OLTL Update Friday 12/5/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/5/03

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Jess and Kevin look for Viki at Llanfair. Meanwhile, at the crypt, Viki meets with Todd. Kevin notices a cup of warm coffee, and they wonder if she went to the police station with Jen and Joey. Jess feels terrible for her brother, and thinks his marriage is a mess. Kevin knows the feeling.

Kelly visits Dorian and shows her the headline of the Philadelphia paper – Kevin and Blair hugging. At the penthouse, Starr tells Blair she has an idea for the $30 million. She’ll hire a girl for Paul to fall in love with, and he’ll be forced to sign over the inheritance so he can get married, and Starr will give him an allowance. Blair laughs and says they don’t need anything, but Starr wishes Walker would adopt them so he can be their real father.

Todd opens Victor’s casket and says he’s burying Todd Manning today, along with the Lord ring. Viki says he can’t do that.

At the police station, Bo has Jen and Rex sign their witness statements. Joe and Lindsay are there also, and Lindsay yells at Rex for getting her daughter involved in this mess. Jen apologizes to Joe, but he wants to know why she was with Karen in the first place. She can’t explain it, and says she’s the liar that his family warned him about. Coulson bumps into Lindsay and Nora overhears them making arrangements for a date.

Dorian says the hug is just a good-luck thing, but Kelly is still furious over the secret of her affair being spilled. Dorian insists that Blair will be loyal to her cousin.

Starr says she thinks Todd is gone and won’t be coming back. Blair is surprised that she would give up on her Daddy so soon, but if she wants Walker to adopt her, she’ll talk to him about it.

Viki doesn’t want to bury her brother; she doesn’t want to make his lie permanent. Todd says Blair is stuck on Walker, and she won’t be with Todd. He’s surprised to hear about Victor’s apology letter, but Viki says it’s proof that everyone can change. She thinks he should tell Blair the truth soon, that Blair will figure out the truth soon enough. Viki says she loves him, and that if he confesses, he’s being the Walker that she loves. By lying, he’s continuing to be the Todd she hates. He throws the ring in the casket and they leave.

Jess tells Kevin she has a lead on a story at the University. He looks at a photo of Blair and the kids as Viki and Todd return. Kevin and Todd make gestures at each other but Viki breaks it up. Kevin doesn’t understand why Viki gives Todd such a wide berth, but Viki tells him to butt out.

Nora can’t believe her ears listening to Lindsay and Coulson. Lindsay offers to take Jen and Joe to lunch, but Jen wants to talk to Lindsay alone. Joe leaves to check on Viki, and Rex invites Vangie to lunch also. John berates Coulson for advertising the fact that there was a witness to the murder, and then asks Marcie not to mention to anyone that Jen was a witness. Marcie thanks him for getting Ron released, and leaves for class. John discusses the murders with Bo and Nora – he thinks they should get some undercovers at LU to track the killer. Nora tells Bo that Coulson and Lindsay are dating, and Bo jokes that she seems jealous.

Lindsay expresses her regrets to RJ over Jamie’s death. Vangie and Rex enter Capricorn and Rex signals for Jen to come over, and he admits he followed her there. He gives her a hotel key and says he’ll be there, waiting for her.

Viki tells Kevin he is a gentleman for not telling Blair, and that she’s trying to convince him to tell her ASAP. Dorian comes over and the women share a pleasant hello, and Dorian gives Kevin a cold greeting. Viki tells Dorian that the way she set her arm was praised by the doctors, and Dorian thanks her for helping her through her claustrophobia. Viki asks her to stay for coffee, but Dorian says she’s going to leave. On her way out she runs into a floral delivery person who has roses from the governor.

Kelly goes to Todd and asks what he’s planning on doing about Kevin and Blair. She shows him the newspaper and says she knows Todd would make somebody pay. He seems rattled but doesn’t think Blair is cheating on him. Kelly says some women get turned on by seeing two men at once, and Todd orders her to leave. He goes into the penthouse and sees Blair in a hot dress, and she says they need some alone time. She can tell something’s wrong.

Dorian listens to the card, and the delivery person has a card for Dorian from the governor, but no flowers. Viki says she only got flowers because Kevin works for him, but Dorian is peeved. Joe comes to Llanfair and talks to Kevin about Jen. He’s getting signals that he should resign. Kevin tells him to spin the story to the vestry, but Joe is most concerned about his marriage.

Rex tells Jen she doesn’t have to pretend with him, and that he loves her. He hopes she’ll go to the hotel.

Jess talks to a student about Professor Burns hitting on her, but the girl refuses to press charges. Marcie tells Jess that she’s going to have a radio talk show, and maybe Jess could be a guest. Marcie is annoyed to see Michael (Al) approach.

Nora thinks Coulson is trying to work Lindsay for information about Jen, but Bo thinks he’s just after sex. McBain has a list of all current students taking dance classes at LU, which makes them all potential victims. Nora gives Bo a shocked look.

Michael gets paged to call the hospital. Madison sees Marcie and calls her Miss Piggy, and says her parents got her reinstated at school. Madison tells Marcie she used to sleep with Michael.

Kevin tells Joe that not all marriages work out the way you expect, and that things have never been worse between him and Kelly. Kelly barges in and wonders if he should be talking about this with his wife.

Blair seduces Todd but he grabs her and shows her the newspaper. He accuses her of sleeping with Kevin in Saranac.

Dorian tears the governor’s card and calls someone to set up a meeting.

Nora tells Bo that Jessica and Jen are on the dance class list. Jen will be next, says John. Someone watches Jen from the shadows at school.

Kelly yells at Kevin, and Kevin says they should talk about a divorce. Meanwhile, Todd yells at Blair that she slept with Kevin.

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