OLTL Update Tuesday 11/25/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/25/03

By Rose
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie trashes Jen to Marcy, Jenís only friend, angry to see Jen hanging out in Ultra Violet once again with Rex. Marcy tries to play devilís advocate, and point out that maybe Nat is taking out her own anger loneliness on other people. Joey goes in and is furious to see his wife conversing with her ex-husband, and makes sure she is aware of his feelings. He asks her what she is doing at the club, and Jen lies saying Marcy needed her. Marcy does not back up the story even when Jen tries to give her the eye when Joey asks her for her version of the evening. Joe returns to Jen and asks her out right is she is having an affair with Rex, which she hotly deniesÖ.but his suspicions are raised even more when he realizes she is not wearing her wedding ring. Jen asks Marcy why she did not back her up, but Marcy asks in return what Jen is up to. Mrs. Buchanan lies, not so well to her, claiming she is planning a surprise birthday party for Joe.

John McBain berates himself, desperately trying to get in to the mind of the murderer as he tries to reenact the latest senseless death. The body count is now up to five, and there seems to be no stopping the evil person doing them. John tries to retrace the final moments of Karenís life, with the help of the medical examiners and when he ventures back into the bathroom, he finds Jenís wedding band. After the Fedís got all they can from the tampered murder scene, John bumps in to Marcy who begs him to find another suspect. He tries to put her mind at ease, and tells her they are working on some fresh leads they now have. McBain then goes to Ultra Violet and interrupts Jen and Rexís conversation where Rex is telling Jen heíll get the ring back. McBain questions Rex on his relationship with Karen, and is not too impressed with the young man. Sharing a beer with Antonio, he pulls out the ring, which had been discovered, and shows it to him. Jessica snatches it, and studies it, as it sure looks familiar to her.

Kevin returns to the abandoned cabin that he and Blaire are sharing with an injured leg. He explains that he was trying to jimmy open a door and cut his leg on some rusty metal. In a bout of pain, he asks Blaire if she had the chance to call Todd and tell him where she was. He then apologizes and Blaire chalks it up to the pain and injury. But then as he burns up with fever he rambles on and on about secrets, mistrust and not wanting her hurt. Blaire tries to snap him out of it, only to have him profess his love to her in his delusions. Blaire then dreams of Walker leaving her. Meanwhile, somewhere else in the blizzard, Dorian has a change of heart or conscious and lugs Walker/Todd back to the cave where she and Vicki are residing. While alone, Vicki finds a gun stashed between some rocks. When the trio is unhappily together, Dorian tries to make Vicki admit to whom is sitting beside them, and Todd finally cracks, wanting to spare Vicki and angst. He tells Dorian that it is indeed him, Todd but he has changed. He also tells her he swore Vicki to secrecy. He asks Dorian not to tell Blaire, to give him the opportunity of doing it the proper way. Vicki then shows Dorian the gun she uncovered, and they realize they may not be alone. From afar someone is indeed watching the ladies.

Carlotta plans to go down to Puerto Rico after hearing that Adriana had run a way. When in Angel Square, she comes across River who tells her he is on his way to visit with his mother being that Dorian is M.I.A. Carlotta decided to check up on this and calls Reverend Carpenter who had been comforting Natalie, and Andrew is alerted to his sons attempt to flee. He catches up with River in the Square, and gets the truth out of his son. River tells Andrew the truth and lays his feelings on the line, and begs his father to let him go.

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