OLTL Update Wednesday 11/26/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/26/03

By Rose     
Pictures by Juanita

John McBane and the D.A. are grilling Ron; in regards to his not having a valid alibi. He will not talk, and Marcy is distraught, begging him to tell them no matter what it is. It is quite obvious that he is hiding the truth as to how he really got the bruises, and after pressuring him, he relents to talk if only Marcy will leave the room. She refuses, telling him she will stick by him no matter what, and Ron launches into the story about how he had been jumped at the Palace Hotel defending hers and Al’s honor. As it turns out some boys were ripping on Al and Marcy for promoting peace, and saying that they should have both died….something Ron would not stand for at all. With no one able to back up his story, they are unable to release him. Natalie goes down to the station and tells McBane that she believes that Jen was with Karen the night of her murder.

Todd leaves the ladies in the cave to try and start his car up, when he is gone Dorian and Vicki have an unexpected wakeup call. Evidently, an escaped convict has been camping out in the same cave, and is threatening Dorian when Todd returns and comes to the rescue. Hostilities rise in the cave as the three amigos try to figure out what to do with their newest member, Todd and Vicki wanting to tie him up and keep him with them, Dorian wanting to kick him out into the wilderness for wolf-chow. After a small mishap the convict gets his gun back and orders Todd to drive him to civilization. Once the two men leave, Vicki and Dorian hear a gun shot, where one is thrilled and the other is horrified over the event, the suspense is lifted when Todd returns and tells them their guest escaped….in the car. He sets out of foot to find help, and after more arguing over their plight, Vicki and Dorian are trapped in an avalanche. Blaire is glad to inform Kevin that his fever is going down, and they discuss the night’s events. Blaire shares with Kevin that he told her everything about his and Kelly’s problems and how sorry she is. Although they are trying to fight their feelings for one another it is very hard. After awhile Kevin’s fever returns and Blaire bundles him under blankets trying to keep him warm. No sooner does she pounce on him for added body heat, does Todd bust in, finding his wife and Buchanan in a compromising situation.

Asa is growing antsy for the return of Kevin, although he has his family surrounding him for Thanksgiving. Joey asks Jen once again where she had been, and she feeds him the fake story of planning his surprise birthday party, which he swallows up. He apologizes to her once again for not believing her. As is pleased to learn that Riley has left Midnight Logic for college, and in a half-joking manor offers the young man a proposal to get Flash to give up the music for an education as well. Riley shares this with Flash who is not as angry as she once would have been, and she gives it some thought. She is not so happy to be separated from her “man” after all. The family talks amidst one another about missing relatives and passed on loved ones, and it is obvious how hard Asa is taking the disappearance of Kevin. Bo decides it is time to tell Asa that Matthew is another grandson, and calls Nora to tell her.

Lindsey had gone to Rex’s apartment to show him some slides of more artwork, and is extremely upset when she had caught Jen with her ex-husband. Jen tells her mother that she lost her wedding ring, and went to Rex to see if he had found it at the club. After Jen leaves to go be with her husband, Lindsey and Rex have a heart-to-heart and Lindsey tells Rex if he loves Jen to leave her alone. Hurt, and a bit angry, Rex tells Lindsey that he would go to prison or even hell for her daughter. Once he is alone, his true colors come out and he kicks in to gear to find Jen and cover their tracks.

Andrew and River continue to butt heads over Puerto Rico and Adriana. Andrew is convinced and trying to convince River he is too young to be in love or know what love is. Al sits in a near-by booth and tries to write Marcy a letter explaining the truth that he is really in Michael McBane’s body. He thinks this can work until a higher power thwarts that plan, causing him to spill a drink on the letter, causing the ink to run. He sees Marcy buying Ron dinner and tries to strike up conversation. She tells him that if he wants to help her, “Convince your brother that my brother is innocent”. Andrew makes a deal with his son, help serve holiday dinner at the center and they would discuss the Adriana issue some more. Moved, River agrees seeing his father is actually giving this some thought and taking him seriously.

John McBane follows up on Natalie’s tip and calls Jen, asking her to come down to the station for some questioning. McBane asks Jen a series of “innocent” questions and is bale to get the name of her perfume out of her. Not a coincidence that it’s the same that Nora smelled in the room, John knows he is on the right track. He sees the fear in her eyes as he takes out her missing wedding bag and bombards her with many other questions regarding Karen that Jen tries to avoid, until she actually tries to flee from the room. He tells her he will not let up, and she demands a lawyer, and tells him she’s is going home. As they both go into the main room, with McBane still poking at her, Rex arrives with a bogus wedding band and another bogus story to feed the agent. McBane does not buy it at all, and issues them a warning to think long and hard about where they had been the night of Karen’s death.

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