OLTL Update Thursday 9/18/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

Walker and Blair meet in her office. He’s scheduled a massage for her, sent her flowers and candy, and will be taking her to dinner. Of course, he knows she loves Cassoulet.

Kevin greets Renee and Asa at the police station. Asa calls Kevin an ingrate for firing him over the Dawes matter, because he knows Kevin would have no problem playing dirty where Walker Laurence is concerned.

Renee recounts what she heard the night Keri died. Meanwhile, Antonio has a nightmare about the same night.

Max thanks Gabrielle for what she’s doing for Al. She tells him it’s the same thing he would have done had he been a match. She gives Bo her engagement ring for safekeeping.

Marcie nervously babbles to Al that she was up all night surfing the net about transplants, and that there is a good chance of success. Gabrielle enters; Al still isn’t happy that she’s the donor. Gabrielle would lose him for sure if she doesn’t do it. She gets to give her son life twice. Dr. Wolek let’s them know it’s time to head to the OR. He introduces the surgical team, who describe the procedure. They should know within 48 hours if it was a success. Gabrielle goes first. Marcie’s brother Ron and Flash and Jen arrive to provide support.

Rex skulks around the Sun offices. When Blair leaves for a moment, he tells Walker he has a scoop for him, but it won’t be cheap. Walker laughs that the source is. Rex blabs about Dawes’ dalliance with the hooker, but Walker says he doesn’t care. However, when Rex says Asa and Kevin set him up, Walker becomes interested.

Asa tells Kevin he and Kelly need to be side by side for his political stuff and he’d better stop lusting for Blair. He’s not going to clean up his mistakes any longer.

Renee says there were complaints about the noise in Keri’s room the night she died. The door was ajar, so she went in. The room was a mess. She called for Keri, but there was no answer. She noticed the balcony doors were open so she went there to see Keri dead on the ground.

Jessica comes home and is stunned by the news. Antonio tells her he went to Keri’s to stop her from leaving with the baby and wonders aloud what he’s done.

Walker is now very interested in Rex’s story. He needs more sources to verify the story, and Rex wants money. Walker wants to prove that Kevin got his hands dirty so he can bring him down.

Jessica wants to know what happened when Antonio went to Keri’s. He huffs that he should have let the police handle it and that he kept telling her she was violating a court order and she wouldn’t listen. Keri kept blaming Jessica for everything and told him to just kill her, over and over again. All Antonio wanted to do was be with Jamie. There’s a long scratch on his chest; Jess asks him point blank if he killed Keri. Antonio swears he didn’t. He felt himself losing control and left before anything happened. He couldn’t kill his daughter’s mother. He thinks he drove her to suicide. Jess believes him.

Rex has an interview with the police about Keri. He heard Antonio say “You’ll regret it.” He runs into Asa and says someone is onto their Dawes scheme. He asks Asa for money for information, and Asa becomes infuriated, but slips him some cash. It’s Walker Laurence, Rex spills.

Kevin asks Blair if she knows what’s going on with Vickers and Kelly. She says nothing is happening. Neither of them wants Kelly to get hurt. She tells him that Walker sent her all the flowers; he wants to know if they worked. Does she love Walker? She's not sure yet. He doesn’t want her to get hurt and offers to be her friend.

Walker sets up a meeting with the hooker, but when he gets to the appointed hotel room, Asa is there. He wants to know what Walker’s after, he thinks it’s to keep Blair away from Kevin. Asa says they’re on the same side and he’ll keep Kevin away from Blair. Walker agrees to back off Kevin if Asa holds up his side.

The doctors say the surgery is over and everything seems to be going well so far. Marcie and Max go to recovery to see Al and Bo waits for Gabrielle. DA stops by the hospital and tells Bo that all the witnesses who they’ve interviews agree that she was arguing with a man prior to her death. There’s enough evidence to arrest Antonio.

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