OLTL Update Monday 11/17/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/17/03

By Rose
Pictures by Juanita

Walker/Todd is brought into the LVPD for questioning, and things do not go, as he would have planned. John McBane tries to get Walker to talk by referring to him as his true name, leading Todd to threaten the agentís life in half jest. McBane loses his cool, and begins to manhandle the suspect, when Bo walks in and breaks it up. Bo has McBane go for some fresh air, and tries to coerce Walker to confess, but Walker stands firm by not sharing any facts or providing them with his alibi. Bo then throws him in the clink, overnight and Evangeline comes to the caged Walker/Todd offering her services. Sheís up front telling him that she would still be working for Kevin as well. Todd/Walker asks her what would she do if Kevin gave her an ultimatum or objected, and with a smile, she puts his fears at restÖtelling him Kevin would have no choice.

Bo and John McBane brainstorm, trying to find a connection between the victims of the ďMusicbox KillerĒ. Itís established that victim number 1, Susan Gellman didnít have a leotard, yet victim number 2, Nora Lynn Atkins and, victim number 3 Elyssa Collins did indeed have leotards on or in the bags. The connection between the three girls should have been strip clubs, but Elyssa Collins walked the straight and narrow, so that ruled that theory out. It is noted that dancing could be the key due to the leotards and the fact that they all had their necks broken in the same manorÖstrangled with dance tights. Itís also confirmed that each womanís face contained the same residue of chemicals from a liquid lip blush-which McBane deduces the murderer uses to paint the heart-tears on them with. Antonio Vega invites his comrades to his pad for dinner so they can continue to brainstorm, and John agrees while Bo declines. Jessica comes home to find Antonio and John in the Vega/Buchanan apartment, preparing dinner and announces that she invited Natalie. Ever the gentleman, McBane offers to leave; however Nat arrives and tells him itís ok if he sticks around. Over dinner, the case is discussed and inadvertently Nat and John bond. It turns out that Natalie spent the days of her childhood in the Winking Pussycat, a club where Johnís mom kick started her singing career.

Still having her suspicions over Walkerís identity and worried over the status of the inheritance Aunt Betsy left Starr Dorian is beside herself trying to get a hold of Blaire who is on her honeymoon, alone with Kevin Buchanan. Carlotta arrives at the mansion, upset over a phone call concerning the missing Adrianna, and she lets slip that Vicki went up to Lake Champlaine on the governorís jet. She then suggests that Dorian catch up with the Governor and Vicki and ride up with them if she canít obtain a flight on a commercial airline. With that Dorian ushers Carlotta out and heeds her advice, trying to sweet talk her way onto the jet. Once his grandmother is gone, River finds the phone umber to Puerto Rico and gets in touch with his beloved Adrianna. He tells her to sit tight, that he is coming for her.

At the resort, at Lake Champlaine Kevin and Blaire chat by the fire and share cocoa. He informs her of his rapidly disintegrating marriage, and asks about Walkerís whereabouts. Blaire offers her help to Kevin, in regards to fine-tuning his speech once he admits how nervous he is about delivering it. Against her better judgement, Blaire goes skiing with him after checking in with her new hubby.

Nora convinces Gabrielle to try out Roxy and Ronís dance class. Over beers the women chat and bond as they wait for Bo. Bo and Nora are put on the spot to demonstrate their dancing skills. Gabrielle watches and is torn between crying and enjoying them. After much persistence, Bo gets Gabrielle up on the dance floor and they cut the rug.

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