OLTL Update Monday 10/13/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/13/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Blair fakes a call to Flynn not knowing whom she was calling, and he reveals that he is Walker. She doesn’t recognize this voice. This can’t be Walker. The man calls her Susan and he later finds out that she is Blair making a tricky call. She has questions for him, but he tells her that she has the wrong number and he hangs up…

Blair is shouting at the phone after Walker hangs up on her, when Dorian comes in hearing her ranting about Walker and the person that she was just talking to.

Flynn makes a call, telling a man to get in contact right away. Seems that things are screwed up and this is going to be the last time that happens.

Walker is at the airport when Kevin finds him there. He thinks that Todd is taking off on the airport. Kevin knows that he has been lying since he got there. Walker shouts out that the Lieutenant Governor has been fooling around with his wife’s cousin. No one pays any attention. Kevin leaves…

…Starr comes up behind Todd wanting to know whom he was talking to. There is no time to answer as the passenger that they are picking up arrives. The woman hugs Starr but wonders who the man is that is with Starr.

Marcie comes to see Joey. She cleaned up his office but he didn’t want her to that. Marcie is only returning a friendly gesture to him and his wife. She can’t have a happy life with Al, but Joey and Jen can have a happy life with kids.

Rex comes to see Jen in the examination room. She had a spontaneous miscarriage and she isn’t going to have the baby after all.

RJ is at the police station to make a statement. Nora was sure that he would come through for them. He might be there to make things right. Daniel thinks that maybe RJ has tampered with a crime scene and other things. RJ only wants to talk to Nora alone. Jessica and Antonio stand by and listen to this whole scene play out. What is it that RJ is going to reveal to Nora?

Todd introduces himself to Addie. She is reminded of someone when she looks at him. Starr changes the subject saying that Blair is going to be happy that her mother is here.

Blair explains what happened with the phone call. Dorian thinks that Blair has been mistaken in what she heard. Blair will not calm down. What business does Walker have in Las Vegas? Dorian tells her that she is to listen and do exactly as she is told.

Jen tells the doctor that she was at fault for riding the bike earlier. The doctor thinks that this could have happened to anyone. Jen feels guilty for not telling Joey about the baby. He would have been so happy. Rex is there with her and tries to show her that this isn’t her fault. Jen feels that she would have screwed up the kid anyway. Rex feels that she is nothing but a party girl. That is not true. Rex tells her to come back to his place, but she would rather be with Joe.

RJ wants to talk to Nora alone, but Daniel and Antonio’s lawyer want to be there too. It is clear that RJ is going to blow the lid off this case, but is that going to be for the good or detriment of Antonio? It isn’t good enough for him to have to talk to all the lawyers at once, he only wants Nora…

…Nora and RJ are left alone to talk…

…Antonio thinks that RJ is there to put another nail in his coffin. No matter what RJ says, Daniel’s not going to let Antonio go anywhere.

RJ tells Nora that he will not go back to prison. He simply will not do it. Nora has to make an immunity deal for him or he will say nothing.

Rex takes Jen home and she thanks him for everything. She wants Joey never to know how she lost the baby. He is fine with that agreement…

…Jen comes into Joe’s office and she finds Marcie and Joe in there. The couple hugs. She seems shaken but says that she is fine. He is fine as well. Marcie watches them.

Nora can’t swing an immunity deal by herself. She doesn’t want him to go to jail, as she doesn't want RJ to go to jail. RJ will not say anything unless he is giving immunity. He leaves saying that she is to call him when she gets him a deal…

…Nora tells Daniel that RJ has information but he hasn’t given it up yet. They have to put something in place for him to talk. RJ wants immunity but Daniel will not give that to him. Daniel wants to see justice he says. This can be easily dealt with, but Daniel thinks that Vega might have set up RJ to get this going. Daniel is going to go ahead with his case until RJ gives up his information…

…Antonio and Jessica hear Nora arguing with Daniel, and Daniel will not budge. They hear that RJ has information and will not give it up without a deal…

…Jessica approaches Daniel wondering why he will not make Antonio free again. Daniel will not answer any of her questions; he only wants Antonio back in his cell.

Dorian tells Blair that maybe she is better off without Walker. Blair hasn’t done anything wrong, so why does she put herself through this trauma over a man that might not be worth the trouble? Blair is furious at being fooled. What is going on and what is Walker hiding from her?

Walker takes Addie to his penthouse and she can’t help being sure that they have met before. She doesn't know why he has brought her there. He and Starr explain that this is where they will be living once Walker marries Blair. He assures her that they haven’t met before when she brings the subject up again. She suddenly realizes who he is. “You are Todd.” …

…Addie plays the piano for Walker and Starr. She is sure that this man is Todd. He acts like Todd and he lives in Todd’s house. Starr tells her that she shouldn't’ talk about Todd all the time as that might upset Blair. Addie knows that Todd always comes back. Addie liked Todd. Walker tells her that Todd liked her too. He says that Todd told him about her before. Starr is sure that Addie is going to like Walker too. Starr would like to have her mother help her decorate. That is enough to get Addie’s mind to some other subject. Addie goes running off…

…Starr and Todd feel that they have convinced Addie that Todd is really Walker. Addie is very perceptive but after all, Todd never played the piano like this man does.

Kevin comes to see Blair and he tells Blair and Dorian that Todd was at the airport just now. She knows that he must have ran all the way over there to tell her that. He more than anyone else would love to see Blair break up with the man. Blair didn’t’ know that he had been there. Dorian pushes him out the door. Kevin is sure that Blair is going to make her way to the airport…

…Blair tries to figure out what is going on. How could Walker be at the airport at the time that she was speaking to Walker on the phone? Something creepy is going on and she is being kept in the dark. Blair is going to find out what is going on.

Antonio has to go to county and he will get beat up there as he has put people in that jail. Daniel wants Antonio out of there. Jessica begs for a moment with Antonio and Daniel grants them that. Jessica tells Antonio that he will not be in jail for long and that she will wait for him. That’s enough. Daniel orders that Antonio be sent to county and he is dragged off in cuffs…

…Jessica tells Daniel that he is the one that should be put behind bars, instead of Antonio. She can’t believe eh unscrupulous way that Daniel has treated Antonio. Daniel thinks that Antonio is guilty and there is nothing that anyone can do about that.

Nora goes to the park and finds Flash there. She is sitting with her guitar enjoying the sunshine. Nora learns from the girl that Daniel got hauled in for DUI and then he got his records expunged. How does she know this? She knows this because Daniel’s son told her. Nora suddenly understands. Nora kisses the girl and runs off feeling that she has gotten herself a new playing field with this man.

Blair is going off to find out what Walker is up to. She has her things with her and Dorian tries to stop her but that doesn’t work. This can’t wait. Starr enters the house. She has been out, but Blair knows that her daughter is lying. She said that she was going to a friend’s house but Blair called over there and Starr was nowhere to be found. Starr hears that her mother is going to Las Vegas, but Starr doesn’t want her to go. Starr tries to make her stay but Blair is out of there…

…Starr asks Dorian for a drink and Dorian gets it for her, leaving the room reluctantly. After all, she needs a drink herself.

…Starr goes into her bag and gets out her cell phone. She leaves a message, “Dad I need to talk to you. I need to talk to you right now…”

Flash and Rex are in the park and Flash sees that he is upset. He has a problem with a friend of his. He seems like he cares. She isn’t rehearsing right now as she rehearses plenty. Rex tells her that she can always be better. He snaps at her and walks off.

Marcie and Jen are alone. Marcie can see that something is wrong. She knows her friend, but Jen tells her that she will be okay. Jen tells Marcie that she just had a miscarriage. She didn’t even tell Joe. She just found out and then she lost the baby. She wishes that she had been more careful. Marcie knows that this isn’t because of anything that she did. Jen can try again, she is lucky. No matter what happens, Marcie realizes that everything reminds her of Al. Jen isn't going to tell Joe, as she doesn’t want him feeling like she does. Marcie agrees to keep her secret. The girls hug.

Nora tells Daniel to bring Antonio back to the station. They are going to talk now. Nora tells him that RJ’s immunity is guaranteed and that Daniel is going to sign for it. She shows him a piece of paper. He reads it and she tells him that she got this information. She reminds him that a covered up DUI conviction isn’t good for someone in his position. He only has to sign this immunity agreement and the information will go away. He can let the election go, or he can let Antonio go.

Addie decorates Walker by tying him up with decorating paper. She asks him again, “Are you sure that you are not Todd?” Todd shouts at her, “Todd is dead.” He frightens her. Walker tells Addie that Blair loves him now and he is going to make her happy…

…Starr comes over to the penthouse to tell her father that Blair is leaving town. She is going to Las Vegas. Her flight must be leaving soon. Walker runs out the door to stop Blair.

Antonio is back at the station. Jessica is there to meet him. Antonio has no idea what is going on.

RJ tells what he has to reveal. Keri was irrational, and RJ should have helped her. He is upset, but Daniel is impatient. RJ was with Keri and they were going to leave separately. RJ left and then came back. The room was open and something was wrong. RJ looked over the balcony and he could see her. There was no hope, he knew that but he took off running and he went down the stairs and out the door. He ran into the courtyard…she was so still…he remembers that her skin was cool and there was no life left…that was when he saw the letter addressed to him…he had two letters. One to him and the other to Antonio. Daniel had no idea that there was another letter. RJ saw the letter to Antonio and it was clear to him that Keri was gone. She wasn’t coming back because of Antonio, and the way that he deserted her. He treated Keri like she was trash…RJ thought that he could make him pay. The gold cross was there and he knew that if he could take the cross and put it in Keri’s hand…he could get some ambitious prosecutor do the rest and that worked but it didn’t bring her back. Daniel leaves the room quietly…

…Daniel comes out of his office to find Antonio and Jessica waiting…

…Nora tells Antonio and Jessica that she thinks that the case is going to be dropped. She believes that Colson has finally sent the light. It is finally over…

…RJ comes out of the office, and Antonio thanks him too. RJ produces the second letter. He was going to destroy this but he couldn’t. It is the second letter. Antonio takes the letter and reads.

Blair arrives at the airport for her trip. Blair gets on the plane and Todd comes running up, but he is too late. The door is being shut. He is stopped from going any further.

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