OLTL Update Tuesday 12/9/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/9/03

By Christina
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Renee shows Kevin his room at The Palace and he thanks her for not asking questions. She tells him she hopes everything works out for him. Asa comes in asking where Kevin is. Kelly tells him that he is staying at the Palace. Asa tells her that he told Kevin that if he ruined his marriage he would take him out of his will. Kelly is watching a movie and Asa comes in and ask her if the movie was good. She tells him that it is Kevin's favorite. He tells her that he is going to call Renee and tell her to kick his butt out of The Palace. Kelly tells him don't do that and that this filly is not out of the race. Kevin is watching the same movie that Kelly was. He then takes some papers out and starts looking at them.

Todd/Walker goes to Rodi's looking for Blair and Kevin. He asks Nora if she has seen either one and she tells him no.

Blair is remembering everything that has happened over the past few months and is realizing that Walker is Todd. Addie comes in and she ask her why does she always call Walker, Todd. Addie tells her because that is who he is. Blair thinking things through and Addie is rambling about Todd loving her and the children....she see's why he came back, to take care of Mitch, to protect Viki and Jessica. She is devastated. Addie says goodnight to Blair and she leaves. Blair looks out the window, very distraught.

D E N I A L (black and white movie)

Blair singing. It's like a Bogart movie. Nora tells Blair that if she signs the papers that Walker will be the children's father and that she will be saying that Todd is dead. She tells Nora she is sure.

Kelly and Kevin sign the papers to be the chidren's parents if anything
happens to Blair or Walker. Kevin tries to talk to Blair, telling her she is making a huge mistake.

Walker comes into the room and tells her she is a heart breaker. Blair is like your not Walker Laurence your Todd Manning. He is like that's right, I'm back. I love you. Always have, always will. He tells her he came back as Walker and she loves him and that they are a family now and she can't toss that out.

What's it gonna be Blair? How does the story end? Blair comes back to the color world...

Blair says aloud..."Can I forgive you Todd?"

back to D E N I A L....Walker tells her that he came back from the dead to be with her and he ask her to forgive him. She says god forgive her but she does forgive him. Bo and Nora at Rodi's talking about Todd and what he did. Nora suggest they arrest him. Blair is like "No. You can't do that." Blair tells Nora that she was about to marry Troy McIver and they never held that against her and look at Natalie - at what she did when she first came to town. Bo says they he will just re-open the Mitch case but Nora points out that all their evidence is gone. Todd is like I am a free man. Nora tells her to watch her back. Blair tells her that he is a changed man.

They are now having a party welcoming him home. Dorian tells her that he never liked him. Todd tells her the feelings are mutual. Dorian says that Blair was misreable when he was gone. Oh my Todd and Kevin are shaking hands. Awwwww the kids hug and tell Todd that he loves them. Dorian tells them that they need some time alone to get to know each other all over again.

Their at Rodi's and Blair is watching Todd eat. Now she is singing a song to him. A cute dude is eyeing Blair and Todd comes up and says something to him making him leave.

Todd makes a phone call and tells the other person to plant the photos, he wants him destroyed. He goes to the other room and Blair opens her eyes and begins to wonder.

Back to the real world. Blair looking out the door and the phone
rings....Walker "Where are you Blair? I need to know what is going on." Blair is like "So do I."

Blair looking at photos comparing the two Todd's. A new face but what about the rest of you. How do I know if you've changed?

back to the movie.....

Asa calls Blairs and demands her to get over to his house. She is like WHY?? Because of your husband. Todd did a smear story on Kevin and is ruining his career. Blair is like I never signed off on this. Todd comes in and tells her that it is his paper and she was making it into something soft. Blair is like you will never change, she runs out, goes looking for the kids. Dorian wants to know what is wrong. She tells her that Walker is really Todd. Addie comes running down the stairs screaming that the kids are not in their rooms. Todd comes into the house telling her that she will never see the children again. Blair is screaming she is such an idiot. How could she let him do this to her again?

Back to color -

Starr comes down and see's her mother crying. She ask her was it dad. Blair tells her yes and then is like "You know?"

Starr ask her "What do you think I know?" Blair says you just said, What did dad do? Starr saves herself and tells her that everytime she is like this it is because of Dad. She loves her dad but she likes Walker. Starr is like why are you here, why aren't you with Walker. Blair tells her that everything is going to be okay. Starr calls Walker and tells him he better not have blown this, mom is in pieces right now. Blair says that Starr is right, Todd will never make her cry again.

Back to Denial....

Bo tells Blair that she should have let him lock Todd up when he had the chance. They are looking for Todd and the children. Blair tells Bo to find Todd before she does. She is going to find Todd Manning and she is going to make him pay for what he did to her. Lindsay tells her that she knows how she feels. Blair tells Linz that if she could get away with it she would murder Todd. Linz tells her she did.

Blair goes to Kevin and ask him to kill Todd for her.

Back to the real world...Blair is thinking. Walker comes into the Penthouse and he listens to the message that Starr left and he rushes out.


Kevin tells Blair that he can't kill Todd. Blair tells him she will say it was self defense. He tells her that he cannot kill Todd, he is no killer. Blair tells him that she should not have come here. Kevin tells her not to do anything crazy. She thinks. Tells him that he isn't useless, he just gave her what she needs.

Bo tells Blair that he got a list of calls Todd made. Blair tells him that he will run. Nora says that is the last thing you will see of Todd Manning. Natalie tells Blair that she has a package, Linz ask her if that is from her friend she got her in contact with. Blair makes a phone call to Todd and tells him that she wants a second chance. Tells him that they owe to their children to try and work things out. Tells him that if he wants her she will be at the Bayberry Inn tonight. She fondles the gun.

At the Bayberry Inn - Todd comes in and Blair stops him from turning on the lights. She tells him to take his clothes off and come join her. She then turns the lights on and is holding a gun on him. He tells her to put the gun down, what about the children. Blair tells him that Starr will forgive him and she will find a better father for Jack. Todd is like you are not going to get away with this. She tells him wanna bet, you taught me everything. She cocks the gun and unloads on him.

Back to color..Blair holding her ears as she hears gun shots.

Blair goes to the safe and takes out a gun.

R E V E N G E ......

Blair is sitting in the room and Dorian walks in and is like "Blair what have you done?" Todd is never going to hurt me again. Dorian is like that is a safe bet. Dorian checks on Todd and tells her he is dead. Dorian wants to pin the murder on Kevin. Blair tells her she is a Cramer women and her mind is her ticket out of it. Dorian tells her that its a shame because she could have made him pay for the rest of his life.

Back to color...Blair roles the chamber around and Walker is banging on the door. "Blair open the door. I know your in there." She goes to answer the door.


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