OLTL Update Monday 11/24/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/24/03

By Rose
Pictures by Juanita

Rex responds to Jens phone call and gets to the hotel room where he discovers Karen’s dead body. He is sickened and saddened by this turn of events, and for once he tries to do the right thing, urging Jen to call the police. She refuses, panicking because she does not want her husband to know where she has been or with whom she had been hanging out. Rex agrees to come to her aid, and cleans up the room, wiping all fingerprints off the furniture, cleaning the bathroom up and wiping off the music box of any helpful or incriminating fingerprints. He also tries to convince Jen that he and her are made for one another, using this tragedy as common bond, but she is not buying it. Later a maid comes in to do her daily cleaning, and comes across the murdered young woman.

Bo and John McBain find out that Marcy’s brother Ron had lived in the same town as victim number one and even went to school with her. They decide to bring him in for questioning, both equal parts interrogation as well as to see if he could clue them in on anything. Ron has some scrapes and bruises on him, and the only excuse he’ll give for them is that he had car problems. Marcy is very nervous that they brought her brother in, afraid that Ron is in trouble, but in her heart knows he did not do anything. At Ultra Violet, Rex hosts another ‘Search and Destroy’ night, and Al tries to talk Flash up, to gain Marcy’s attention and affection. Flash does not give him the time of day, but Marcy finally admits that he can sometimes be quite loveable. When the cops respond to the call from the hotel in regards to Karen’s cold body, John is saddened to announce they will not be able to learn any new information due to tampering with the crime scene. Nora points out to Bo that she saw the bottle of Karen’s perfume on the bathroom vanity, but that she smelled another scent in the air as well.

River goes to Rodi’s to say good bye to Roxy, telling her he found Adriana’s where-abouts. He had found her in Puerto Rico and is not going to let anyone stop him, he announces as he continues to spill his heart’s contents out to the blond bombshell. This melt’s Roxy’s heart and she slips him so sendoff money to help him find his love as she does so she lets the bomb drop about Dorian missing with Vicki. Paul Kramer meets up and reminisces with Babe Chandler about their past lives. It comes out that they shared an extremely short marriage, and he promises to cover for her if and when any questions about her arise.

Dorian and Vicki are spending quality time and against their will bonding and freezing, hoping to be rescued. They frequently switch roles as to who will be the hysterical one and who the rational one, but both are very frightened. Dorian has to set Vicki’s broken arm, and after gives her a bottle of scotch to keep warm an out of pain, as well as to ply her with liquor in hopes she will spill the truth. Even under Dorian’s pressure to come clean, Vicki remains in control and will not admit to Todd really being Walker, the closest thing she’ll do is be devil’s advocate and say he has to come clean himself on his own. After their umpteenth argument over Todd, Dorian decides to walk to civilization, her mission to warn Blaire giving her the stamina she needs to brave the elements. On her trek she comes across Todd’s overturned car, and spots his unconscious form, but leaves him to freeze. She hears a noise and is overjoyed when she sees a helicopter hovering overhead, she tries to flags it down and much to her chagrin, it leaves her. Moments later Vicki is spotted by and spots the same helicopter and tries to flag it down again, hoping her rescue is at hand.

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