OLTL Update Friday 9/12/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/12/03

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

Blair and Walker arrive at Dorian's. She invites him in but he declines since Dorian’s home and he hates her. They agree that the night was perfect and he kisses her goodnight. When Blair gets in the house, Dorian says they have to talk about Kelly.

Carlotta arrives at Crossroads to announce the custody decision. She tells Natalie her check to the fabric store bounced and she covered for her; Natalie is sure the bank made a mistake.

Cristian phones Asa and says he’s taking care of Dawes. Cris approached Rex and asks for help in getting an escort. Asa is upset to see that Rex is the contact who will get the escort, but Rex says he knows too much to be cut out.

Keri storms away from Antonio. He tells her the judge’s decision will make the best situation for Jamie. Keri is furious and doesn’t care about the ruling – she’ll keep Jamie away from her father. Antonio tells Evangeline that Keri’s crazy and asks for her help in making Keri stick to the custody decision. Evangeline promises she’ll do everything she can.

Elisa turns up on Kevin and Kelly’s couch, saying she was drugged by impostor Laurence. When she went to Atlantic City, the real Walker’s suite was vacant and she got a tip he was on his way to Vegas. Kevin says they need to keep pressure on both Walkers.

Asa tells Rex to keep his mouth shut and not to ask questions. He thanks Cris for his help. Cris asks Kevin for another $1000 advance; Kevin wants to be sure Cris isn’t in trouble.

Natalie writes Carlotta a check for the fabric. Arthur Ross drops in to offer Natalie a job participating in contests to promote billiard tables. Todd comes home to find Flynn in his penthouse.

Keri frantically packs, intending on leaving town with Jamie. RJ offers to accompany her. Evangeline comes over and says Keri needs to come to terms with the custody decision; RJ thinks it’s all her fault.

Blair tells Dorian she had the most romantic night of her life. Dorian asks Blair to leave Kelly alone where Kelly and David are concerned, and that she only has Kelly’s best interests at heart. Kelly arrives and thinks they should find Dorian a man to keep her busy. Kelly gets a letter that

Todd comes home to find Flynn waiting for him. He’s angry because the PI turned up again and that Todd didn’t mention that the Lieutenant Governor is Todd’s enemy. Flynn gives him a number to call in case things get out of hand.

Kevin shows up at Todd’s yelling about him drugging the investigator. HE says he’s protecting his family from Todd and warns him he’ll do whatever it takes. Flynn tells Todd to dump Blair, but she’s the reason Todd has done everything he’s done.

Kelly gets a letter that purports to be from a person claiming to be her brother. Dorian wants to investigate, but Kelly refuses. She doesn’t want anything to do with him; she thinks it’s an attempt to hurt Kevin now that he’s Lieutenant Governor. Dorian wants to call Melinda. Kelly tells Dorian to butt out about her problems with pregnancy; apparently she has a blood clotting disease that could kill her if she has a baby.

Evangeline figures out that RJ is leaving town with Keri and the baby. He’s angry that she lost the case for him, because she was sympathetic and didn’t testify that Antonio was violent. She tells him she should be encouraging Keri to settle the custody situation and that they’ll be breaking the law if they leave town. They’ll always be looking over their shoulders. RJ says nothing else matters to him but Keri and the baby, and Evangeline leaves.

Natalie tells Cristian about the rubber check; Cris confesses that he bet on the Black Widow game and lost the money. It’s over now, because Kevin gave him the advance. Natalie doesn’t want him to keep another secret from her again.

Antonio calls Jess with the custody news. Evangeline will try and set up a custody schedule. Antonio compliments her, and she admits that Keri is leaving town with the baby. RJ and Keri continue to pack. He will do whatever she wants but wants her to know she’s breaking the law and it will be difficult. She says they’ll be together, so it will be all right. He takes Jamie because no one will suspect she’s leaving without her daughter.

Asa says he’s taken care of Dawes. Rex calls to say the videotape is running and they’re going to entrap Dawes. Dawes enters a room to a hooker on the bed and starts kissing her as a hidden camera rolls.

Kelly informs Kevin of the letter from her alleged brother. He says if she doesn’t want to deal with it, she doesn’t have to. They don’t need more family anyway.

Flynn and Arthur meet at the airport; apparently Arthur works for him. He says he got Natalie interested in the pool contests and they leave for Vegas.

Antonio gets to Keri’s room and pulls the phone cord out of the wall; he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t leave town with the baby.

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