OLTL Update Tuesday 10/7/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/7/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Walker talks to his statue in the park. He is jubilant! He is going to get married and he isn’t going to tell Blair a thing about the truth. She will never find out that he is really Todd. Viki comes up and finds him talking to the statue. She finds that very strange. He is surprised at her being there at first, but then he releases that fear. He tells Viki: “She said yes…” and he hugs her. Viki is happy for her Walker.

Kevin tells Blair that Walker isn’t the person that she thinks that he is. He heard that she is getting married to the man, but he knows that Walker isn’t showing himself for the person that he really is. He showed up on Blair’s doorstep with an envelope in his hand and he offered it to her. She isn’t ready for his games right now. She has to wonder why Kevin cares so much anyway.

John McBane talks to his boss on the phone, but Natalie returns to their table John hangs up quickly. She doesn’t want him to make his moves on her again or she is going to be out of there fast. She is trying to make some ground rules for this guy, but he does prove to be difficult. He likes that she is so tough.

Roxy is getting Nigel’s hair done. She has him sitting in a chair with his back to her, but he soon gets up to face her. Why is she doing this for him? ‘She would like to help him it seems be more attractive to the opposite sex. He would like to do something nice for her too in return.

Nora goes over to Marcie at the station to talk to her. Nora, like everyone else, knows that Marcie has been having a hard time with Al’s death. Marcie has been overeating to compensate for her feelings. Nora tells her that anytime that she would like to eat or talk, she should call her and they can eat and talk together. Nora tells her that she can take time off as well if she wants. Nora knows this as she has been talking to Bo and some time off is fine with him. Marcie feels that she is doing great at work and wants to continue at her job.

Marcie, once alone gets a call that sounds like Al. The person talks as if he is the ‘voice of the night’. She thinks that she is talking to Al for a minute and she shouts out, “Al! Is that you?” It is someone playing a prank on her and he calls her fatso, and then hangs up. Bo and Nora learn that someone is playing tricks and they order that the call be traced. This has upset Marcie to know end. Bo is going to bust this jerk for doing these mean things and he calls in some cops to trace the call. Gabrielle enters and learns that someone is pretending to be her son. How can people be so cruel? Bo hugs her but she releases herself from him and goes to Marcie to hug her and make her feel better instead.

Natalie tells John that she knows a hustler when she sees one and she finds that John is definitely a hustler. At first he denies that he is a hustler, but then he is comfortable with the distinction. She doesn't want him lying to her again about Cris or anything. He really likes her and likes her more and more, every time that he sees her. She has smarts and instinct and he likes that in a woman. She loves the game and he loves it too. The bantering back and forth is fun for the both of them. Natalie knows what he means by their talks being fun, but she would like to get down to business. She wants to make sure that there is no funny stuff going on here. She is satisfied that he is what he says. John would like to take her to dinner, but she would rather just talk instead and keep things strictly business. He is fine with that.

Bo can see that things are too hard for Gabrielle right now. She can’t do anything without crying it seems. She could hardly speak when she called him from Argentina. He wanted to be the first one to see her when she came back and so he had scurried to the airport to get her. Max is in North Carolina telling others of what happened to Al…

***…An officer comes in to say that they don’t really have any idea who called Marcie. Nora thinks that this isn’t going to make things better for Marcie or Gabrielle.

Gabrielle and Marcie sit together at Marcie’s desk and Gabrielle shows Marcie a picture of Al as a child. Gabrielle would like the girl to come with her and clean out Al’s room one day. Marcie would be glad to come with her. Bo has been really worried about Gabrielle. Gabrielle turns and looks at the man that cares so much for her through the office window. She goes over to the office and enters. Nora is so sorry that this has happened to Gabrielle. She leaves Bo and Gabrielle to it. Bo takes Gabrielle in his arms. Gabrielle has to say something and she knows that she can’t do it if she is in Bo’s arms. She moves from him. 

Walker knows that someone made Blair change her mind about getting married. Viki did talk to her and tell Blair that it is time for her to put Todd to rest. This type of luck doesn’t come around very often. Viki loves her brother and she sees good in him. Todd’s childhood was terrible. Viki sees that Todd and Walker have a lot in common. Viki misses him and can’t believe that she has lost him so soon after losing Ben. Maybe she should leave Ben in the past as well.

Blair loves Walker, and Kevin keeps telling her over and over how much Kelly means to him but he is there anyway. Kevin takes the folder and again offers it to Blair. Is she going to read it or not?

Nigel comes out of the back transformed. He is in punk rock gear…

…Roxy comes out of the back dressed like an exquisite lady. They both go to separate mirrors to see what they look like in the mirror. When they get a glance at their images, they both shriek in horror.

Marcie is at the statue in the park when her brother finds her there. She tells him that someone called her and pretended to be the voice of the night. They called her fatso and hung up. The call was from Indiana. It must have been Deacon. Her brother looks up at the angel. He wants Marcie to look at the face of the angel. What kind of world is this? It just stands there like everything is okay. How could that be? Marcie agrees with her brother. How could this happen? She shouts at the statue. “Al had everything to live for”. She is crying now. 

Bo and Gabrielle discuss Drew dying. Gabrielle tells Bo that she loves him but she can’t marry him. 

Viki is with Kevin and she is finishing a call to a doctor. She didn’t’ know that he was behind her. There has been no change… Viki swings back into action offering to make a sandwich. She likes to keep busy. She is glad that he has stopped by. She wonders if everything is alright with Kevin’s marriage. Kelly isn’t happy about moving. There may be more to it though, but it is private. Kevin can’t talk about it. Viki tell s him that he shouldn’t keep things inside. Is there problem with his marriage?

Blair looks at the folder that Kevin has left for her. She picks it up and walks into the next room. 

Viki has known Kelly a long time and she feels that she can tell when something is wrong. Kevin would rather talk about something else. He would like to know if Ben is ever going to wake up. The doctors agree that Ben will never recover. That is so hard for Viki to say that. Kevin thinks that this might not be any of his business, but he knows that Ben’s clothes are still in the closet, but she is still alone. She hasn’t had any fun for a long time. Ben isn’t gone to her but Kevin assures her that Ben is gone and isn’t coming back. Viki knows that he is right. Kevin is worried about her. She is avoiding a big part of her life. Kevin can see that she is afraid of something. What is it? 

Blair opens the folder and sees the likeness of her fiancé on a paper in the folder that Kevin has left her. She is suddenly angry. “Where is my future wife?” It is Todd and he has come to see his future bride, but he can see that she isn't very happy right now and he has to wonder why. He sees the folder in her hands. He asks her what it is that she is looking at and she offers him the picture to look at it himself.

Marcie and her brother talk and look at pictures. She is glad that her brother has decided to stay in town. He has to find a place to live that is cheaper though. He has a place to see and he would like her to come with him to see the place. 

Carlotta is angry at River. He has been following her. She is angry with that. He only wants to talk to Adrianna or write her a letter. Carlotta tells him that if he really loves Adrianna, he should leave her alone and let her get on with her life. She runs off from him…

…River knows that he has to find Adrianna himself.

Nigel and Roxy are arguing over the other’s idea of how the other should look…

…Marcie and her brother enter the salon and they discuss the apartment upstairs. Roxy is fine with showing the man the apartment and she walks him upstairs to show him the apartment…

…Marcie loves seeing Nigel this way. Al would have loved seeing Nigel this way. Perhaps he can. 

Bo understands how Gabrielle feels. When he lost Drew, he kept waiting and waiting for something to happen and the pain to go away but it doesn’t. Gabrielle doesn’t want to lose the pain. That would mean that she was forgetting. She won’t but after time, it might get more manageable for her. Gabrielle isn’t like Bo. Things are different for her. Everything in Llanview is Al to her. Bo is there for her and will see her through this. Bo loves her and he is going to be right there for her as long as she needs him and the good lord allows. She shouldn’t give up on them. She should give it time. He kisses her face and she cries on his shoulder…

…Gabrielle gives him back his ring. She has nothing to give him right now and she is sorry for that. She walks to the door and leaves. Bo can only look after her…

…Nora sees Gabrielle exit the offices and she just watches in horror at the way that the woman had been dealing with her loss…

…Bo puts the ring down and walks out slowly past Nora.

Viki would like to have a sign that Ben is there still but she gets nothing. Ben loves that Viki still cares for him and maybe he will wake up one day but Viki shouldn’t cut out other possibilities. Kevin knows that it is hard to move on but what about the first time that Viki met Ben? She was lost then and Ben opened up her life. They were really very happy then. Ben would want Viki to be happy now. Viki starts crying. Viki doesn’t want to move on. Where would she begin? Governor Brooks was interested in Viki. He was a nice guy to Viki and she liked being with him but …actually they had a lot in common. They both have children who think that they are smarter than their children.

Blair would like to know what the folder means. Walker evades her questions. The date is on the picture. That was the same date when Walker said that he was somewhere else. Walker tries to explain but Blair will not listen to him. Walker would like to marry her but he can’t explain the way that she wants him to. He says that he can explain everything. Blair tells him that if he doesn’t explain everything, there isn’t going to be a wedding.

Natalie tells Viki that she is fine with putting off the wedding as Antonio’s trial is on and this isn’t the right time. They are going to have a great life together. Viki can see the disappointment in Natalie’s eyes. She is scared. She feels that her wedding isn’t going to happen.

Nora finds Bo in the park. She has something with her. It is takeout. He smiles at her as she takes the items out of the cardboard container and places it on the bench between them. He knows just what she is doing…

…Bo wants Gabrielle to understand that he would like to go through things with her. Bo has taken the night off for nothing and now it is too late. Nora knows that the man has been wonderful to Gabrielle, but he feels that there is more that he could have done for her. He changed her life. She was a different person then. She will come back. Nora knows that no one can stay away from Bo that long. She orders him to eat. He takes the food in his hand, but he isn’t ready to eat yet.

Marcie’s brother has seen the apartment and he likes the apartment and Roxy…

…Roxy is sorry about Al, as he was a great guy. Roxy offers them a drink but they don’t want one. Marcie and her brother leave quickly and Nigel takes a swig from the bottle.

Natalie has been feeling very superstitious about her wedding happening. Antonio’s trial could take months. If Antonio is found guilty, she may never get married. She feels selfish, but she has every right to feel what she is feeling. Viki promises Natalie that she will have her dream wedding. Viki tells her to take things day by day. She wants Natalie to love Cris but not put her whole life on whole. Natalie has to wonder how her mother does it. How does she keep her life on hold? Viki knows that she is just waiting and that’s no way to live.

John talks about Natalie to his boss. Will the girl do what she is told when she is told to do it? John thinks that he will have the red head in his pocket when the time comes.

Viki gets a call from Governor Brooks and she is surprised but happy. Kevin is behind her and smiles as he listens to his mother talk to the man. Viki accepts a date with the man to a gala…

…Kevin goes over to Natalie asking what she did to make Viki change her mind about the man. Kevin wishes that he could fix his problems as easily.

Blair would find out that Todd lied to her over and over again and now she has to deal with Walker doing the same thing. She can’t take anymore lies. She won’t. He has to tell her what is going on or he can get the hell out of her life.

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