OLTL Update Monday 9/15/03


One Life to Live Update Monday 9/15/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Max informs Marcie at the hospital that Al will need a liver transplant in order to survive and Marcie says she'll donate a part of her liver to help him. Gabrielle tells her his best chance is to receive a healthy liver from a non-living donor. Marcie tells Al she feels guilty and that this is all her fault that he is sick. He tells her it was never her fault. Max and Gabrielle demand that Dr. Larry let them test to see if either of their livers can save Al. Marcie confides to Bo that Al is the only man she's ever loved. Gabrielle announces that she is a match. Gabrielle is the one to break the news to Al that a transplant is needed and that she will be his donor. He says he won't let her do this. She reminds him of how he helped her through hard times after she was released from prison and that he literally saved her life. She wants to return the favor and begs him to let her help.

Blair remarks on how good she feels with "Walker" and that she hasn't feel that way in a long time. He tells her he feels like they fit together and how he's afraid he could lose everything they are working toward. She wonders why and he says it's because he's a Laurence. She says he's different from Mitch and that he has a good heart. Later, Todd calls Starr and tells his daughter that they will soon be a happy family again.

Dorian demands to know what David was doing in her bedroom. He says he just wanted to surprise her but she knows he was looking for the necklace. Dorian tells him he'll get his share after he follows through with her plans to distract Kelly from Kevin. David says it won't work because Kelly doesn't trust him. David makes a call to Kelly as Dorian listens. Kelly later calls Dorian to warn her about David and Dorian gently defends him. David tells Dorian that Kelly doesn't need her meddling and she says that her girls' happiness matters most to her. She vows to put a stop to Kevin's running through the Cramer women. David calls Kelly again and they agree to meet tomorrow.

Kelly takes a home pregnancy test.

Dawes leaves his hotel after his tryst with the hooker Rex hired. Rex stops by the hotel room to make sure it was all on video. As he leaves, he hears screaming coming from Keri's room. Kevin asks Asa how he was able to bring down Dawes. Asa said he had help from a few sources. Rex delivers the tape to Asa and Kevin is a little appalled at Asa's tactics and for dealing with Rex Balsom. They all watch the tape. Asa is pleased, Kevin is disgusted. Kelly berates Kevin for stooping so low and he tells her it wasn't his idea. But he says if forced to use it he will, he still blames the chandelier incident on Dawes. Kevin approaches Cristian at Crossroads and demands to know if he was the one that hooked Asa up with Rex. Cristian admits that he was behind it. Kevin thanks him after Cristian explains that Asa thought it was for his own good. He runs into Blair at the bar and asks if she slept with Walker. She says it's none of his business and that she didn't. She wonders why he's always snooping around in Walker's business and tells him that Walker has nothing to hide.

Antonio and Keri have a screaming fight over custody of Jamie in her hotel room. He wants to come to some kind of agreement but she isn't interested. She instead blames him for what happened with Liz. Renee, having heard the screaming, drops by to see if everything is okay. After she leaves Keri insults Jessica. He demands to know what happened to her. Keri accuses Antonio of wanting her dead and says why doesn't he just kill her right then and there. Later a frustrated Antonio comes to Crossroads for a drink. Renee returns to Keri's room and sees it in a shambles. She calls out for Keri and notices that the balcony door is open. She goes outside and sees Keri's body below on the pavement, a puddle of blood pooling beneath her head.

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