OLTL Update Monday 11/10/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/10/03

By Rose
Pictures by Juanita

The proverbial stuff hit the fan when Antonio Vega and John McBain catch up with Blaire and Walker/Todd. Upon finding Flynn’s body in the elevator, the question arose as to who was left alive. McBain had his suspicions but Antonio is full of questions as to how Walker escaped death, and how he knew Flynn was at the penthouse. Walker/Todd tap dances around the questions, with Blaire’s help, claiming that he found Flynn holding a gun on Blaire and he had knocked the villain out only to then be taken captive and maneuvered onto the elevator. Content with the answers he is given, and Blaire’s confirmation that Walker’s ornery attitude can only belong to Walker, Antonio and McBain leave the two alone. It is then that Blaire demands the true story from Walker/Todd, sure that he is hiding something from the FBI. In a series of flashbacks, we are able to see the confrontation between the two men, Flynn being the one who fears for his own safety, and attempts to off Walker. It is clearly Flynn, in his haste to remove the imposter from the world, was in deed the one to take the fatal plunge. After comforting one another Blaire turns to Walker/Todd and informs him that she is ready to marry him…NOW. 

After leaving them at the penthouse, John McBain and Antonio arrive at the diner, to find Jessica, Carlotta, and Natalie waiting for Antonio’s safe return. They fill the ladies in on the demise of Flynn. Later McBain informs Natalie that Cris had made it out of the van, and helped Flynn to the shore only to be murdered by Flynn in return. He also tells her that she should continue to use the pool cue that Cris had bought her, to hone her talent and honor Cris. Natalie once again points out that it’s his fault that her husband had died in Las Vegas and that she will continue to hate him for taking Cris away from her. McBain tells her that he has to live with that knowledge and that he blames himself. Shock is written all over the widowed Mrs. Vega’s face as he admits this to her. 

Jen and Rex are getting hot and heavy when Joe returns home early from his conference. Jen hides Rex away, and then tries to get Joe to take her out to celebrate his early homecoming so Rex can leave. Aroused by his wife’s state of dress, Joe opts for them to stay in and the married couple makes love in the den. Once Joe is asleep on the couch, Jen escorts Rex to freedom, telling him that their attempted tryst can never happen again. As usual, Rex tells her that she still wants him, and to dump Joe. 

Bo Buchanan contacts John McBain and the two meet up in Angel Square in regards to the serial killer homicides. After canvassing the park and square, sharing information the two come across Alyssa Collins body in the alleyway…cause of death strangulation, which only confirms that the “Musicbox Killer” has indeed arrived in Llanview. Both Bo and McBain agree to work together and continue to share any information they have with one another. 

Al is delighted to once again be in human, solid form, although he is not all too thrilled with who’s body he has to inhabit. Aware of his desire to reunite with his love Marcy and confess that he is back for good, Luna is clucking like a nervous hen that he can not tell her the truth. If so, he blows their last chance at happiness. Al is frustrated when Marcy is only seeing him as the physical form of Michael, and not as himself, the deadline of Valentines Day plaguing him. As he sees Marcy slipping away from him, he begins to fabricate tales of a friendship between Michael and Al, which gains him slight leverage. Marcy then flees to Angel Square and cries out to Al’s spirit that she no longer feels him in the wind, and that she will never love another man ever again. Meanwhile Luna encourages Al to find another way of winning Marcy instead of lying to her. 

Antonio and Jessica continue to grow closer to one another in the wake of Cristian’s death….as does Vicki and the governor.

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