OLTL Update Wednesday 11/5/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/5/03

By Suzanne     
Pictures by Juanita

Viki looks for Natalie, who is sitting on the floor looking at the Sun's article about Cristian's death. Viki finds her and takes the paper away. Natalie tells her that she was at the art studio on campus, so she could be closer to Cris. She saw people reading the article and looking at her funny so she had to see what they were looking at. Viki says they went to far.

Jessica tries to keep Roxy from visiting Natalie, but Roxy says she's sort of her mama and her baby needs her. Roxy barges in with a kit and insists on giving Natalie a manicure. She wants to pamper Natalie. Natalie is lackluster and not really responding much, in her depression. Viki scolds Roxy, who pouts and wonders if she did the wrong thing again. It is an awkward moment but Natalie collapses into Roxy's arms. Natalie tells Roxy that she's glad she's there. Viki says they were about to go over some details about Cris' finances. Natalie says maybe she would like a manicure after all. Roxy is happy to hear and starts setting up shop. She tells Natalie that she turned into one helluva lady, even though she screwed up as a mother. They all discuss the money and business matters of Cristian's death. Natalie doesn't want the insurance money and can't live in the cottage where she and Cristian lived. Viki asks if she wants to move back in there. Natalie is uncertain and says she doesn't want to impose. Viki tells her that she is always welcome there because it is her home. The doorbell rings so Viki goes to get it. Roxy, feeling jealous of Viki, suggests that she and Natalie move in together.

John goes to the Vega diner; Antonio tells him that it is closed. She is just there to greet all the people who wanted to see her. John apologizes to her for what happened but she is too angry or grief-stricken to care. Antonio says it was his fault, too, but John insists that since it was his operation, he shouldn't have let things get out of hand. They both wish they had done better. John asks about how Natalie is doing, etc. just polite conversation, then he leaves. Antonio hugs Carlotta and then tells her that he'll be back.

Dorian takes River out to lunch; he doesn't want to be there. She gives him a hard time about his grades. She advises him that life doesn't stop just because you're in love. He scoffs that she doesn't know anything about it, but she assures him that she's been there and could tell him some stories. She takes out the magazine and reads aloud the personal ad that he placed, to try to find Adriana. He says that she can't stop him from finding her. She says that it will only put him in danger. She asks him not to be like Kelly and Blair; falling for the wrong people. Dorian impresses upon him that he is putting Adriana in danger by looking for her. He asks for details but she won't give him any. She questions him about what he's doing and where he's going. She tries to buddy up to him, but it won't work. He leaves her sitting there. Dorian asks Rene if there's a celebration there for Daniel Coulson, noticing the campaign poster. Rene tells her that yes there is, and the governor has asked for a quiet table in the back for him and Viki. Dorian keeps smiling.

Blair demands to know what Kelly and David are doing, with the money. David says he's just going out of town for awhile. Kelly tells her that the money is none of her business. Blair brought the letter of reference that Kelly asked for, so Kelly takes it and thanks her. Blair leaves, so David and Kelly gather their stuff and prepare to head out to the airport. Kelly is very excited about getting her new baby.

Kevin confronts Todd, who has a big pair of pliers; he wants to know what he's up to. Kevin tells him that Elisa Collins, the PI, is missing. Kevin brandishes the gun and says that if the cops are asking around, he might have to tell them what Todd's real name is. He asks Todd what the gun is for. Todd doesn't answer his questions, so Kevin insists on hanging around to figure it all out. The two men argue, mostly about Blair and Kelly. Kevin says she doesn't want to hurt Blair and that's why he won't tell her about him being Todd. He swears that if hurts Blair at all, he'll tell her. Blair returns just then and wants to know what he's talking about. Kevin covers, saying he just wants to make sure Walker keeps her safe. Kevin leaves. Walker tells Blair that he has some Sun business to care of; he asks her to meet him at the Palace for dinner. She is suprised that he wants to go there (I guess because normally he likes to keep a low profile). After Blair leaves, he takes the money out of the fireplace and puts it in his big duffle bag, then he also puts in a file folder in there. He takes the bag and the huge pliers to the elevator. Then he hears the elevator so he gets annoyed, thinking Flynn is early.

Dorian visits Llanfair; she tells Viki she tried to get walker not to publish the article about Cris' death. Viki rails on about sensationalist journalism. Dorian says that in tomorrow's edition there is an article about how Kevin bought votes in the election. Viki is incensed. Dorian suggests that Viki try to appeal to Walker on a personal level. Viki likes the idea and says she will do that. Dorian leaves after having manipulatied Viki so easily.

Natalie tells Roxy that she doesn't think them moving in together is a good idea. Roxy convinces her that it might help her forget her troubles, and Roxy swears she will be very positive. Viki comes in and says she has to go do something; she wants to make sure Natalie is okay for now. They ask her if she's going to the celebration dinner with the governor, but Viki says, no, she canceled that (due to Cristian's death). Viki hugs Natalie, and Roxy insists on joining the hug, much to their surprise. Roxy asks Natalie to think about her idea, then she leaves. Jessica comes in and tells Natalie it will be just the two of them for dinner; Antonio can't make it. Natalie is unenthusiastic so Jess says they don't have to go out. Natalie says it's better than just sitting around, remembering...she thinks about all of the time they wasted. She urges Jess to treat every moment as if it were the last. Jess nods and says she already does.

Dorian phones Carlotta to let her know about the personal ad that River posted, to make sure that Adriana doesn't answer him.

Kelly and David arrive in Mexico. Kelly's excitable attitude worries David but he has to leave for his meeting with the black market baby seller. Later, David returns with his face all beat up and bleeding. He tells her that things didn't go as planned. He confides to Kelly that the guy was holding a grudge over what happened before (with Todd taking his child back). Kelly is upset that they lost both the baby and the money. She puts herself down and that upsets him. He says that she's so much better than Kevin. He tells her emphatically that he wants to give her the baby that she wants. He says he would love to help her make a baby right there but he would never let her endanger herself. She is surprised by his kind attitude and wonders who he really is. He isn't so sure himself sometimes. He tries to turn on his sleazy charm again and suggests they practice making a baby there, so she can forget Kevin for a little while...she thanks him and jokes around but says they should take care of the cuts and bruises on his face.

Viki comes storming in to Walker/Todd's place, angry about the newspaper articles. She yells at him for the newspaper articles. He doesn't know anything about the Kevin article but apologizes for the Cris article, saying it got away from him. He swears that he never meant to hurt her or her daughters. His attitude perplexes Viki. She asks him exasperatedly to lay off Kevin for now because of what her family has been through, so he agrees. She is shocked and then breaks down crying on his couch. He tries to comfort her and she apologizes after she's pulled herself together more. Viki apologizes for crying in front of him, saying she doesn't normally cry in front of strangers. He says he's not a stranger, and he agrees that he's not, even though she's not sure why. She looks down at a handkerchief he's given her; it has the initials TM on it. He explains that some of Todd's things were left lying around and hopes it doesn't make things worse for her. She says she is comforted by it and asks him if she could keep the handkerchief, so he lets her. She asks if he can drive her home; he hesitates because he is waiting for Flynn, but says he will go with her. He says the elevator has been acting strange. As they get in the elevator, Flynn comes in by the stairwell. He lets himself into the penthouse and looks around. He looks at his face in a platter's reflection and says, "Hello, Walker".

Antonio visits Rae's office unexpectedly, looking angry. He pours out his feelings about Cristian's death, crying as he talks about his brother and his guilt. Rae gives him sympathy and suggests that he start every day open to whatever comes, and stop blaming himself. She hugs him as he cries more and talks about how he doesn't think he can bear it. She says he has to find that beautiful thing in Cristian and make it part of himself, and help his mother.

At the Palace, Blair and Kevin run into each other again. He apologizes for earlier with walker and asks what she meant when she said to go home to Kelly. She says she just seemed unhappy, so he tells her about asking Kelly for the divorce. He tells her that it isn't her fault; they have had problems for a long time. He tells her how Kelly reacted to the news. Blair assures him that she won't be waiting for him when his marriage his over; she loves Walker. He says he knows that and just cares about her happiness. He tells her that he will be there for her no matter what happens, if she is lonely or hurt, etc.

Dorian congratulates the governor on his party's victory. He shares that he was supposed to meet Viki there but she had to cancel. She says perhaps Viki is seeing another man and then proceeds to bad-mouth her to him, mostly about Viki's DID. He says that Viki told him her problems with DID seem to be licked. Dorian turns on the charm, changing the subject. He learns that she's a doctor so he says he can put her in touch with his committee on health care. She enthusiastically agrees to help out.

Jess and Natalie are at the Palace; they run into John. Jess says they don't want to see him right now, so he makes himself scarce. He warns them first that Flynn has been spotted back in Atlantic City.

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