OLTL Update Wednesday 10/1/03


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/1/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Blair says that she can’t marry Walker because she is still in love with Todd. He has proposed to her and he has come over to get her answer to his proposal. He can’t believe his ears. Todd treated her like dirt but she can’t talk about that with him, she feels that part of her life is too personal. Walker tells her that Todd is dead and that she has to face it and get on with her life. She isn’t ready to give up on her feelings though, and Walker will just have to deal with that. Walker thinks that she is still hung up on Kevin Buchanan and not Todd. Todd is just her excuse to keep herself available.

Kevin and Kelly are out at the restaurant sharing a special time together. She had called him out so that they could share some private time together and talk about their lives and the child that they want to have. At first, he said he couldn’t make it as he is very busy in the office, but she was able to persuade him after all. She hasn’t been happy with the time that they have been spending together. It hasn’t been very much…

…Lindsay is telling David that she can’t sell her gallery to him as much as she likes the money that he offered to give her for it. It is not only her gallery it is her home and her safe place after all that has been happening to her and having gone to jail. She really needs that place. He brings up her being in Statesville and that surprises her. He isn’t being rude; he had been there too at one time or another. She can’t believe how open he is being with her about this. She immediately feels more comfortable with the subject. The good part of that story is that he escaped. Lindsay escaped too. David is uncomfortable about talking about this, but he does tell her how he did it and ran into the mountains. Lindsay is fascinated by him. Here is someone that she can relate to.

Carlotta tells Antonio that she is going to confess to the police that she was the one that killed Keri. Antonio doesn’t believe that she was the one that killed Keri. She must be doing this for another reason. Antonio smells a rat. He doesn’t believe this. He knows his mother and she is not made this way. He is sure that Carlotta did this today, because she believes that Antonio is guilty and that she has to save her baby from the death penalty.

Jessica is on the school grounds, under a statue trying to figure things out about the murder. She has been making notes and refers to them frequently to see if she can make heads or tails of what has really happened to Keri. Viki finds her there at the school grounds sitting alone. She had a meeting to go to and is on her way out of there, but she stops for a moment to talk to her beautiful daughter. Viki is sorry that she couldn’t get back there in time before things went so wrong for Antonio and Jessica. Jessica knows that her mother would have given her the most support ever by being there for her daughter. Jessica is going to do everything in her power to help Antonio. Viki fears that Jessica will be sacrificing her own happiness by trying to help Antonio out this way. She should really be guarding her own heart in this matter. ---Jessica has had so much sorrow in her life. When she was born, people wanted to know what Viki wanted for her daughter. This wasn’t the life that Viki wanted for her daughter. She has wound up with Mitch Lawrence and now this has happened to Antonio. Jessica is sure that Antonio is not going to have to go to jail as Jessica is a good journalist, thanks to her mother and she is going to find out what happened to Keri and solve this murder.

David says that he wouldn’t make Lindsay give up her living space if he bought her gallery. She likes the way that sounds…

…Kevin and Kelly are out at dinner and Kevin discusses business and the fact that he doesn’t like to spend time away from his lovely wife.

Walker guarantees that he can make Blair happier than she has ever been. Todd has only ruined her life. The past is the past and her future is all that she has. Todd is dead and he is not coming back. Walker has made his case and has nothing more to say. He leaves slamming the door. Blair asks out loud for Todd to let her go. She goes to the door to find Walker, but he isn’t there. Asa is there instead. He is there to set ground rules. He warns her about bird-dogging his family.

Carlotta wants Antonio to let her confess for him. He is sure that there is something else that they can do. He tells her to go home and get some rest. He wants her to pray for him and help him get through this. He sends her off home. She is crying and he kisses her face before she leaves.

Jessica feels that she can deal with what has to come. She shouldn’t have to bear the responsibility of what is coming. Jessica has had a great life and she has been able to deal with the things that are coming. But what if he is convicted? His anger is going to be used against him. Viki feels that there are things in Antonio’s past that are going to hurt him in this case. Viki has been afraid of Antonio’s anger, but Jessica is sure of Antonio’s innocence. He could have been responsible for Keri falling off the balcony. That would make it an accident. Jessica believes that Antonio could have killed Keri, but that he didn’t. She knows that Antonio wouldn’t lie to her. She knows him that way. Viki leaves and Jessica continues to ponder her problem of saving Antonio.

Natalie is fine with putting the marriage on hold. She doesn’t need a ceremony to say that she loves him. They are kissing in the bar when Walker walks in thinking that they look really sweet and that he might throw up.

Asa warns Blair about Kevin and her dealings with him. Blair tells him that he can’t buy her. He is living his dreams through Kevin. She finds Asa to be a lonely person. Asa knows that she is the only one that is really alone with those 2 brats of hers.

Kelly and Kevin discuss moving to Harrisburg. Kevin says that she will be fine with the arrangement that they are going to have with Kevin working in Harrisburg. Kelly smiles saying that she will be okay with Kevin being away from home a lot…

…Viki enters the restaurant and *** rises to meet her. They are good friends and *** takes her to a table to talk for a while.

Antonio is home now. He watches Jessica as she prepares food for them. She has the blender going and doesn’t hear him as he sneaks up on her. She turns to him, glad that he is home. She holds him close to her heart and suddenly she realises that they are in a desperate situation.

David and Lindsay hate the food that they are eating at the restaurant. It isn’t fit for a goat…

…Kevin and Kelly, Viki and her date *** are having wine. That is when Kelly confesses to her mother that she is going to adopt. Viki is very happy to hear this. A toast is made...”to the happy parents of a lucky child…and to the grandmother…” They all take a drink. Adoption is a daunting process but the couple will have all the help that they want and need. Kelly excuses herself and heads to the ladies room…

…David sees Kelly head to the ladies room and he catches up to her and makes her talk about the night before and how Kelly was going to let him into her life again. She says that she only did this to get Kevin jealous. Kevin is too ambitious for Kelly. David remembers a different Kelly the other night. She was bright and playful. Kelly tells her that the old Kelly is inside her still and he I going to miss her. David leaves her and heads back to Lindsay at the table…

…Kevin comes to his wife who tells him that she would really like to go home now.

Asa warns Blair not to underestimate him. She slams her door in his face…

…Starr comes downstairs and learns that her mother turned down his proposal. Starr is horrified at the idea. Blair suspects that Walker has been using her daughter to get her to marry him.

…Walker is alone in the club with a bottle to drown his spirits in…

…John McBane walks in looking for Natalie but Cris is not giving up her whereabouts that easily. John introduces himself and explains that he needs to talk to her about business. Cris leaves to get Natalie…

…John sees Walker sitting alone at the table and he goes over there to talk to Walker. John calls him by another name. Walker tells him that he is mistaken and that he is not the guy that John thinks he is. John finds that funny. Walker tells John that he thought that he was out in Vegas with Flint. No more is said. Walker leaves the bar…

…Natalie comes out from the back with Cris. John is glad to meet her and very pleased at the look of her.

Viki and *** are together and he asks her out but she is not ready for a social life. It has taken *** a while to get over his wife too.

Walker talks to a gravestone. He shines his flashlight on it. “You are dead…I am dead…”When are you going to let me go?”

David and Lindsay are walking and talking about art. He would like to walk her home but she doesn’t think that is a good idea. She thinks that it wouldn’t be fair for her to invite him to the gallery, as she isn't going to sell her gallery to him. She had a good time though, but would like to be alone. She walks off…

…David makes a call to someone named “Doreen”. He leaves a message asking for his money and why she hasn’t handed it over to him yet.

Cris and Natalie talk about John McBane. Cris is not crazy for the guy but he understands that Natalie has to go off with him. She leaves…

…Cris goes to his phone and calls Recreation Unlimited. He verifies that John McBane is really an employee of this organization. The voice on the phone says that Johnny has been with them for many years.

Walker remembers the past. He was hurt in the past. They had to give him 8 units of blood back them. Blair is the only one that can change him. He is angry with the tombstone. She obviously doesn’t want him like this.

Starr thinks that her mother should get with Walker. If she doesn’t love Walker, then who does she love? Blair still loves Todd. Starr thinks that there is more to this. Walker has a secret and if Blair knew about it, she would understand better. Blair would like to know about this secret.

Walker needs to get Blair to love him to be free of the corpse in that tomb.

Kelly and Kevin are getting ready for bed. She hates that they are going to be turning their lives upside down but she is sure that things are going to be great anyway.

Jessica and Antonio are in bed together. The room is hot with their lovemaking.

Carlotta is at the police station and confessing to the murder. The officer tricks her into giving wrong information. The cop has caught her lying and that makes him think that Antonio must be lying to save her son.

Jessica wakes and finds that Antonio is not in bed with her. She gets up and heads to the hallway. She goes outside and finds Antonio before a firing squad. His head is covered with a black hood. “Ready! Aim! Fire!” Bang! The body drops to the floor. The hood is removed and Antonio is lying on the ground, eyes wide open…dead.

Walker is having a tough time in this crypt, talking to the lifeless body in the crypt. He falls to the floor behind the space where the body lies encased. He hears a noise, and so he remains hidden. Viki comes into the area with a flashlight and shines over the area where Walker was just standing. She sees no one is there but she doesn’t leave just yet. Walker knows that he has been too loud, but he continues to hide.

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