OLTL Update Friday 11/21/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/21/03

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

At Rodi’s, John, Antonio and Vangie play pool and talk about the Music Box Killer. RJ enters and orders a drink from Natalie, and eyes Evangeline. Joey and Kelly talk about the storm and Jess runs in with news about Viki.

Jen and Karen loudly return from the strip club, unaware that the killer has followed them.

Kevin and Blair happen upon an empty house, having gotten their car stuck in the snow. Kevin worries about Viki being out in the storm. At the crash site, Viki assists Dorian from the wreckage. They bicker as they move away to safety, but Dorian collapses.

Evangeline sits with RJ and he says she should return to her fun with Vega and company. He tells her he’s thinking of selling Capricorn and his shares of Ultraviolet, and severing ties with that side of his life. She asks if that includes her.

Jess tells Joey and Kelly about the plane falling from the radar. She doesn’t know if Natalie can handle the news, so they decide to hold off on telling her, but Roxy runs in yelling that Viki’s plane went down and they don’t know if she’s okay.

Dorian comes to and Viki tells her the pilots didn’t make it through the crash. She tries to call Kevin and gets through, and tells him that she’s okay and with Dorian. She doesn’t know where they are. Kevin says they’ll come get them but the battery dies. The women recall the other times they’ve been trapped together and figure the first thing they have to do is get out of the weather. They find a cave and Dorian balks but thinks better of it when as the storm worsens.

Todd tells the governor to keep him posted. He tells him that Kevin heard from Viki and she’s okay and that Kevin and Blair are in some cabin. Blair tries to call Walker but Kevin thinks it’s weird that Walker didn’t call her. Blair says he probably didn’t see any reason to be worried or jealous, and Kevin says that’s good, because they’ll be spending the night together.

Dorian and Viki continue to argue about their plans for survival. Dorian brings up the time Viki’s alter, Jean Randolph, locked her up and tried to kill her, but Viki says she’s not the enemy now. She decides to go forage the plane for supplies, but Dorian won’t go.

At Rodi’s, Natalie is upset about no one telling her about Viki. John offers to call around for information. Rex comes in and hears the news. He comforts Natalie, and Kelly comments that it seems weird to see Natalie with her “other” family. Kelly offers to help Joe look for Jen, but he figures she’s not with Rex, so she’s just hanging out with friends.

Karen and Jen continue to drink and laugh about their night. Outside the apartment, the killer breaks in.

Viki and Dorian grab some things from the plane and hurry back to the cave. Viki threatens to let Jean out if Dorian doesn’t stop pushing her.

Todd drives through the storm looking for Blair. Meanwhile, Blair can’t get a signal to her phone. She and Kevin talk about Kelly and his marriage, but Kevin says they tried and as long as they stayed busy, things were fine, but it fell apart. Kevin reminds her of the day she challenged him to leave Kelly, and she says she was testing him. He wonders if he had said he would leave Kelly, would Blair be with him now?

In the cave, Viki and Dorian make a fire and eat some of the food from the plane. Dorian says they’re going to die together, if they don’t kill each other first.

John says that the plane went down, but that Viki was able to get through to Kevin. He tells Kelly that Dorian is with Viki and that Kevin and Blair went searching and are stranded themselves. Natalie thanks John for his help.

In the bathroom at Karen’s, Jen starts to feel sick. Outside in the bedroom, the killer prepares.

Kevin accuses Blair of getting involved with Walker because she wanted to stay away from him. Blair says that may have been true in the beginning, but now she loves Walker and wants to spend the rest of her life with. Kevin says he had his chance and blew it, but Blair says it was just one of those wrong place, wrong time kind of things.

Vangie shows RJ some information about a new restaurant idea for him. She will get him a lawyer; she wants to keep things personal between them.

John tells Antonio that all of the victims have been at least part-time college students, and their IDs are missing among their effects. The killer is keeping them as souvenirs. At Karen’s, Jen passes out in the bathtub and comes to later. She opens the door and sees Karen sprawled on the floor, strangled. She calls Joey but hangs up, and calls Rex. Natalie buys John a beer and he tells her to be careful when she leaves at night.

Dorian breaks down over being stranded. Viki reassures her that they’re going to get out as soon as the snow stops, but in the meantime they have to be strong. Blair dozes on the sofa and Kevin tells her that he loves her more than Todd will ever love her. She wakes up and tells him to get some sleep. Meanwhile, Todd drives off the road.

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