OLTL Update Tuesday 11/4/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/4/03

By Suzanne
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In the park, Nora and Bo canvas for votes, but she is tired. Bo gets her and Matthew ice cream. R.J. comes by and says Nora has not done everything she can to win. He hands her a folder and says once the press gets hold of what's in there, Daniel will lose. Nora tells R.J. that she already knew about Daniel's DUI and won't use it. R.J. tries to argue with her. He says that Daniel also used to rough up his wife and that's why got divorced. Nora thanks him but turns the information down. R.J. offers to go to the press without her but she asks him not to. She would rather lose than win this way. Bo asks Matthew some more questions about the music box he found.

At the Palace, Daniel tells Lindsay that David Vickers is wanted by Interpol. They are interrupted by one of Daniel's campaign guys. Daniel tells her that David's MO is to hook up with female art dealers and then cons them out of lots of money. Lindsay thanks him and wishes him luck in the election. David arrives and tells her that he has an excellent opportunity for them both but they have to ask fast. She pretends to be interested as he describes it, then she slaps him. She tells him that she knows he is wanted by the cops for making bogus art deals. He denies it as she reads him the riot act. He tells her how awful it was in the Moroccan prison. He swears he will never break the law again; she doesn't want to believe him but he plays on her sympathies. He says they are drawn to each other because of their outcast pasts. He flirts with her and kisses her, telling her to sleep on it. He walks off jauntily as Lindsay feels her lips, unsure.

At home, Kelly is shocked that Kevin wants a divorce. He says he is tired of them pretending everything is okay. She thinks it's a good sign that they survived the affair. He says they just kept going. She doesn't want a divorce. He points out how unhappy she's been through their whole marriage and how they have to move to Harrisburg and then Washington. She says she doesn't mind moving; she just wanted to wait until they get a baby. He yells that a baby is not going to fix things. She asks why he doesn't admit that it's him that's unhappy because he's married to her and not Blair. He says it's not Blair. They keep arguing; he keeps saying he's tired of having to work so hard in their marriage. She points out the work they did on this election and how he has one foot in the governor's mansion. He doesn't want to talk about politics; she thinks it is their future and says they will have a child. She gets on her knees, crying, and hugs him. Then Asa comes in. Kevin tries to get him to stay out of it but Kelly drags him in. Asa yells at him, saying Kevin is throwing everything away. Kevin gets disgusted and says he's going to bed and wants to be alone. Kelly cries on Asa's shoulder. Asa tells her that Kevin will forget this after a good night's sleep. Asa and Kelly have a talk; he tells her that he will not let Kevin divorce her. Asa offers to help things out financially but she says she is already working on something. He tells her not to worry and promises to take care of Kevin. Kelly phones David to tells him she wants a baby right now, whether it's illegal or not. He tells her to consider it done (love how all these people make illegal plans over cell phones! LOL).

Todd lies that he's talking to Briggs on the phone so Blair grabs the phone to ask him to do something for him. But it's Flynn on the other end; he doesn't say anything. Blair hands the phone back to Todd, who says to call back tomorrow. Flynn tells him that if he doesn't get every penny that was promised, he will kill Blair. Todd hangs up the phone and distracts Blair with sex.

Riley tells Daniel, his dad, that he put up posters all over for him. He runs into Flash, who has an armful of Nora's posters. Riley is annoyed that Flash has Nora's posters at his dad's campaign headquarters (the Palace). She tries to smooth things over. Daniel drags Riley off. The next day(?), Kevin shakes Daniel's hand as Daniel thanks him for his support. Kevin says that Nora is a good friend of his and would make a good D.A. Daniel reminds him that he leaked him tons of stories to help his paper. Kevin says he just had a bad day and tells Daniel that he will try to drop by his suite later with everyone to watch the election coverage. David runs into Kevin and tells him that he's leaving town briefly. Kevin is glad to hear it. Lindsay runs into David and says she thought about what he said. She says he is right; they make a great team and people deserve second chances. She offers to take him to dinner but he says he has to go on a business trip. He promises to call her back the second he returns.

Evangeline asks Kevin about the PI he hired. She says the PI has been missing for quite some time and her parents are worried. They found his name on her calendar. He says that he hired her to investigate Walker, who wasn't thrilled when he found out.

The next day, Nora and her friends are at her house watching the election coverage. She turns off the TV because she hates seeing herself on TV. Rae and Renée are there; they joke with her, Matthew, and Flash. Bo phones John to ask him to call him if he finds anything about the music box. Bo says he heard that John teaches the teachers at Quantico. He is clearly impressed. John says you're only as good as your last arrest, so we can tell that he feels the heat after what happened with Flynn. Later, the doorbell rings; it's R.J. with champagne. He tells Flash that the record company phoned and wants her and the band to go on tour. She is happy but remembers they are under contract with his club. R.J. says he won't hold her back. Flash thanks her excitedly and rushes off to tell Riley, with Nora's good wishes. R.J. leaves, not wanting to be at the party if things go wrong. Bo assures Nora that she did the right thing not using the dirt R.J. dug up.

Walker packs his gun in his briefcase. He leaves the room briefly. The phone rings and Blair picks it up; she goes into this briefcase for something and sees the gun. He walks back in just as she sees it. They argue over why he has it. He says it's for protection. She demands that he get rid of it. He reminds her that Flynn is still on the loose and he has it in case Flynn comes after him. They keep arguing; he apologizes for leaving it where one of the kids could get it. He says he'll get rid of it so she insists on getting rid of it for him. Later, Todd/Walker goes into the elevator and fiddles with something. Blair is at the park about to get rid of the gun when she runs into Kevin. She explains what's going on; he is suspicious of Walker's motives. His comments annoy Blair. Kevin offers to get rid of for her, so she gives it to him. He looks at it and then puts it in his pocket.

Evangeline visits Walker to question him about the PI that disappeared. He is rude to her and laughs, saying that she was annoying and hounded him for months. He says she was a terrible PI so maybe someone else got annoyed with her. Evangeline is suspicious at what secrets he could be keeping. He slams the door in her face. He tells Flynn to come by Friday night when no one is home; he tells him to take the private elevator up. Flynn tells him he'll be in Llanview on Friday. We see that Flynn is made up to look like Walker. At home, Walker/Todd gets out some big wire cutters and is headed out the door when Kevin drops by with the gun in his hand. "Lose something?" Kevin asks.

David stops by to see Kelly before he leaves. She is paranoid about what they're up to. He wants to take her to see a new little girl. He tells her that they are going to Mexico and asks her to pack her passport. She says they don't need a passport to go to Mexico and asks if these people are dangerous. He says these are the same people he dealt with when he was selling Todd's baby. The mention of Todd's name makes her doubt what she's doing. He tells her not to worry because Todd is dead. She swallows hard. She has the money but won't give it to David until she sees the baby. They argue about who will carry the money; David's argument wins out. Blair catches Asa outside his house. He tells her to leave Kevin alone; she shows him her engagement ring and says she's not interested in Kevin. She's there to see Kelly. Kelly walks in just as Kelly gives David a big wad of cash.

At the Palace, Riley tells Flash that he's not going on the tour. It's time for him to move on. She tries to reason with him but he has his mind set on quitting. He plans to go back to college and wants to avoid the spotlight. He tells her how much he hates the way people treat him. The TV is turned up; they are about to announce the results. Riley goes to find his dad. Nora loses the election to Daniel. The people at Nora's campaign headquarters are disappointed. Bo hugs Nora before she phones Daniel to concede. She cries and feels silly about it but Bo says it's okay to feel that way. He tells her that she should be proud of the clean campaign she ran. She phones Daniel; it's very loud at the other end with cheers. They compliment each other say "see you tomorrow". Matthew comes downstairs and tells his mom that she's the best, whether she lost or not. He asks Bo to come help him with his model airplane; he calls him "Dad", which touches them and makes Nora cry more.

Meanwhile, John finds a clue in Angel Square and picks it up with a handkerchief (I can't tell what it is, maybe a purse?).

Lindsay congratulates Daniel, who thanks her and tells him that she has a friend in the D.A.'s office.

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