OLTL Update Tuesday 10/14/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/14/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica is all excited and she is trying to find everyone but Joey has no idea where everyone is. She has great news and she would like to tell it to everyone together. She can barely keep in her own skin. Her man is free and she is going to have him home with her very soon.

Antonio feels weird as the reason that he was in there was because of what Keri did to herself, and to have someone like RJ free him, is just unbelievable. If it weren‘t for the lawyers and Jessica, he would have never have made it. Now he just has to get his daughter back…

…RJ arrives telling Antonio that he is never going to get Jamie back. He has heard the man talking to the ladies and he isn’t going to hand that child over to Antonio. He has overheard Antonio talking to Nora about getting the baby, and he isn’t going to let Antonio have the child, not ever.

Carlotta is happy to hear the news that her son will be free. She almost screwed things up for him and is glad to hear that all on his own, he prevailed. Cris is with her and they both revel in the news. Carlotta can’t understand how Keri took her own life and left her child that way. She must have really been disturbed to do what she did. Cris doesn’t get it either but that is the reality and they have to be happy that was the reality as that has freed Antonio. Carlotta remembers that her son Cris can get married now that his brother is free.

Jessica has great news and she shares that with her family. Everyone is overjoyed. Keri’s death was an accident and Antonio had nothing to do with her death. Antonio will be out soon and they will prepare to meet with him and congratulate him on his good fortune. There is only paperwork to do now and then he will be out. Natalie can get married now. Natalie wasn’t even thinking about that, when Jessica suggested it. Jessica thinks that Friday is a good day for Natalie to get married. It is a little soon, but with help from the family, they should be able to pull it off. The family will pull this all together. Natalie is overjoyed at the way that things are going. This is so exciting to have her dream come through sooner than she thought that it would. This is going to blow Cristian’s mind when she tells him the news. Natalie will have to cancel her trip or maybe have her honeymoon there so that she can get everything done as scheduled. Viki knows that her daughter is a winner, there has to be a way that Natalie can do both of these things and they are going to work that out. Natalie leaves to tell Cristian the news…

…Viki and family vow to give Natalie the dream wedding that she has always wanted… Jessica and Joey run off to start the plans for the wedding. Cris and Natalie have been dreaming about this day for the longest time, and Natalie was even starting to think that it wasn’t going to happen.

…Once alone, Viki calls Clint to tell him that he has to walk Natalie down the aisle this Friday.

Marcie is in the park thinking of Al and things that he used to say to her. Someone calls her name and she looks up to find Al looking down on her. He is like a vision. The sun shines brightly behind him and almost blinds her as she looks into his face.

Nigel wants the night off and asks Asa for that. Asa can see that he wants to be with Roxy, the man can’t hide that. He tells Nigel to do whatever the hell he wants.

Natalie wants a dream wedding and René would like to help in any way that she can. The wedding is going to be a great surprise for Natalie who thinks that she is only having a simple affair. Viki would like to keep things simple but the family will not be able to do that. They want to give her the best! ***It would be nice if Ben was there but he can’t. René has to wonder why she and Asa haven’t made any wedding plans. Viki thinks that Ben is going to get better, but he really won’t. Asa asked René to marry him months ago and she turned him down, as she wants to take it slow. It is hard to see who it is that is taking it slow, Asa or René.

RJ is being stubborn. The deal that was made included Keri getting her last wish. RJ could make this happen but he won’t stop this war. RJ turns to Antonio. He knows his part in this, but Antonio hurt Keri so much. Antonio is aware of that. RJ should have gotten his daughter some help, but he didn’t do that and because he didn’t do that, he hurt her as much as anyone else. RJ says that he will not fight Antonio over the child. He would like to be a part of the baby’s life now. They have both lost Keri and now they have to take care of Jamie. Keri’s death can’t be for nothing. Nora is so happy with the way that things have turned out…

…Antonio’s lawyer offers to help RJ with anything but he can’t deal with this right now. Maybe some other time. They will have to see…

Bo phones Gabrielle but no one answers. He talks to the voicemail. He would really like to talk to Gabrielle with no pressure.

Max is in church thankful for his kids. He is thankful for Luna…Leslie’s smile…Frankie’s laugh…Al lives on through those kids, even though he isn’t there anymore…

…Gabrielle comes into the church and is glad that she has found Max. Al will live on through them. He gave hope to a lot of people like Marcie. Al is never going to die. Max can see that she is right. She isn’t wearing her ring, as she has given it back to Bo. She can’t think of anything but Al. Bo loves her but she has to give up on him. Max knows that she is choosing to be alone because of Al. That is just wrong.

Carlotta talks on the phone telling Adrianna that she has to forget about River…

…Cris and Natalie arrive at the diner. They are finally going to be Mr. and Mrs. Vega…

…John arrives and finds Cris and Natalie together. Natalie is glad to see John. She tells him that she is getting married on Friday. John reminds her that she will be in Vegas. She won’t be there. She will use the tickets on Saturday morning instead. John seems to be fine with that. He says that he will change the tickets for them and he congratulates them.

Flash is asked to sing at Natalie’s wedding on Friday. Viki would like her to sing a folk song or hymn and she agrees to it…

…Asa comes along and hugs Flash. He has heard the news about Cris and Natalie. Asa thinks that they should be thinking of Ben at this time. Viki has made peace with this but Asa hasn’t. He can’t give up on his son. None of them have been living. Ben wouldn’t want that. He had a tragedy and Viki would give anything to have him back. They have to grab everything that they have to get their lives back, or Ben’s life means nothing. Ben knows that and Asa and René should know that too…

…Joey finds that Jessica is really wonderful. She thinks that saving Antonio was nothing. Was there ever a time that Jessica thought that Antonio really did kill Keri? She never doubted him for a minute. Joey hopes that he and Jen have the same faith in each other that Jessica and Antonio have.

Antonio goes right to his mother’s diner and she is overjoyed to see him. She apologizes again for what she did during his tribulation. What is going to happen now?

…RJ walks into the diner with the baby and hands the baby over to Antonio. He gives Antonio instructions on what to do with the baby and then he heads for the door. Antonio calls him back. He meant what he said to the man. He can see his granddaughter any time. Carlotta holds the child and hugs her close.

Marcie can’t believe her eyes. Al is there but she can’t touch him. He is one of the things that she loved about him. What is she going to do without him? He missed her too. She begs him not to leave her. He is suddenly saddened.

Asa sits by and watches as René and Viki talk to Governor Brooks. Viki tells him the good news and that the wedding is going to take place…

…Flash thinks that Asa should listen to Viki and move on with his life…

…Asa goes to René telling her that they are both 2 of the most stubborn people in the world, but since Sarah has come home and Natalie is getting married, he thinks that they should get married right now. He has been carrying around a license and ring for months in his pocket. René would like to talk about this when things are a little calmer. Asa knows that this is about Ben. She isn’t ready to get married right now.

Daniel finds that Nora was underhanded by using his conviction against him. Daniel really thought that Antonio was guilty. Daniel would like to give her a chance to get to know him. She knows nothing about him, like why he practices law and if he has a heart. He assures her that he has a heart and a conscience. He is not a bad softball player either. Nora would like him to stand back and look at himself in the mirror. He was so determined to win an election, that he was ready to send an innocent man to death row. He can see that she isn’t going to let up on him, so he leaves…

…Bo heard what went on with Nora and Daniel and he comes to talk to her. Nora wants to hear about Gabrielle. Things are not going well with her.

Max and Gabrielle sit and Max tells how Luna appeared to him. She said that Al was okay and with her. That was very comforting to Max. He misses his son, but … Gabrielle has to wonder if they are paying for the terrible things that they have done. Max is sure that is wrong. Gabrielle is going to regret everything if she starts thinking that way. She does regret everything. Max wants her to think of what Al did for them. He made them better people. Max got his act together and so did Gabrielle. She knows that is true. She has to remember that she is the woman that Bo loves and the woman that Bo wants to marry because of Al. Gabrielle will try to live in a way that would make Al proud. She doesn’t want to stay in Llanview, as that is too painful. Bo is wonderful but she can’t stay with him.

Nigel knows that he should leaving the salon soon but Roxy wants him there…

…River arrives and looks downtrodden. Roxy asks Nigel to go and talk to the boy…

…Nigel hears that Adrianna has been kidnapped by her family. He can’t understand how people deal with this stuff. He would like to hold Adrianna and kiss her now…

…Roxy hears what is going on. River knows that Adrianna must be in Puerto Rico. Roxy offers River money to go to Puerto Rico. Love like this can’t be denied. When you are hot, you are hot!

Jessica comes to see Antonio and finds him with his daughter sitting at the diner. She knows that he is going to be a great father. He is sure of that too. Jessica would do everything again to have the two together. Antonio has heard the news that Cristian is going to be married on Friday. The wedding is going to be big, even though the family is planning a large wedding. Jessica can’t stay; she just came by to say hi.

Bo is sad about Gabrielle, but Nora is going alone too to the benefit that night. She offers to keep him company if he needs her. Bo smiles as that is a good idea. They have rescued each other many times at these dull and boring soirées.

Max picked up a couple of tickets to the benefit that night and he would like Gabrielle to go with him. She doesn’t want to go there, as Bo would be there. Max thinks that it would be good to be around people that are happy.

Al tells Marcie that some day, he will hold her in his arms forever, but not now. He loves her so much. Suddenly he is gone. She is staring at leaves moving in the wind. She leaves her park bench and stands before the angel statue.

The benefit is going to start soon and Viki has to get ready. Governor Brooks has to wonder if Viki is comfortable with him taking her to the benefit. She is fine with the idea.

Natalie is in the park and she finds John there. John warns her that the tournament is a make or break one. He tells her that she has to go along with everything that he says, or she will be sorry.

Roxy gets a call from Joey. Roxy hangs up and tells Nigel that Cris and Natalie are getting married and that she is invited. Roxy is going to make things up to Natalie for being a bad mother. She is going to have a surprise that Natalie is never going to forget.

Jessica is decorating when Antonio comes home to greet her. She almost falls off her ladder when she sees him.

Gabrielle finds Marcie at the diner and then Carlotta brings over Jamie. The child is precious. The 3 women hover over the little package in awe over her.

Cristian can see that something is wrong with Natalie, but she doesn’t tell him what. She tells him that they are going to get married and that everything is perfect.

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