OLTL Update Tuesday 9/30/03


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/30/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Walker remembers his talk with Blair the other day. He is in the park looking up at a statue and thinking about her, when he suddenly runs off.

Adrianna is in her room with ***. They are about to make love. She shouldn’t have brought him in there but she thinks that they are going to be alone and she is sure that her mother can’t find out. She promised her mother that she wouldn’t have anyone in her room, but she couldn’t resist the chance to meet up with this very interesting boy and spend some time with him. She tells him that she has never done this before. He hasn’t either. It is going to be their first experience ever making love.

Karen and Rex are at the bar when the Lindsay arrives asking if Rex’s friend’s father is there to meet her as scheduled. Rex says that he forgot to tell her that the man couldn’t make it to meet her. She is surprised at that but is fine as she has other things that she could be doing. No big deal! A man arrives and wonders if she is the woman that he was to meet. He immediately shakes Lindsay’s hand in welcome. Lindsay is surprised to see that the man is there, thinking that Rex must have been mistaken earlier when he said that her date wouldn’t be there. Karen asks Lindsay if she is moving in on her territory. Lindsay has no idea what the girl is talking about or whom she is. Rex sees that there could be trouble and he jumps in. Rex is quick to tell Lindsay that the woman is just a friend of his as he pushes her and her date to a table where they can be alone. Lindsay and her date sit at the table feeling a little confused.

Blair and Kelly discuss how Kelly can’t get pregnant, as it would be high risk and threaten her life. Kelly didn’t know that Blair knew about any of this, but Blair found out from Dorian. Dorian found out the news even though Kelly didn’t want anyone to know, so now she has to deal with others knowing her secret. Kevin doesn’t seem to mind that Kelly can’t get pregnant. He tells her that they can always adopt if necessary. Kelly is trying her best to get pregnant but Blair isn’t all that sure that she should go through with this if it is going to endanger her life. Kelly can see that Blair might not be happy with this decision.

Kevin is in a meeting at the office, when Jessica arrives to talk to him privately. He isn’t happy that she has shown up this way barging into his meeting and he lets her know it. She will not leave and so, he breaks up the meeting for a moment and Kelly tells him that he has to do something to help Antonio out. There are people that want to see Antonio dead.

RJ and Antonio are at Keri’s graveside alone. RJ has had the good fortune to find the man alone and has things to say to him. Antonio didn’t know that Keri was buried yet. RJ kept the funeral limited to family only, and Antonio is not considered to be family so he wasn’t notified. RJ still thinks that Antonio killed Keri no matter what he says or anyone else for that matter. RJ wants Antonio to be a man and admit that he was the one that killed his daughter. No one is around. RJ would really like to see just how much of a man RJ could be.

Kevin thinks that his business dealings won’t be a factor in Antonio’s case. He doesn’t think that using his clout is a good idea. Jessica feels that Kevin is only interested in his own career and doesn’t want to muddy it up. ---Viki arrives and hugs the kids thinking that it is a good thing that she is back as the two seem ready to get into an argument.

Viki goes over to Gabrielle and comforts her in her loss. Jessica says some nice words too. Gabrielle is there to request some time off to take her son to Argentina. Kevin is fine with that and allows her to take as much time as she needs.

Gabrielle addresses the employees thanking them for their flowers and kind words. She breaks down crying and Viki is there for her.

Jack is down for his nap and Blair returns to Kelly. Kelly wants to know if Blair is happy for her or not. Blair will be happy if the baby is going to make Kelly and Kevin happy. Things changed for Blair when she had kids and they both laughed at that. Kelly could learn a lot from Blair. Todd was a bad guy but a good father. Blair never thought that Todd could be a good father, but he was. Blair reveals that Walker has asked her to marry him. She has been thinking about things but doesn’t want to talk about that now. She has to go. Kelly and Kevin are thinking about having a kid, but she has to be there for Max who has just lost his child.

The funeral is over now and the guests mill around listening to music and talking…

…Asa is playing pool and talking to Max. Max’s son is dead and he shouldn’t be taking that lying down.

Gabrielle is openly sobbing now and Viki takes her from the boardroom.

Kevin tells everyone at the meeting that there is nothing more to say and information will be in the memos.

Antonio feels that he has already answered about Keri dying. He thinks that maybe RJ should come to terms that Keri’s dying might have been an accident. RJ will be happy when Antonio is finally dead. He picks up Antonio’s flowers, which are lying on the grave, and he flings them to the floor. He is disgusted at the site of Antonio and he walks off.

*** meets up with Rex at the bar, asking him about Lindsay. Rex offers to introduce him to her but that is not necessary. Lindsay arrives to say that the man that she is sitting with has been making lewd suggestions to her. The man comes up to see what is going on. *** starts shouting at the date telling him that he has no right treating Lindsay badly as she is an upstanding member of the community.

Adrianna and *** are together talking about how they are scared to make the next step of making love. They look at the condom and suddenly everything is alright. He lays her on the bed. They are both scantily dressed. That is when Carlotta enters and shouts out in horror at seeing the young girl this way. What is she doing? Does she want to ruin her life? Get a disease? She orders the boy out of the house.

Viki explains to Gabrielle that she has to keep living. Gabrielle thinks that she doesn’t understand as she has lots of children. That is not true. Gabrielle is still a parent and she has Bo. He loves her and she has friends out there. Gabrielle is happy to have this news. She would like to have her son back and Viki knows that. They hug.

Max has to wonder what it is that Asa is driving at by suggesting that Max take some revenge for his son’s death. Asa thinks that the doctor was the one that screwed up. Someone should pay for it. This is his son after all. Max appreciates Asa’s caring. Al sure was a good kid. They both agree…

…Asa heads over to the bar and orders drinks for he and Max…

…Blair arrives at the wake and Max takes one look at her and hugs her.

Walker returns to the statue and puts ketchup on the statue’s lips. He is talking to himself and eating a hotdog. He is not going to allow Blair to turn down his marriage proposal. He is going to stay cool and calm down and then he will be able to figure it out.

Viki offers to give Gabrielle a drive as the woman is in no state. Viki will not take “no” for an answer. Gabrielle thanks her from the bottom of her heart. Viki goes to the woman again and holds her close. She holds Gabrielle’s face assuring her that she is going to be okay.

At the wake, Asa offers Bo a drink but he is fine. Marcie is introduced to Asa as Al’s girlfriend. Asa remembers her as the girl with the peace signs at the university. He likes her and he knows that she is going to do alright…

…Max is still sad and Blair wishes that she could do something for him. She seems to be doing enough for him but she will do more if he needs it. He can’t think of the future. It is out there waiting for him but Max has to disagree. Blair never thought that she would be happy again, but she could be happy. She tells him that Walker Lawrence has asked her to marry him. Inside she is feeling lots of feelings. She needs to have a one-on-one with her heart and then she will never go wrong.

Walker is in the park, still thinking about Blair. He knows that she is going to marry him and he asks the statue if that is true.

Jessica is still asking Kevin for help with Antonio but he can’t help, as he believes that this might hurt Antonio. Antonio enters the room looking for Jessica. Walker takes a call, while Jessica offers to find the killer on her own. Antonio tells her not to do that. He will not let her.

David introduces himself to Lindsay now that they are alone, they talk about her art. She hasn’t done anything lately. He offers to have something to eat with her. He would like to know about her gallery and if she has a partner.

River is dressed now and Carlotta stops him to tell him that he is never to see Adrianna anymore. River asks Adrianna to come with him but she tells him to just go. River tells her that he will see her again. He leaves and Carlotta slams the door behind him. She turns to Adrianna and tells her that she is to pack. She is leaving. Adrianna cries to her to stop this. Carlotta thought that she could have the child with her, but that is not going to happen now. She orders Adrianna to pack.

Jessica knows that Antonio needs her help. The phone rings and Antonio answers to his mother who doesn’t sound right. She tells him that she needs him.

Bo and Gabrielle are at the wake and she is okay now. Viki is really great. Gabrielle wouldn’t have been able to make it to the wake if it hadn’t been for Viki. Bo wanted to spend more time with her before she left for Argentina. He is going to make sure that there is more time for them in the future. He has missed many dinners and cancelled trips and she deserves better than that. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a book that he has. It is about how to lose a child. It helps and she is going to have a long flight to Argentina. She thanks him for everything and they share a hug…

…Marcie knows that Al is gone and that he isn’t going to come back. Viki knows that Al is going to always be with her. She can see the light in Marcie’s eyes when she talks of him. She will always love him…

…Max assures Blair that he will be okay. He will call her when he gets back. They hug and he thanks her. She leaves him there…

…Blair is outside the bar now and she gets out her cell phone and call Walker. She tells him that she has made a decision about his proposal. She doesn’t want to talk on the phone but would be happy to meet him at Dorian’s…

…Walker hangs up the phone thinking that he knows the answer that he is going to get from Blair. “She loves me! I know it!” He heads out in a hurry.

David Vickers offers to buy Lindsay’s gallery. He writes an offer on the table and she can’t believe the amount. Someone apparently owes him money and he is willing to give it to her for her gallery.

Walker arrives at Dorian’s to see Lindsay. He only wants her to say yes. She tells him that she has realised something today. She is in love with someone else. Walker is devastated and wants to know who the other man is. She tells him that she is still in love with Todd.

Kelly has arrived at Kevin’s office telling him that she is going to take him to dinner. He can’t go but he has made arrangements for them to see a doctor. She is pleased with his initiative. He brings up Gabrielle and how she has been suffering.

Gabrielle comes over to Viki to thank her for everything that she has done. Asa comes to Gabrielle too to wish her well…

…Marcie comes to Max asking him to remember the single daisy that Al loved so much. Max wouldn’t disappoint her by forgetting Al’s favourite flower when they put him to rest…

…Max and Gabrielle share a goodbye and he reminds her to remember him until she gets back.

Jessica arrives at the club and she wants to talk to *** about what happened the other night. She looks down at her notes and tries to make a plan as to what she is going to do next, even though Antonio has warned her not to do anything.

Carlotta is at Keri’s graveside crying when Antonio arrives to comfort her. He tells her that she shouldn’t feel bad. He s going to find the killer. She tells him straight faced that he has already found the killer. When he asks her who the killer is, she tells him. “I am…”

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