OLTL Update Wednesday 11/19/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/19/03

By Rose     
Pictures by Juanita

In case anyone finds this recap lacking, I wanted to explain the reason why. My regular viewing time of One Life to Live had been interrupted by the news update regarding Michael Jacksonís latest incident. But letís chat about something a little happier, like our soap opera.

Ms. Dorian Lord is like a dog with a bone when it comes to getting onto the Governorís jet. Her latest plot entails David Vickers dressing up in uniform and donning a southern twang while she is bundled up with a muff, and fur hat. Vickers sells the captain of the jet a cock and bull story that Dorian is an important and old financial backer for the Governor, and had wanted to desperately see the Governor up at Lake Champlaine. The captain at first balks at the story, but David sells it so well, that Dorian gets her wish and is escorted onto the jet. Vicki is surprised to find her arch nemesis on the plane once she boards, and demands to know why Dorian is there. Dorian fills her in on the urgency for why she needs to see Blaire, and drops the bomb that Walker is Todd. Vicki does a good job of hiding her surprise that someone else knows his true identity, and covers her lack of shock by tossing questions back at Dorian. As usual the women bicker, which leads Vicki to call the captain to escort Dorian off the jet, foiling her plan once again. Dorian then calls David to come pick her up, only to put their heads together in one last attempt to get her on board, and Dorian winds up in the baggage compartmentÖundetected, and everyone is on their way to the convention.

At Rodiís Joey is looking for his wife, when Natalie opens a can of worms, and informing him of his wifeís habit of hanging out with Rex. Roxy, Ron and Marcy are all present when Natalie speaks her mind, and Joey defends his wife until he realizes that something is amiss. Natalieís excuse is she does not like that Jen is leading Rex around by the nose hairs, and she does not want to see Joey get hurt. Meanwhile a surprise delivery is sent to Rodiís, and Natalie is less than happy when she finds it is the pool table from Crossroads. After she inquires who sent it, she goes in search of Agent McBane who had arranged for it to happen, with Vickiís blessing. She finds McBane in a meeting with Nora and Bo, and bursts in demanding a word with him. She lashes out at John, telling him that she wants him to stay out of her life, and that she would never be friends with himÖ.before storming out. After she leaves, he mutters that he didnít do it for the reasonís she thinks, and you canít help but wonder if the agent has his own agenda. Loose lips sink ships, or maybe no one ever taught John McBane that in FBI training. When Bo and Nora are alone, and going over the case Bo spills the beans that Walker is really Todd Manning after he swears Nora to secrecy. Nora wants to inform Blaire of her husbandís identity, but Bo points out that it is an ongoing cycle between Blaire and Todd, he screws up she kicks him out and then forgives him and takes him back. Bo agrees that Blaire should find out the truth, and thinks that she will. However he thinks she should do it on her own. With the help of McBanes investigations. Antonio Vega, Evangeline Williamson, and McBane put their notes together her and find out that Elyssa Collins had worked undercover as a stripper in a club down in Jersey on a case. Although no charges were pressed, this would be her connection to the seedier side of life, which makes sense of how she fits into the Music Box Murderers list of victims. The scene pans to someone sitting in a small dark office, with leather gloves on, files all over the desk winding up another ballerina music boxÖ.gearing us to believe the killer is getting ready to take his next victim.

Jessica confides in Antonio about Professor Barns antics and her wish to tell Vicki. Antonio tells her he would bet anything that this is neither the first nor the last time something like this has happened. He also tells her she should give Nat space to grieve, and not to meddle in the situation between John McBane and the grieving Mrs. Vega. Jen runs into Joey at Rodiís and tries to talk with him, however she covers about hanging out with Rex. He tells her what he heard about her blooming friendship and Jen blows her stack. She informs her husband that she will not report to anyone, let alone him on her where about and Joey storms off. Ron and Roxy get closer, and discuss their dreams and dislikes of their jobs.

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