OLTL Update Thursday 10/2/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/2/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Marcie is with her friends at a restaurant. She isn’t hungry at all. They all try to get her into a happy mood, but she wants to just sit and do nothing.

Bo and Nora learn that Carlotta has confessed to Keri’s killing. The cop that questioned her wants to charge her for faking but Bo and Nora do not believe the policeman’s take on things. The cop seems to feel that this proves the Antonio is guilty of the murder. His mother obviously thinks that he did it. Maybe Antonio is the one that sent her to the cops. Nora can see that Carlotta is only trying to protect her child and she is a little surprised at the policeman’s statements.

Jessica has just gotten up screaming from the bed. Antonio is there to comfort her. She tells him that she seemed to be sleeping, and she dreamed that she woke up and he was gone. She went looking for him as she was alone in bed and she found him outside. The DA, Daniel was there and he was giving the order to kill Antonio. That was a nightmare alright. Daniel ordered Antonio’s execution. Then in the dream, Antonio was shot. His body hit the floor. Antonio is with her now and he is sure that dream is not going to happen anytime soon in reality. People have has been lying about him and they will be found out, and he will be freed of the charges. How could they do this to him? Antonio is sure that the people will understand when they get the whole truth. Jessica only wants the whole truth of the night that Keri died.

Carlotta is alone now outside. She makes a call asking if Adrianna got settled in okay in New York. She had to leave town. Carlotta can’t go to New York, as she has to be with Antonio now. She can’t be with the girl now. Carlotta thanks Dorian for helping her out this way.

Blair tries to explain to Starr how she is still in love with Todd. He is gone but even if he walked in the door now, Blair would be happy for her daughter and Jack. Blair couldn’t be with Todd again after all that had happen. People can’t always be together. She won’t marry Walker, as she can’t be with him, as he isn’t Todd.

Viki finds Walker in the mausoleum. She demands to know what he is doing there. Walker tries to laugh things off. He says that he is there to visit his father’s tomb because he was thinking about Todd. No one knows what happened to Todd. Viki is curious about Walker’s interest in Todd. He asked Blair about marriage and was turned down. Blair and Todd screwed up every chance they had. Viki can see that Walker would like to have more information on Todd and that might be the reason that he is there.

The policeman that released Carlotta is sure that Antonio is going to end up on death row. Bo isn't finished looking at all the evidence. Bo is going to come by and talk to Matthew soon. The boy has been trying to set he and Nora up and Matthew will not accept that Bo is going to marry Gabrielle.

Marcie is glad to have her friends around her. She feels a little lonely but she will hang in there. She is never going to lose Al. They are going to always have a connection. She can’t forget about the rest of the world. They need her. Rex and Karen show up and Rex tells Marcie that he is sorry about Al. He introduces everyone to Karen. Karen is a little familiar. She works in the neighbourhood bar. Rex suggests that Jen should try working in the bar. She might be good at it. He is very sarcastic. Suddenly, Rex and Karen are gone. Marcie didn’t want to hear any of this and so she left long before it was over.

Viki finds that Walker’s feelings for Blair have developed very quickly. He wants to be a family with Blair and her kids. He hates that she talks about Todd all the time. She acts like she is over Todd but she won’t marry him and get over it. She can’t forget about the times that she had with him. Viki forgave him many times. Todd hurt Viki many times but she never had seen anyone work so hard to make things right. He is Viki’s brother and she would like him to be alive and be a good person. Blair and Todd are wounded. They comforted each other, but they had old wounds and things got out of control sometimes.

Starr is trying to understand. Her mother doesn’t want to be with Todd and she doesn’t want to be with Walker. Starr thinks that this conversation is stupid. Starr thinks that her mother needs to grow up. Starr runs of…

River arrives home trying to hold himself together. He checks the messages and tells Blair that Carlotta shipped Adrianna off to Puerto Rica. He was hanging out in Adrianna’s room and Carlotta walked in. Blair is starting to get the picture. River thinks that he will never see her again. Blair knows what that feels like.

Carlotta is ending her phone call. She speaks in Spanish for a while, then she says, “…this will stay between you and me forever…”

Antonio doesn’t mind lying awake with Jessica but he doesn’t’ want to talk about the charges anymore. He is free right now and he is alive. He loves her so much. They kiss as they face each other.

Jen is in bed with Joe and she is deep in though. She was already thinking about Rex when her husband brought the name up to her. Joe can’t believe what a slime Rex is to have behaved the way that he did earlier at the restaurant. Joe notices that Jen is a little pensive and he wonders what she is thinking about, but she shakes it off and gets on top of Joe to start the lovemaking.

Blair tries to brighten up River’s mood. He wants to be with no one but Adrianna. He is a very lucky man to know exactly whom it is that he loves in life. Blair is very jealous of the fact that he has a chance to be with the one that he loves in life, even if they are apart right now. He feels that she has no idea what he is going through. She tells him that she knows exactly what it is that he is feeling. She has had someone that she loved taken from her very suddenly and she has no chance to get that person back.

Viki has no magic works to make things better for Walker, but he has to realize that he can’t control Blair and he should just be himself. Walker thanks her for the good words. He has a case of beer there but he leaves it. And heads for the door. Viki talks about Todd as if she will never give up on him. He is more close to her heart than her children are. Todd just needs her more. Walker walks out of the mausoleum, tripping on the way out.

Starr runs to the cordless phone when her mother is not around. She leaves a message. “Dad…mom says that she isn’t going to get married…Meet me after school.”

Marcie shows up at the police station and she finds a basket of flowers on the desk. She picks them up and finds a picture of she and Al there. Bo comes in and tells Marcie that there is going to be a scholarship opened up for Al in his name…

…Nora shows up with Matthew so that he can have a visit with Bo.

Antonio shows up and finds the man that lied at his hearing. Antonio demands to know who told the man to lie at the hearing. He denies that he was paid off by anyone. Antonio grabs the man and tells him that he had better be afraid, as he has nothing to lose.

Jessica comes to see René who remembers that there was someone there the night of the murder that she forgot about. It was a homeless man. He comes and goes. She hasn’t seen him that day.

Starr is talking to Walker secretly in the yard, but there is nothing that he can do to make Blair change her mind about marrying him. Starr wants her father to make things right again but he isn’t sure that he can. Blair is not in love with the new Todd. He has a different face and that seems to matter to her. He has decided that he is going to tell her who he really is.

River comes to see Blair and she has something to say to him even though she isn't’ sure that she should do this or be telling him this news. Dorian called and said that she is doing a favour for a friend. That may have nothing to do with Adrianna, but maybe it does. River begs her to tell if she knows anything. It seems that his dad is in on this plan to keep him apart from Adrianna. Whatever is going on, Adrianna is on the run with someone. Blair gives him a heads up as to where she might be and River goes running out the door and bumps into Viki on the way out. She tells him hello, but he has no time to talk right now and he goes running out the door…

…Viki has been on a fundraising tour and she picked up some things for the children. Viki sees the jewellery on the table and she looks it over. The jewellery is gifts that Walker gave her. She is returning the things but she still has the ring. Viki knows that she is way out of line asking this but she asks Blair, “Do you think that you have made a mistake?”

Viki hopes that Blair didn’t say “No” to Walker, because of Todd. She can’t wait anymore to get on with her life. She is the only one that can make a start at things again. She can’t keep waiting for a ghost. Viki has to go and Blair thanks her.

Starr calls Todd a moron. He reminds her not to talk to him that way. Starr knows that her mother will hate him if he reveals who he really is, but Walker has to risk it. He promises not to screw this up.

Nora shows up to see the attorney that questioned Carlotta earlier. She is concerned about Riley. They had a fight and things got loud. He tells Nora that his son isn’t her concern. She asks him why he is going after Antonio so hard. The attorney feels that he has everything that he needs to do his job…

…Jessica finds the man that was in the restaurant the night of the murder. Jessica needs to know if the man saw Keri fall over the balcony. Jessica describes the girl. It is pretty quiet that night but one night, someone was there. The food comes for the homeless man. He is suddenly uncomfortable. He grabs the food and walks off from Jessica.

Bo shows up in the park, and finds Antonio holding the shopkeeper by the scruff of the neck and threatening the man. Bo pulls Antonio of the man and separates them. The man walks off but he is definitely pressing charges for this little incident. Bo tells the man that he will be over to talk to him in a minute. Matthew is standing around and watching the violence. This concerns Bo who stops controlling the feud long enough to send Matthew off for a minute. Antonio and Bo talk. Bo is going to help him calm things down but he has been very silly today by getting into a fight with someone that was a witness in the trial. He warns Antonio that he has to talk to his mother who has confessed to this murder. Antonio has to stay out of trouble.

Marcie is at work when Joe shows up to talk to Bo. Bo isn’t there and so Jo will talk to him later. Jo was just in the neighbourhood and thought that he would stop by. Joe finds that the workplace is a good place for her. Joe and Jen are there for her too. Joe knows that she could help him with something. He would like to have a private conversation. He has lost his lead singer at church and he would like her to jump in and take the job. She tells him that she is Catholic, but she will think about it…

…Joe calls Jen who is home working. Joe asks her to dinner and then… Jen would love that. She will be ready in 15 minutes. They hang up…Jen starts getting ready and ends up spilling coffee on her blouse. She takes it off to clean it up and River comes running in the door. He catches Jen in her bra. He is very embarrassed. He backs out and Jen just laughs to herself.

Marcie's brother tells her that he would like to stay in town for his little sister and be there if she needs him. She is fine with the idea. She actually smiles at the plan.

Daniel is being a real hard-ass over Antonio’s case. Nora only wants to have the death penalty off the table. Nora tells him that he had better make sure that he is very right about this; otherwise, he might not be able to live with himself. She leaves abruptly.

Antonio calls his mother on the phone and tells her that she is not to try to help him anymore. Antonio turns to find Jessica there. She has news for him. She has found a witness. The guy’s name is Bernie. She spoke to the guy herself. Antonio is worried about her safety but she is sure that she is safe. Bernie seems really scared to say anything. Jessica feels that the man really knows what happened the night that Keri died.

Blair goes to her door and Walker is there. He bursts in telling Blair that he has something that he really needs to tell her. She stares up at him waiting to hear what he has to say.

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