. Dorian tells her that Walker had a very good plea and that he convinced her he was a changed man and that everyone is always telling her to fix things with Viki and Viki ask her not to tell. Blair ask her who else knows. Dorian tells her she doesn't think anyone else does. Walker is on the phone again looking for Blair. She walks in behind him. Blair ask Walker if he checked at Kevin's. He tells her he has called and left messages all over Llanview trying to find her. She ask again if he checked at Kevin's. He finally admits that he did. He tells her he knows his jealousy is out of control. Blair reminds him that Todd used to be just like this. He tells her that he is not like Todd. Walker thinks he has convinced Blair that he is not anything like Todd and he is sorry for what happened. Blair tells him she believes him and tells him that she has a few things to do down here but will be upstairs in a minute. He hesitates and Blair is like you are even jealous of this. He tells her no and slowly goes upstairs. Blair is like "You won't know what jealousy is when I get finished with you Todd." Blair calls Kevin while Walker listens and tells Kevin that she would love to have dinner with him tomorrow night. She turns around and Blair is like "Oh I didn't know you were even there." Walker ask her who she was talking to and she tells him Dorian and that they are going to have dinner tomorrow night. She tells him she is going to lock the door and she will be right up. She locks the door and says, "Let the games begin."

Dorian opens the door to find Kelly there. Kelly tells her that she has got to get Blair to work things out with her husband because Kevin has moved into the Palace. Dorian tells her that Blair has more important things on her mind right now. Kelly says "At least she doesn't know about Walker being Todd." Dorian plays it off and looks worried just what Blair is doing. Kelly tells Dorian that they have to keep Walker and Blair together so she can work on her marriage. Dorian tells her that if her marriage is that fragile than maybe she needs to let go. Kelly won't hear of it. Kelly berates Dorian for trying to write off her marriage. Kelly tells her that this is something that they will get through as long as Blair leaves Kevin alone. She tells Dorian that she will not give up.

Gabrielle is sitting at a bar downing drinks. She turns and looks into the eyes of Troy. Man he looks just as demented as ever. Gabrielle questions Troy on how he is out of Statesville Prison because the last time she checked he was switched to maximum security. He tells her that once he started getting better they moved him. He orders a club soda for himself and another drink for her. Troy tells Gabrielle that he didn't escape that because of the medicine they have him on he is getting better and can cope with life. He says he walked in and saw her sitting there and wondering if he did this to her. Gabrielle is like hardly, she tells him that her son died. He tells her he read about it in the paper and that he was sorry. He ask her if her and Bo are still together...she tells him yes but one of these days he will end up with Nora. Troy tells her Nora always gets what she wants. Gabrielle is playing right into Troy's hands. He talks about Nora and her always getting what she wants and it is because of her that he is where he is. Gabrielle says she just doesn't know anymore. Troy ask Gabrielle if she is going to tell Bo about their little meeting and she tells him she doesn't think he will understand. Troy agrees and says it should be their little secret and that it was nice seeing her again. He watches her leave.

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