OLTL Update Friday 9/19/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/19/03

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

Blair leaves a note for Walker on her desk, and they just miss each other as she leaves and he arrives at the Sun. She’s off to Harrisburg for a story so she can’t make dinner, but she signs the note “Love, Blair”, which brings a smile to Walker’s face.

Rex bustles about Ultraviolet, unaware that RJ is drinking in one of the booths, devastated. He yells for Rex to shut up, and Rex says he didn’t see RJ sitting there. He’s sorry for the death of Keri, and he wants RJ to know that he told the cops everything about Antonio threatening Keri that night. RJ wants to know what Rex heard. He was walking down the hall and overheard Antonio say “You’ll regret it”, but he didn’t check in on them, thinking it was a personal matter and not that anyone would die. Maybe it wouldn’t have happened if Rex had done something about it, RJ yells, and he storms out.

Antonio and Jessica put Jamie to sleep. He has another flashback of him choking Keri, but doesn’t tell Jess. Natalie arrives with the bad news about Al.

Al slowly awakens to Max and Marcie’s smiling faces. He wonders how Gabrielle is; Max says she should be fine. Marcie says they made it.

Coulson asks Bo when he should charge Antonio with Keri’s murder. Bo says all he cares about is Gabrielle and everything else can wait. Larry comes in and tells Bo there’s been a complication with Gabrielle. She hemorrhaged when they started to close the wound, and she’s lost a lot of blood. He can’t tell them that she’s going to pull through.

Marcie thanks everyone for sticking around; later she tell Jen how scared she was. Jen says no one was braver than her, and that everything is working out. Marcie’s brother stops in to see Al and tell him to make Marcie happy for the next 75 years. Al thinks they can pull that off. Ron and Jen leave Marcie a sign that reads “Way to go, Al”. Max tells Al he has a ton of fans that made pins of support. Al is worried about Gabs, but Max says she’ll be fine, and they both have another chance to be a better father and son. He goes to check on Gabrielle. Al asks Marcie if they can move in together.

Gabrielle started to hemorrhage when they started to close the wound, and she’s lost a lot of blood. He can’t tell them that she’s going to pull through.

Jen and Ron chat in Angel Square. He thanks her for being such a good friend to Marcie, and even though she protests, she’s been there for her during this time.

Kelly confronts Kevin about Cristian “babysitting” her. She caught him shadowing her and asked him what he was doing and he didn’t lie. Kevin is worried about her after the chandelier incident, but Kelly just thinks he doesn’t want her to go to Harrisburg. He just wants to be careful, especially with her trying to get pregnant. Cristian apologizes for Kelly catching him, but Kevin angrily says they’ll discuss his job when he gets back.

The escort isn’t happy with the attention she’s getting from the Dawes incident, so Rex gives her some more money. Jen overhears and asks Rex who his friend is. They tell her she’s an escort. Later, Rex and the hooker start to kiss as Jen looks on a little jealously.

As Bo and Max anxiously await word on Gabrielle, RJ storms in, asking Bo why Antonio hasn’t been arrested yet. Max and Coulson have to come between them. RJ runs into Jessica in the corridor and tells her that her boyfriend is going to be sorry.

Kelly wants to know why Kevin thinks she needs to be watched day and night. She thinks Asa and Kevin are up to something; Kevin is keeping things from her. Asa tells her to worry about herself.

Blair calls Walker to apologize for missing the dinner date. She got a tip from an intern in a senator’s office on a story. She tells him she misses him; he says he loves her. She tells him she’ll get moving on the story because she can’t wait to get home. Later, she literally bumps into Kevin. He thinks she’s there because of him, but she denies it.

Gabrielle is unconscious on the operating table and has an out-of body experience. She sees a man walking towards her; it’s Al. They embrace as Al tells her they’re connected, now more than ever. He always knew she loved him, even when she wasn’t around. She knows she has to go and asks him to smile for her one last time, they hug and she walks towards a light. Larry tells Bo and Max that she made it, and it looks like she’s going to be all right. Marcie runs to tell Al, but when she gets to his room he’s flat lining.

Coulson arrests Antonio for Keri's murder.

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