OLTL Update Wednesday 10/22/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/22/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Max is on the plane going to Philadelphia and learns that he is going to arrive on time…

Max turns to find a ghost wanting to talk to him in the next seat. He can’t believe what he is seeing at this moment.

Kevin leaves his mother at the table at The Palace to take a call in private…

…Kevin learns that Walker has been found in Las Vegas, but he cancels the job that he had given the man on the phone. At first he was bent on proving that Walker was up to no good, but now he has decided that he has to leave this alone…

…Kevin returns to his table and admits to his mother that he hired a private detective to follow Walker, but he has just fired the man. Blair has to take care of herself now. She isn’t a responsibility of his and he has to realize that.

Walker finds Blair at the casino and he kisses her as if nothing is wrong. She is sceptical. She suspects that Starr and Walker have been conspiring. Blair tells him that Starr wasn’t really sick and had fooled everyone by dipping her thermometer in hot liquid. Walker pretends that he has no idea why the child would pretend that she was sick. Blair is not so sure that he is all that innocent…

…Antonio and Cristian can’t find their significant others. After the tournament finished, the 2 girls seemed to have disappeared. They have looked everywhere for the sisters but haven’t been able to find them. Cristian thinks that John has to be in the middle of this somehow. He has never trusted that guy from the beginning.

Jessica is fighting with Malcolm outside the door where Natalie is being held. She followed her sister to the room trying to find out why John was bringing her there in the first place. Malcolm tells her that Natalie has screwed up and now she has to pay. He explains to her that Natalie has won a game that she was to have lost and now there has to be payment for that. Jessica can’t believe her ears.

Inside Flynn’s office, John is holding Natalie as he has been ordered to do. Flynn is out $500,000 dollars because of Natalie not doing as she was told. Flynn tells her that he isn’t the insignificant little bug that she thinks he is and that she is going to learn that…

…John tells Natalie that she should have missed the shot and everything would have been okay for her now. She disobeyed her order and has brought danger to many people because of that. She worked too hard to get where she is now she says, and that was the reason that she didn’t throw the match. She thinks that she did the right thing in spite of what she was told to do. Flynn slaps her hard against the face. The smack is a surprise to her. Flynn has no patience anymore for the girl’s rudeness. He grabs the gun he has handy, ready to show her what he does to people that don’t do as they are told. Natalie regards him cautiously; she has really stepped into it this time.

Blair tells Walker that she knows that he and Starr have been planning things behind her back and she demands to know what those plans are. Why would her daughter do something like this? Walker says that Starr is crazy about him and is upset about the wedding being cancelled. She was disappointed and didn’t want her parents to leave her and jet off to Vegas. Walker promises her that the problems are over. Blair knows that this has to do with Flynn. She thinks that there is something to worry about as she got a call from Flynn and he wanted to talk to Walker. Walker tells Blair that Flynn wants money and after Walker gives him the money, this will be over. Flynn knows that. Blair says that she wants to go with him to deliver the money. Walker thinks that they should forget about Flynn and get a room. She likes that idea. He kisses her to make her feel comfortable with the idea.

Kevin admits that Walker pushes his buttons and that has been the reason that he hasn’t’ been able to forget about Walker. Viki would like him to think more of his marriage. Kevin says that he will do that. This thing with Blair and Walker is over. Kevin thinks that he should go to Blair and apologize. He would like to have a clean break. He is ready to leave now. He will meet his mother next week. He leaves and Viki looks after him suspiciously…

…Viki sees Gabrielle alone at a table at The Palace. She says that things went well in Argentina. Burying her son was the hardest thing that she has done in her life and she couldn’t have done it without Max.

Max tries to get away from the ghost that is sitting beside him. She tells him that he shouldn’t be surprised to see her. He knows what she is going to say. He went off to help Natalie play her tournament and that really was a way to help him with his grief. The ghost tells him that she is there for another reason. She thinks that he should be happy to see her. He is happy to see her and he knows that she isn’t there to stay. She tells him to practice living in the moment. That is all that matters. He was kind to Natalie and strong and he acted without thinking of himself and that is everything that a good father should be. However, he has to realize that Natalie isn’t his daughter. He was a father to someone else.

Antonio calls contacts and finds out that Natalie was supposed to throw the last game. Some people had a lot of money riding on the last tournament. Cristian thinks that Natalie couldn’t ever do anything like this. Cristian knows that McBane was the one that got Natalie in this. Antonio tells Cristian that John is really FBI.

Flynn has his gun out and John tries to talk him into handling this another way…

…Jessica ends up coming into the room and learns that Natalie is in danger. Natalie tells her sister that she was to throw the game but she didn’t. Flynn points his gun to Jessica and Natalie and they stop talking. Jessica thinks that she is looking at Walker, but he tells them differently. He says that he is only “Fred” to them. The girls wonder if they are going to be killed, but Flynn tells them that he isn’t going to kill the girls, John is.

Kevin comes to see Blair but finds Addie instead. He would like to apologize to Blair but she isn’t there right now…

…Starr hears Kevin talking to her grandmother. Addie says that Blair went off to see Todd.

Walker and Blair are in their hotel room and Walker tells her to use the room and the bed to help them get better acquainted. She knows that he has to get the money to Flynn. He will go but he would like her to wait for him and maybe slip into something more comfortable. They end up on the bed and he can’t help but think that he is a lucky man. He will wait as long as she needs him to wait for the both of them to get married. He isn’t going to let anything spoil this for them. She wonders if he has any more secrets that he would like to tell her. He assures her that after he delivers this money, there will be no more secrets. He has to go now but he will definitely be back. He grabs his suitcase and leaves.

Cristian is upset now. Antonio should have told him that John was an FBI agent. Antonio would like his brother to trust him. Antonio will find Natalie and Jessica and John but he needs his brother to trust him. Antonio will not let anything happen to the girls. He leaves Cristian who sits and waits. It is hard for him top do but he has to do this.

Natalie begs for another chance to throw another tournament. John is holding the gun over them. Flynn would like John to hurry up and kill these two broads.

Walker comes off the elevator and Malcolm thinks that he is talking to his boss. What is going on? Where is the man’s glasses and suit? He just saw Flynn in the room behind him. How could this be?

Antonio is in the casino and he overtakes a guard and steals the man’s gun.

Gabrielle explains to Viki that Bo has made her blissfully happy, but she doesn’t want to hurt him. She can’t feel anything right now. She is empty and can’t love anyone right now. She is sure that she will feel this way for a long while. It is important for Gabrielle to get past her pain but maybe she can talk to someone else. She can talk to Max and he knows what she is feeling as he is feeling it too. Gabrielle shares a special bond with Max.

Max tries to open a package of peanuts but he can’t, as he isn’t a part of his world right now. The ghost explains this to him. Sometimes things hurt too much. Losing Al was the worst thing that ever happened to him. He has never cried this much in a long time. He should be concentrating on his kids. He hasn’t been much of a father to his kids and thinks that he should stay away from them. Luna tells him that his kids miss him and idolize him. Al loved Max a lot. He helped Max get his act together. Luna assures Max that Al is with her and that he is fine. She knows about Marcie and she assures him that Al is going to help her get through this. Max should be concentrating on himself and his family. She is not there to tell him what to do but to do what is best for himself and his kids. He turns to talk to her some more but she is gone.

Starr comes down and tells her grandmother that she is needed upstairs….

…Kevin turns to Starr asking about Walker and Blair. Why does Addie think that Blair is with Todd? Starr refuses to talk any more and she leaves the room…

…Kevin gets a call and answers to a call where he has to take down a message. He goes to Walker’s desk and writes the message down. While he is at the desk, he finds a ring…

…Starr has reappeared and he recognizes the ring that he is holding. Victor Lord was the one that gave this ring to Todd. If that is the truth, then what is the ring doing here in Walker’s desk?

Blair remembers Walker telling him about Todd and how she is afraid to be involved again. That was the time that he asked her to marry him.

Malcolm can see that this man that is before him isn’t’ his real boss. Malcolm would like to take the man inside and figure this out with Flynn…

…Cristian has found the 2 talking outside the door where Flynn’s office is. He grabs a big vase and hits Malcolm over the head to knock him out.

Inside Flynn’s office, Antonio is outside the window to the office and he sees John struggling and trying to keep the sisters alive…

…Flynn is telling John that he is stalling and that he has to fix this problem and he has to fix this problem right now.

Starr orders Kevin out of her house, but he goes to his phone instead…

…Kevin asks Viki over the phone is she had given Todd’s ring to anyone. She denies that she did that…

…Kevin goes over to Starr asking who stole this. He thinks that Walker stole it but why would he steal something that belonged to Todd?

Walker returns and finds Blair in her bra and panties waiting for him. He says that his brother wasn’t in his office. He tells her that he had come back to see her as he knew that there was something waiting for him. She likes that he has said that to her. She undoes his pants and he pulls off his shirt for the lovemaking that is to take place. They are kissing now and he takes her to the bed. They hold each other and he positions himself so that she can’t see the scars on his back.

Flynn tells John to tie up the girls and they will be put into his van…

…Antonio enters the room telling Flynn to freeze. The girls run over to Antonio and John pulls his gun too. The girls watch in horror as John explains what is to happen to Flynn and that he is with the FBI. When Natalie sees that John has tricked her, she gets angry and starts pummelling him with her fists for torturing her this way…

…Cristian hears the commotion and enters the room asking what is going on here. That is Flynn’s chance. He grabs Natalie and holds a gun on Cristian who is alone at the doorway, not knowing what he has gotten himself into. Flynn orders Cristian to stay right where he is.

Max opens his peanuts now and eats them. He is in his world again. He takes out a picture of Al and smiles at it.

Gabrielle is at The Palace and she too looks at the picture of her handsome son.

Cristian is order to go over with John and the others. Flynn holds Natalie and moves to the door to exit…

…Malcolm has revived himself and he comes to Flynn’s aide at the door. Flynn orders that the van be brought around so that he can leave with Natalie. Cristian pleads for Natalie’s life but Flynn ignores her. The group follows Flynn and Natalie to the elevator and watches as they back into it. John tells him that they can find a way to deal with this but Flynn only tells him to deal with this. Flynn points his gun at the group and fires…”Deal with this!” BANG! He fires. There is a scream from Natalie.

Starr tells Kevin to go home. Kevin can see that she is upset. He can see that she is sticking up for Walker that must mean that Walker and Todd have some connection. Starr screams at him that Walker and her father have no connection and Walker didn’t’ even come there until Todd was dead…

…Kevin remembers things in the past that seemed very suspicious. Walker didn’t have fingerprints and once Walker said that he has had way too much of Kevin…”for too many years…” That statement couldn’t possibly be true if Walker has only been here for a short while. “My God…could that be it? Could Walker be Todd?”

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