OLTL Update Monday 11/3/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/3/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Rex shows Jen his new place; it's Troy's old place that he got cheap, since Troy was put into a mental hospital. Jen is slightly disgusted. Rex hits on her but she claims she only wants to make sure he doesn't tell Joe about the miscarriage. He knows that's a lie. He offers her a drink; she turns him down but then takes it. She is suspicious; after beating around the bush he tells her that he loves her. She doesn't know whether to believe him. He says he's never felt that way before. She says she doesn't feel the same way and grabs her purse to leave. He grabs her purse and it spills all over. She is picking the stuff up when he finds the birth control pills. He asks her about them and figures out that Joe doesn't know about them. He asks for a kiss in return for not telling Joe. She downs her drink. He kisses her neck and reminds her of the times they had together. She keeps backing off but it's clear it's difficult for her. He says to prove it's no big deal by kissing him. She gives him a peck but then he grabs her and they go into a long romantic kiss and almost have sex. She stops and runs out, grabbing her clothes as she goes.

Joe thanks Marcie for helping out at the hospital with one of the parishioners; she knows that he's just trying to keep her busy. She assures him that she feels close to Al when she thinks of him. She is leaving but runs right into an intern, who was on duty when Al and Gabrielle were there. They introduce each other and he expresses sympathy for Al. He asks her to get a bit to eat so Joey insists they go out to together to the Palace and to go to a concert in the park. Marcie reluctantly agrees.

Luna urges Al to let Marcie go but he wants to be there for her. She reminds him that he's dead. She says that they are meant to be. Luna wants to send him back to heaven but he begs her not to let him down. Luna is torn. He convinces her that they'll be making a mistake if they take him off the job. Marcie and the intern walk by but she can't see or hear Al for once. Al can tell he's a loser and he plans to protect her from the guy. He follows them, despite Luna's warnings.

Marcie and the intern, Michael, go to have lunch at the Palace. At first they seem to hit if off. When the talk turns to her brothers, he makes a homophobic remark that disgusts her, so they exchange some insults and then part company. Al is sitting nearby, watching, so he joins her after Michael leaves and suggest they go to the concert in the park together.

Lindsay goes to the Palace restaurant to meet David Vickers but he's not there. Rene scoffs at the mention of his name. Lindsay gets a seat at the bar next to Daniel. He is drinking as usual and urges her to vote for him when she recognizes him. They hit it off since neither likes Nora. He buys her a drink. He is there to meet with the governor and Kevin but they are late. They do arrive, but it's obvious Harrison forgot or is just blowing him off, so he asks Daniel to reschedule. Lindsay thinks he was rude to Daniel, which further makes Daniel like her.

Kevin is bitter when he arrives home; he and Kelly fight about Todd and Blair. He tells her that Todd is blackmailing him with a videotape of her fling in Houston. They are both disgusted about the tape. Kevin worries about his political career; he leaves for his meeting with the governor.

Todd and Blair wake up naked together on the couch in his place; he phones to check his messages. Blair asks him why so he lies that he's checking for messages from the kids, but really he's hoping to hear back from Flynn. Dorian comes in and finds them together, acting like it's some big deal. She got the spare key from where he hides them because Addie told her where to look. She took Addie back home to St. Anne's. She chides Blair for leaving Addie alone but Blair says she was fine with the nurse. Todd grabs the key back. Dorian reminds "Walker" that he owes her 500,000. He says he gave it to Flynn in Las Vegas. He jokes that he could pay it back in installments after giving himself a raise at the Sun. Kelly phones to ask for a meeting with "Todd", saying she's on her way. He tells Blair and Dorian that he is meeting with his banker so they should go out to dinner. They agree to leave. He gets out a gun after they leave. Kelly arrives. Todd claims the gun is just to protect himself in case of break-ins. Todd waves the videotape around Kelly and has fun with the blackmail. She tells him that he'd better rip up the tape and the copies. She tells him that he's pathetic and still the same ol' Todd. They argue and she convinces him to get rid of the tapes; she agrees to never call him Todd again. That kind of weirds her out but she agrees. Later, he gets a call from Flynn but is interrupted by Blair, who wants to know who's on the phone.

Dorian and Blair arrive at the Palace so Lindsay greets them and they catch up. Lindsay says she saw Dorian earlier at St. Anne's; she goes there still for therapy. She saw Troy there and it depressed her. Blair reminds her that there is life after Troy and shows her the engagement ring from "Walker". Dorian rushes over to say hi to Harrison and force herself into his evening. Kevin asks Blair how she is. She says she's happier than she's ever been and she's getting married to walker. She brags that there's nothing that he or anyone can do to stop her. She goes on about how he would never do anything to hurt her. Kevin abruptly says he has to get home to Kelly to see her. Blair shows her ring to Harrison. Dorian gives Blair her car keys so she can stay and hit on the governor. They have a funny conversation where Dorian is trying to empathize with him about his losing his wife but instead he brings up her past husbands, most of whom she'd rather forget.

Joe arrives at the Palace looking for Jen. He asks Lindsay and says that Jen hasn't answered her cell phone. Jen rushes in. Joe asks Lindsay to join them so she excuses herself from Daniel. Joe questions Jen about where she was so Jen makes excuses. He can tell she's not acting normal. Joe goes to get the table while Lindsay questions her. She can tell she's been drinking. Jen tells her that she was with Rex and almost had sex with him. Lindsay can't figure out why Jen would do that. Jen tells her about the blackmail but not the details. She can't figure out why she keeps going to Rex when she can't even stand him. Lindsay thinks it's like her obsession with Troy. She tells Jen that she has a better chance with Joe. Jen tells Lindsay about Matthew not being her real brother. Jen is shocked and can't believe that Nora didn't tell her before Matthew just blurted it out. Lindsay thinks Jen should spend some time alone with her husband and urges her not to give up her chance for happiness. They hug and Lindsay lets her go on by herself. Lindsay wishes Daniel good luck on the election and gives him a flyer for her new gallery opening. He recognizes the name David Vickers and then tells her that he thinks she's in serious trouble.

Rene has a heart-to-heart with Kevin when she notices him looking troubled. He tells her about the dilemma he's in with telling Blair about Todd but without giving her details. Rene says only he can make the decision.

Joe suggests to Jen that they go home and have dessert; her mood changes when he suggests that they can make a baby tonight. She takes a birth control pill while he gets the car.

Al and Marcie are at the concert in the park. He thinks his mission on earth is saving her from jerks like that intern guy. She shows him a picture she found of the two of them together. Neither one of them remembers the picture. There is a blurry figure in the middle between them that neither can decipher. Al wonders if it's God but doesn't say it out loud to Marcie. They almost kiss but then realize they can't; it's very frustrating for them. He sees Luna so he gets Marcie to go look at something so he can talk to Luna. He asks Luna if she got Marcie stuck with the jerky intern. She thinks Marcie should be out dating. She denies knowing who it was in the picture, too. Al wants Luna to tell God to let them be together. Luna suddenly thinks that maybe there is something that could make them work. Luna says maybe Al can transcend the physical realm and reach Marcie from a different plane. Al doesn't have a clue as to what she means.

Kelly returns home with the tape, destroying it. He tells Kevin that Todd agreed to destroy the others. Kevin doesn't care. He's very angry and says they have to talk about getting a divorce.

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