OLTL Update Wednesday 10/8/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/8/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Blair demands to be told the truth about Walker’s life or she is out of there. Kevin had shown up earlier with a folder in his hand and he gave it to Blair asking her to check it out before she marries Walker. The man isn’t who she thinks he is. She looked at the contents of the folder and learned that Walker was somewhere else at a time when she thought he was elsewhere. She now knows that Walker has a secret life and she demands to know what that life is all about. Walker tries to calm her down, but that won’t work this time. Walker knows that Kevin did this and he tries to sway the subject to that instead.

Viki arranges a date with the governor and Kevin is glad to see that. He had a talk with her earlier about moving on with her life. It seems that everyone else has plans but his mother and that saddens him. Ben would be happy for her if he could understand that Viki was moving on. Viki is glad that Kevin talked her into this. She feels good about the decision. Kevin is eating with his fingers and Viki reprimands him for this. She loves that he is there with her. They never eat together. Kevin seems to be there because he doesn’t want to be with his wife.

Kelly gets a message from Kevin saying that he is going to be late for dinner as something came up. She gets up and leaves the home.

RJ finds a note from Keri and puts it away quickly when someone comes to the door. It is Max. RJ is sorry for the man’s loss, as Max is sorry for RJ’s. The baby cries and RJ tends to the child. Max watches the man with his baby. They grow too fast. The child is beautiful, like her mother. The baby is all that RJ has now and Vega isn’t going to get the child.

Antonio is brought into the station. Nora is with him. Antonio will have to spend the night in jail. What happened with the homeless man is not admissible but they can’t ignore it. Antonio would like to have a favour. He hasn’t heard from Jessica and he has a really bad feeling.

Jessica is in the park when she meets up with a man. She wants something from him. The scruffy man has what she wants, but he wants the money first. She gives him the cash and gets what she wants. He offers to help her understand what she has and the two huddle together to get a better understanding. At that moment, a visitor who sees Jessica and calls out her name interrupts the two. She turns…

RJ has been doing his best to raise his grandchild by himself. He is lucky as he has a piece of Keri with him still. Al’s siblings are hanging in there. It is rough. There is no easy way to tell family news like Max had. RJ has been a doting father over the child, and mother too. RJ is going to have to invoke rights to keep the child. Keri left a letter that said that if anything happened to her, she would want her child raised by RJ. He might be repeating what happened to him as a young man by keeping Antonio away. RJ will take the child away before he lefts Antonio take the baby.

Joey is the one that has found Jessica. The man with her leaves and her phone rings. Antonio tries to talk to her but the service is bad on the phone and they lose the connection. She turns to Joey telling him that she has to go. She runs off.

Antonio knows that Jessica may be in trouble. Antonio would like to make another call and Nora gives him only 2 minutes to make his call. Nora is going to help him, so he shouldn’t worry…

…Antonio calls Jessica again but he gets her voicemail instead. He slams the phone down hard.

Jessica has arrived at the apartment and she takes out her tools that the man in the park has given her and she opens the door using the burglary equipment. She enters the room, glad that her plan is going, as she wants it.

Kevin denies that he is avoiding his wife. He assures her that things are great for he and his wife. Viki thinks that maybe they should wait before getting a child. When the child comes, they are not going to have time for each other. They should do things together now. Kevin has plans and the marriage helps him succeed at that. A marriage takes a lot of work and Kevin is going to make things work. Viki can see that Kevin is trying to make his marriage work because of his career. Kevin has had enough. Maybe this is about Joey.

Walker meets up with Kevin’s detective friend and he corners her and makes her tell him about what she has done for Kevin. She never saw the real Walker, but she delivered the picture, as that was all that she had to do. She is still very curious about who Walker really is though. He tells her that if she gets in his way again, he is going to cut her head off. Walker is there to meet up with Blair who has decided that she really does want to marry him after all.

Kevin shows up at the bar and Todd comes out of hiding and roughs him up in front of the other patrons. Kelly happens to be in the doorway when this occurs.

Viki arrives at the hospital to talk to Ben. As his lifeless body lies there, she goes into her thoughts about her feelings for him and how she is moving on with her life.

Jessica has gone into RJ’s apartment and she starts searching quickly to see what he might have to hide that might save Antonio’s life. She goes into a drawer and she finds a note that Keri had written to RJ. She is about to read it but then hears keys in the lock. She knows that she is about to get caught and so she hides behind the desk. RJ instinctively enters slowly, knowing that something is terribly wrong. He stands quietly in the room and that is when Jessica stands up and faces him. He looks at her in horror. She tells him that she knows that he has the evidence to free Antonio. He only orders her out of there. Jessica gladly heads to the front door. Once in the hall, she knows that she is safe and she can see that RJ hasn’t any clue that she has stolen the letter from his desk drawer…

…Nora comes up to RJ’s office and is shocked to find Jessica there. She questions the woman who simply leaves as quickly as she came…

…Nora turns to RJ warning him of what could happen if he purposely goes after an innocent man in this manner. RJ will have nothing to do with her either. He thought that she was his friend, but now he doubts that she really is. He wants her to leave also, and she does that.

Nora heads over to the park to look for Bernie the homeless man. She finds him in the park and he admits to her that he lied about Antonio being the one that he saw with Keri that night. Bernie says that he was afraid of “Othello”, and that was why he lied. He also lied because he got favours and got to sleep in a bed. He admits now that RJ was the one that he saw and that RJ put a necklace in the poor girl’s cold, dead hand. Then he took the note that was there and he walked off with it.

Jessica is home now. She knows that she has been lucky to get out of there with her very life. RJ was madder than hell and would have been even madder had he realized that she had outsmarted him this way. She turns to the letter and reads it. She learns that Keri was sorry for the way that things turned out. She wanted RJ to work with Antonio in raising her child, as she didn’t think that she was fit anymore to handle things. She asked that RJ and Antonio get together to raise Jamie and to please forgive her. Jessica puts the letter down. She gets it now. Keri has killed herself. This was suicide.

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