OLTL Update Thursday 12/4/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/4/03

By Kate
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McBain and Antonio talk about Karen’s murder and Rex’s shady background. Meanwhile, Rex tells Jen he’s glad he was able to find a similar wedding band so he could get her out of trouble with the FBI. He tells her he would do anything to her. She wonders why he didn’t take the chance to break up her marriage with Joe, who is at the church waiting for Jen. She’s supposed to be helping him set up for a vigil for Viki and Dorian but she’s late, and Jess wonders if he thinks she’s with Rex. McBain knows that Rex won’t give up information without incentive.

Blair and Kelly argue about Blair being stuck with Kevin. Blair insists that nothing happened, but Kelly is not convinced. David sides with Kelly, but Blair wonders why Kelly’s so suspicious of Kevin, since she’s the one who had the affair. Kelly can’t believe that Kevin would tell her that, and says they survived the affair but can’t survive the fact that one of them fell in love with someone else. Blair says she’s not after Kevin and accuses Kelly of playing the victim. She storms off and David returns, having overheard the

Bo and Nora prepare to tell Asa that Matthew is Bo’s son. Asa enters and says he knows what Bo wants to tell him; he and Nora are going to get married. Bo says that’s not the case, and Asa doesn’t understand. Bo tells him that Matthew is his grandson.

Kevin and Todd get to the cave right after the avalanche. Viki is passed out. She comes to and she and Dorian emerge from the cave. They can’t hear because of the blast, but are thrilled to be freed from the cave.

One of Joe’s parishioners bashes Jen, saying she doesn’t seem very reliable. Jess defends her, and Joe storms out. Antonio arrives and asks if there’s been any word from Kevin, but she says no. She thought they would have heard something by now. Kevin and Todd hear Viki and Dorian exulting outside and are happy to see the women. They can’t believe they blasted their way out of the cave, which suddenly collapses.

Bo tells Asa about Sam’s letter, and defends Sam for not telling him the truth right away. Asa doesn’t know why Bo waited so long to tell him, but wants to take a closer look at the newest Buchanan. He bonds with Matthew and tells him he’s his grandpa. He gives him a pony and reads him westerns.

Joe goes to Ultraviolet and tells Rex to stay away from Jen. McBain finds Jen on campus and insists on speaking with her further about Rex. He wants to know what she’s hiding, and asks if she takes dance classes. She says she takes jazz at the university, and he wonders if she has a leotard. She wonders if he thinks she runs around strangling people with red leotards, which is something only someone at the crime scene would know. He presses her to tell the truth. Rex tells Joe that he’s never there for her, slips that Jen was involved with Karen. Jen tells McBain she took a dance class with Karen at LU. She admits she was there when she was killed, but was passed out drunk. She begs him not to tell Joe, and he wants to know who helped her wipe the prints down. She admits Rex was there. Roxy comes to campus to meet Natalie and sees John leave for the station with Jen. She blabs all to Nat.

Kelly wants to know what David wants to keep his mouth shut about the affair. He says he has a new respect for her. She can’t believe he thinks adultery is admirable. He says he’s there because he’s concerned about Dorian.

Kevin manages to get through to a rescue team and they will get a plane to get them home. The women decide they’re not afraid to fly. Todd wants to know if Dorian will keep his secret from Blair, but she’s not ready to talk about that.

Blair returns to Dorian to see David, who is fretting over her disappearance. She chastises him, but he is really worried.

Jen gets to the church and Joe wants to know where she was. He asks what she knows about Karen’s murder, and tells her not to lie to him. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and storms out. Jess and Antonio overhear, but Antonio can’t tell her what’s going on.

McBain interrogates Rex, who says he won’t fall for his bluff. John says it’s no bluff, and Jen fessed up to everything. McBain says if he and Jen cooperate, then maybe they’ll be off the hook. Roxy wants to know if Natalie’s going to tell Joe about what she knows, but Natalie hates to burden her brother further. At the vigil, Evelyn, the mean parishioner, attacks Jen. Viki enters and jumps to her daughter-in-laws defense. Dorian comes home to a big embrace from David, and soon Kelly and Blair come home and welcome their aunt home. Blair runs to Todd and Kelly wants to know if Dorian’s going to tell Blair that Walker is Todd. Dorian says she doesn’t know yet. Viki has a happy homecoming with her family. Kelly gets to the church and attacks Kevin for telling Blair about her affair. Blair tells Dorian that Aunt Betsy is giving her 30 million to Paul, and after she and Todd leave, Dorian flips out.

John tells Rex that if the killer finds out that Jen was a witness to Karen’s murder, she’s moving to the top of his hit list. At the church, Joe presses Jen to tell him the truth, no matter what it is. The killer hears on the radio that there was an eyewitness to the murder, and opens another music box.

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