OLTL Update Tuesday 11/18/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/18/03

By Rose
Pictures by Juanita

Lindsey is on to David Vickers and his art schemes. As it turns out, D.A. Coleson tipped her off to David’s criminal past and how he likes to circulate in the art world. Lindsey decides it is up to her to fix David once and for all, so when he lays his plan into action she springs her trap. Instead of giving him a certified check in the amount that he has asked of her, she informs him that she will cut one from the gallery account. Little does he know that she does not trust his intentions and plans on bouncing the check, and catching him with his hand in the cookie jar.

McBane walks in on Coleson haranguing Bo to work overtime on the Music Box Murders case, wanting the limelight to be on the LVPD. McBane insures him that the case is a federal one and that when the murderer is caught that in due time will Llandview have their opportunity to persecute him. Once Buchanan and McBane are alone, Bo picks the agents brain for information on Walker. Shock is all over Bo’s face as McBane spills the beans….Walker IS ACTUALLY Todd Manning. McBane has a strong feeling that Todd did not kill Elyssa Collins, nor is this a copycat crime. He has a gut feeling that her murder is part of the Music Box Murders. However Bo is not convinced, he feels that if Todd were backed in to a corner, he would do anything to protect his secret and his identity. Kelly shows up at the police station and her and Walker, who are both in need of alibi’s for the night of the Collins’ murder agree to back one another up. Bo does not fully believe them or the story that Kelly is trying to feed him. Natalie runs in to John at the police station and they talk for a few moments, things a little easier between them. She spots the last music box, and questions John, who begins to wind it up and play it for her. Creeped out, Natalie begs John to stop playing it and points out that although the figure in the box is delicate…and the music playing is classical, almost all the victims were strippers in Atlantic City. Complete opposites of what the music box would imply.

Up at Lake Champlaine, the Governor is less than thrilled to see Kevin and Blaire being so chummy. Once he and Kevin are alone, he gives Kevin a verbal lashing about career sabotage, scandal, and indiscretions. He also tells Kevin that he will not allow himself to be dragged down nor will he tolerate any bad press. Not heeding what his boss has told him, Kevin goes scratching at Blaire’s door, under the ruse of needing help with his speech. As he leaves her room, both he and Mrs. Walker Laurence are photographed unknowingly in an embrace.

Still trying to find a way to get to her niece, Dorian comes across Kelly who had decided to fly up to be at her husband’s side after all. Dorian announces to Kelly that Blaire had married Todd yet again! The joke is on Dorian when Kelly is unfazed by the news and it becomes evident to Dorian that Kelly knows the truth. They argue over telling Blaire, and it seems that Dorian relents. Kelly leaves, and ends up at the police station while Dorian enlists David Vickers to help her sneak onto the Governor’s jet. However the plan fails and Dorian is stuck in town.

On the college campus, Natalie and Jen argue over Cristian’s memorial, and Natalie not wanting Jen to attend it. Hurt and angry over being denied the chance to pay her respects, Jen blurts out that if Cris had still been with her, he would still have been alive. Jessica walks in on those words and tries to defuse the situation, telling Jen to just roll with the punches. Jen tells Jessica that she is really making an effort to get along for Joe’s sake, but the mourning Mrs. Vega is making it difficult. Jessica sees a classmate who is upset over a failing grade, and comes to learn that Professor Barns is soliciting sex from students for passing grades. She plans on going to Vicki to inform her mother of this despicable act, and is intercepted by Jen who shares that Professor Barns gave her the same ultimatum last semester. Jessica is even more appalled, and asks Jen if she had reported him when Natalie comes back and makes an extremely rude comment, causing Jen to flee.

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