OLTL Update Tuesday 11/11/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/11/03

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Al, unable to cope with no one realizing that it’s he inhabiting Michael McBain's body, has a meltdown in Angel Square. First he accosts Jessica Buchanan and repeatedly yells at her “It’s me, it’s Michael”, when he’s really trying to scream at her “It’s me, it’s Al”. Jessica is unnerved, convinced that he has her mistaken for someone else and quickly leaves. Luna patiently tries to explain to her ward that although his soul is in Michael’s body; he can’t force Michael to do/say something out of character. Undaunted by this information, Al then gently approaches the woman who once was his mother. He is pained to see her still in agony over his death and tries to reach out to her, to comfort her but Gabrielle declines his attempts. He does not push her to see his true identity, seeing how broken she really is, and lights up when instead he sees Marcy. Renewed hope floods him as he offers Marcy a custom made c.d., which is a perfect copy of the one Al, had given to her. Reluctantly accepting his gift, Marcy listens to the music and her heart plummets, as her feelings are refreshed, certain that “Michael” had done this to be cruel. They argue once again, and Marcy runs off in a storm of tears. Once in the safety of the police station, Marcy calls Ron to fill him in, and at the end of her rope decides to take drastic measures to keep Al/Michael away from her.

Walker/Todd goes to Lanfair to ask Vicki to stand by his side when he marries Blaire. She declines informing him that she is not his sister, but Todd’s. Walker smiles, undaunted and tells Vicki how close to her he feels. Vicki who has been feeling drawn to him as well, and who has been studying his movements, picks up on little quirky things he has said, and is aware that Walker is wearing Victor Lord’s ring. When voicing these things, Vicki finally is brought to light that her dear brother is indeed still alive. Todd and Vicki share a tearful reunion, and she is informed of the incidents that led up to this moment. How Mitch and his goons abducted him, how the goons worked him over and left for dead, the miraculous rescue from the nurse and how his hatred of Mitch grew and churned inside of him. He also informs Vicki of his realization that Flynn was willing to sell his own face and identity for the right price, and how he could use that to bring Mitch down, and that his plan led him up to today’s events. Vicki is disappointed, hurt, and ultimately shocked when Todd stands firm on his decision to not reveal his true identity. Just as an older sister would, she tries to steer Todd down the right path to come clean and tell Blaire. He shouts at her that he won’t be denied his family or his happiness, and by telling the truth he’d lose it all. Blaire ponders why Vicki is not anxious to join them in their nuptials.

Jessica sees that Vicki is upset and urges her mother to confide in someone. Vicki takes her daughter’s advice and tells her of the kiss she and Harrison Brookes shared the night before, and the turmoil it was causing her. Meanwhile Brookes manages to book Kevin as the keynote speaker at a convention. Kevin in turn is less than thrilled to find out that favors had to be exchanged to secure him this venue, and is feeling pressure from Brookes as well as from the disintegration of his marriage. He is still upset about the fact that Kelly attempted to buy a child, and is unwilling to see their marriage is over. Not missing a beat, Harrison Brookes then pays Vicki a visit, gifting her with flowers and inviting her to the conference that Kevin will be speaking at. At first Vicki balks at the invite, not wanting to lead him on, and the governor informs her that he does not want to pressure her. Jess gives her mother warm words to move forward with her life, which Vicki listens to.

Hell hath no fury like Dorian Lord scorned. Jealous that Vicki is once again winning both the affections and attention of a man that she wants for herself, Dorian goes into combat mode. Deciding that Harrison Brookes is after prestige, Dorian does vast research on her home as well as her family lineage. She begins to make plans to revamp her house, and in the process of her researching unearths her Aunt Betsy Kramer. As to who is more willful we are uncertain, but Aunt Betsy is one spitfire, who announces her impending death and calls for a family meeting.

Bo, Antonio, and John McBain meet with Rae Cummings to get a psychological profile on “The Musicbox Killer”, and realize that they work well together. They are still unsure as to what all the victims have in common or do not have in common, but plan to find out as much as they can, possibly using the deceased detectives’ files. However the newly appointed D.A. Coulson has other plans, wanting to freeze the FBI out of solving the case, hell bent on putting the LVPD on the map by solving this mystery all on their own. Bo is not thrilled and finally convinces Nora not to resign from her position in District Attorney’s office, hoping she can keep some level of sanity for his men and himself.

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