OLTL Update Thursday 11/20/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/20/03

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Jen gets to Rex’s and checks her makeup before knocking on the door. She tells him that she just wants to have fun, but he says it’s not a good time – she wonders if he has company. She surmises that Karen is inside and says he’ll sleep with anyone with a fat wallet, and angrily leaves. Rex goes back inside to Lindsay.

John McBain tries to figure out how to stop the Music Box Killer. Meanwhile, Karen gets a message on her cell phone, and the Music Box Killer prepares to commit another murder.

At Saranac, Blair goes over Kevin’s speech with him. She says the snow is coming down so hard she couldn’t leave if she wanted to, and she wishes Kelly could be there. The governor enters and watches Kevin and Blair’s closeness. Todd gets in his car and reassures himself that he’ll make it to Blair before Dorian. On the plane, Viki asks the captain if they’ll make it to Saranac on time, and he thinks they will. They talk about Dorian, who, unbeknownst to them, is stowed away with the baggage. Dorian tries not to be claustrophobic and says she has to warn Blair about Todd.

The governor warns Kevin that what goes on between him and Blair seems inappropriate, and that it doesn’t matter what he says, the paparazzi sees her as some blonde who’s not his wife. Kevin says his personal life is none of his business.

At Rodi’s, Jen tells Natalie to stay out of her life. Natalie tells Jen she’s a slut and marrying a minister won’t change that. Jen is surprised to see Karen there, and sits down with her. Karen says it’s her night off, but she’s planning on heading to an exotic dance club afterwards. She tells Jen it’s a real turn-on to toy with the men, and says she should come with her. Joe interrupts and wonders what his wife is still doing there.

Rex and Lindsay go over some art for the club. He thanks her for her help and tells her she’s classy. She says he’s easy to spend time with, and they talk about Jen. Meanwhile, Joe and Jen get into a fight. She was supposed to be cohosting an event at the church, which she forgot about. Thankfully, Kelly showed up to fill in. She says he should have married Kelly, and Joe says if she wanted to hang out in bars she should have stayed with Rex. Jen storms out, saying she doesn’t know when she’ll be home. Natalie watches with pleasure. Kelly tells Joe that it looked bad for the minister’s wife not to be at the fundraiser, and there’s something else.

Todd daydreams that Dorian reaches Blair before he can and tells her the truth. On the plane, Dorian freaks out as they hit more turbulence. The captain tells Viki he’s going to take them above the storm and they should be fine.

Kevin gives his speech to great acclaim. He apologizes for snapping at the governor, and then Blair comes in and hugs Kevin. She says she wishes Kelly could be there, and the governor says they all do.

The plane can’t go above the storm because of icing on the wings, the captain says over the loudspeaker. Suddenly he yells to the copilot to pull up, and the plane starts to go down.

Lindsay tells Rex not to carry a torch for Jen, she’s in love with someone else. She would know after Troy. Rex knows that Jen isn’t meant to be with Joe, but Lindsay says while she knows her daughter has a wild side, but at least with Joe she can have a life that’s calm and peaceful.

Kelly says that people at the church have seen Jen “acting out” at Ultraviolet a lot, and behaving inappropriately. Joe says it’s his fault that he works too much. On the TV at the bar, the news shows excerpts of Kevin’s speech. At Saranac, Blair tells Kevin he’s the new star on the political scene. Kevin wonders where Viki is. The plane has crashed and is sparking on the ground – so far there are no signs of survivors.

Natalie talks trash about Jen, but Joe defends her and says he needs to be a better husband. He leaves to find Jen. Kelly asks Natalie how she’s holding up, and she says it would be easier if John McBain would leave town, because he’s a constant reminder of Cris’s death.

The governor tells Kevin that Viki’s plane fell off the radar and no one’s been able to contact it. At the crash site, Viki crawls from the wreckage, able to walk. She yells for the captain but there’s no response. She recoils at what she sees in the cockpit. Suddenly, she hears Dorian asking for help. Kevin says he has to go look for the plane, he can’t sit around doing nothing.

Rex tells Lindsay that Jen’s pretending to be something she’s not, and sooner or later she’s going to blow and do something no one will like. At Rodi’s, Jen asks Natalie if Joey’s still there, but Natalie says after what she did, he left. Jen tells Natalie off and runs into Karen – they head to the strip club. The killer stalks after them. Natalie looks fondly at the pool table, and John McBain walks in and says she’ll play again.

Todd arrives at Saranac and wants to know where Blair is. He overhears Harrison talking about the plane crash and demands to know what he’s talking about; Harrison announces that his private plane carrying Victoria Davidson has gone down. At the crash site, Dorian yells for help and Viki hears her. She says she’ll be right there.

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